Russia's laser weapon claim derided as propaganda - BBC News

  1. If they had them, and they were operational and effective and available, they’d be using them and we’d hear about it. They aren’t, won’t and don’t.

  2. They’re using that superior siege weapon at the azovstal plant. For several days now they’ve been hurling 90kg projectiles from some distance away.

  3. In the article they show a video of a Israeli Lazer shooting down a missile. It needs to be mounted on a truck and there's a second truck there with a giant generator to power it.

  4. Using lasers to destroy drones is possible but it's not reliable and effective a lot of the time. So there might be a sliver of truth to the claim, thrown in with a dose of exaggeration. What makes statements like this so absurd is that Russia keeps claiming to have all this advanced technