80 Ukrainian soldiers believed dead after Russian missile strikes hit barracks as they slept

  1. Speaking as a male who is legitimately 5'2-5'3 at best(1% height percentile), I can manage 5'6-5'7 easily with steel toes and a baseball cap. Don't count us short dudes out, fuck Putin.

  2. I don't quite get it.. You are under attack by people who attack literally everything.. It's a military target, so in theory a primary target.. and you keep people sleeping in a place that can't sustain an attack?

  3. Of course Russia is attacking military targets. You just don’t hear about Ukrainian military losses often in western media’s created bubble.

  4. Probably just a response to Ukraine's claims that they only attack civilians. And I don't mean to discredit the tragedy of all this whatsoever.

  5. Not that Russia deserves fair consideration at this point, but it should be noted that Ukraine has been bombing Russians sleeping in their tanks during night drone missions since the war started.

  6. We call people heroes but I wouldn't feel like a hero with permanent tinnitus and half my face blown off. We get to go on living our lives but they are dead and injured. We should support them of course. It just seems not good enough to give them a round of applause and then back to Netflix. But what else can we do? Oof my feels

  7. how does the act of dying in their beds make them hero’s? they’re no more hero’s than the russians burning to death in outdated tanks are. what they are, are victims of another pointless war.

  8. I’m wondering why they would concentrate such a large number of soldiers in one area when there are known Russian agents who could direct an attack.

  9. It’s currently 30 degrees in Kyiv Ukrainian. So below freezing, if they are in a war zone and there is only one building to take shelter in, you bet they are going to sleep in that building. The alternative is losing bodies to the cold every night.

  10. Because it's only a military in name. Let's be serious y'all, Ukraine is calling on anyone with a coat, who can hold a rifle. This is not some kind of pretty, gentleman's war. It's a bullshit proxy war involving one of the supposed super-powers that can't keep their tanks running. The yokels on the Russian side are doing what they're paid for because they can't eat otherwise. There is nothing is this entire situation that shows any kind of military intelligence.

  11. It sounds like there might be bunkers for civilians to sleep in. You might think why not just put military combatants there. But doing so would make it a military target.

  12. Why do they keep sleeping in large barracks as a group? I could see groups of like 10 or 12 but why 80 and 200? Even in bunkers you know Russia has bunker busting bombs...

  13. It was a training camp for young recruits with minimal experience. Probably hard to train in little groups logistically. Good lesson for them now, hope they don’t make same mistake.

  14. Genuine question here, what was the size of Ukraine’s army before this whole thing started and how many have they lost? I know Russia sent like, 180k troops here so while 7k isn’t bad, at the absolute best possible scenario (only 100k troops) then Ukraine has killed 7% of the armed forces of their opponent.

  15. I just read the location of the barracks was discovered due to British soldiers cell phones broadcasting their location. Bummer if true

  16. thats been happening on both sides and its more evidence towards the fact that maybe its not a good idea for everyone to have a device that can be used to track their location. for example, ukrainian forces were able to locate a russian general and kill him because they tracked an unencrypted phone call that he made

  17. Someone needs to stop the terrorist Putin. He sits protected like a coward while he destroys the beautiful people and country of Ukraine. He’s a coward and a terrorist.

  18. I was deployed to Iraq and took many direct and indirect fire. However, it was a rocket attack while I was asleep that got to me the most. We were bombarded with rockets one night and the closest round landed maybe 50 yards from me. I then went to bed each night wondering if I would wake the next, it’s a scary feeling

  19. I vote for tetanus, though it is more treatable. If they couldn't figure out what it was, that would be a fun ride for old Putin!

  20. Just a few weeks ago the location where they slept was safely and internationally recognized as their own territory. They are being killed in their own homes. I know they were soldiers in a barracks but god they are defending their own country. Fuck you Putin fucking troll

  21. This is the real world, not a video game or simulation, it’s entirely possible “the bad guy” will come out on top of the global order.

  22. Russia will ultimately come out stronger as they’ll most likely have a reduced presence of western companies. This will lessen western influence in Russia and strengthen the ruling class there if they’re able to fill the void those western companies left

  23. Russia: “We have the right to revoke the sovereignty of any previous soviet nation.” This is something Vladimir Putin actually said. We are seeing first hand that it’s true.

  24. It gets really scary when you learn the difference between strategic nukes and tactical nukes. Most people think of nukes as world ending superweapons that nobody would be crazy enough to use. But tactical nukes seems like a slippery slope excuse to use nukes in regular warfare. Or in Russia's case, a way to cause a nuclear disaster, but on a small enough scale that NATO won't feel it's worth it to retaliate. I see this just continuing to escalate, as Putin keeps tightening the ratchet and seeing how many lines he can cross. Trump already demonstrated to him how effective it is against American culture. No matter what he does, as long as he isn't dropping ICBMs on any NATO country, we're just going to tell him "that wasn't very nice." And that's not a criticism of anybody, it's just a weakness in our philosophy that he is well aware of and is going to exploit. I don't know how we're going to get out of this mess. I wonder if Putin has a device hooked up to his heart and nukes start flying as soon as his heart stops. He really doesn't seem to give a shit about anybody. I really wonder what drives this guy. He seems so emotionless. I assume he is just a short tempered guy who is constantly pissed off at the world. Really sad that countries have no way of keeping people like that from running for office.

  25. At least they died fighting to protect their loved ones and home from a thug and his murdering minions. Not like the Russian soldiers dying.

  26. Their targets show the world how bad they're losing, they have to bomb children and maternity wards and sleeping soldiers. They aren't fooling anyone. Slava Ukraini, my heart for you.

  27. Its sad the troops died and I’m not trying to disrespect they’re deaths in any way but why were the soldiers stationed at the barracks? When war breaks out military bases will be the first targets. What usually happens is the soldiers hike into the mountains and forests to better protect themselves and spilt up into smaller groups so they’re too small of a target to be worth attacking from air. ( Ik this from my parents who both were in the army(conscripted)). I just don’t understand why the Ukrainian commanders would keep they’re troops in barracks in the middle of a war if the base isn’t well protected from an air attack. Once again this is sad lose of life , however, it’s a war so such things sadly will happen.

  28. This is the first time I saw news that isn't "Ukraine killing 1 million Russian soldiers" or "Russians checking off Geneva Convention 100% speedrun".

  29. The Ukrainian army is actually 20 miles outside of Moscow right now, don’t believe the Russian propaganda! Heil - ahem - slava Ukraini!

  30. We can despise unnecessary death in any form, but it’s a lil extra sad when it’s the side defending their homeland

  31. What will it take for Putin to give up this stupid idea of returning to the Soviet Union? It collapsed for many reasons, none of which I have seen anyone get close to attempting to rectify

  32. Is it normal for the militart to stay in their barracks during war time? Seems like a pretty obvious target.

  33. Ukraine cannot win by fighting. Their leaders know ny now the West will win economically, so fighting is just sacrificing lives. Ukraine can choose not to fight here, and still win long term with minimal lives lost. Sad to see this failure of leadership playing into another era of arms manufacturer profits when the West has made it clear they will fight using the modern means of economics

  34. You underestimate Putin. If the Ukrainians do not fight, Ukraine independence is over, tens of thousands (maybe more) wiil be eliminated. Ukrainians will be virtual slave labor to clear up the destruction so Russians can move into Ukraine and Russify it. In Stalin's attempt to purge Ukrainians sense of ethnic identity, almost 4 million died. Putin wants to finish what Stalin attempted.

  35. The West doesn't have a reason to continue the sanctions if Ukraine loses. Russia isn't there to conquer Ukraine, they're there to install a regime that is loyal to Putin. Once they get that, they'll leave and there won't be any reason for the West to continue an economic war. Ukraine has to last long enough for Russia to collapse.

  36. I have a game for anyone encountering this comment. Think of 3 subreddits this person posts on regularly without looking.

  37. I know Ukrainians are putting up a good fight but are mostly defensive. Do they have missiles that they could fire at Moscow? Or would that just make them just like their enemy?

  38. They have very few offensive armaments, that's kind of the point. Ukraine is not a threat to russia, their military was geared to territorial defence, no conquest.

  39. It would, and they're not exactly short of targets closer to home. Why blow up a couple of rando Russians in the capital (if they could even get it through Russian air defense)

  40. Firing a missile a Moscow could not be a worse idea. Talk about a sure fire way to guarantee that all civilians will suddenly start supporting the war

  41. Hey EU countries, don't wait in line for your turn to get attacked. If you had stopped Hitler early, that war would have been small. Learn your lesson, GangBang Putin now.

  42. NATO and Europe since the end of the Cold War: We will defend all NATO members if they are attacked but will not otherwise attack a nuclear power.

  43. Coming from a country that was occupied by Russians, i would more than anything like for the world to send armies to help Ukraine. But can’t ignore the fact it would result in an actual nuclear war and the world is not prepared for that despite Ukrainian sacrifice. If Hitler had nuclear weapons he probably would have gotten away with it. If not for that I think it would be all over by now. As sad as it sounds, people outside Ukraine don’t realize potential impact. Of course for Ukrainians there’s little to lose so I totally understand their side.

  44. I remember as kid hearing about how am Iraqi barracks was hit at night. I'm guessing it was in the first war. Felt so bad for them. Waste of life

  45. Everyone on reddit loved putin and thought he was "alpha" in 2018. Fast forward a few years, and reddit forgot all about it.

  46. Ukrainians are really fighting hard and well for the most part, but mistakes will be made. You learn the easy way or the really hard way in combat.

  47. If Russians is so bloodthirsty as you say, why they didn't put a second rocket in this mess when there would be a lot of noncombat targets, eh?

  48. I mean, what else do YOU propose? That they are not as bloodthirsty? Don’t know into what direction you’re tryna go here bud

  49. Sorry, but zylensky needs to sue for peace. Now's not the time to be acting a maverick and cowboy. Sign the peace deal. Keep away from NATO. Far to many Ukranians have died for some bs.

  50. Why are you talking like you're saying something controversial? Zelensky has just released a statement saying exactly the same thing.

  51. There was a Wagner nazi cunt in and around the barracks. He called in the strike. So difficult to fully protect against this kind of thing.

  52. Why does everyone seem to care more about this war than all the others that are happening/have recently happened? And why such a one-sided presentation of a very complex context?

  53. OMfG, this bullshit Has to stop!! These poor soldiers and their families! And all the poor citizens who don't have homes anymore!! Puttin the Puto is like another Hitler and MUST.BE STOPPED!!

  54. Useless thoughts and prayers don’t help. Time for west to end this farce and get in the ring . All the anti intervention people can’t give us a reasonable off ramp to end this war

  55. Id like to see an international treaty that forces all leaders that deploy the military need to complete and automatic standardized test of mwmtal fitness.

  56. It's horrendous, the Russian government are scum and it appears that the armed forces are barbaric animals with the way they target civilians. In the three weeks since this started it's only the second legitimate military target they seem to have hit. Guess there were no fleeing civilians to shoot at.

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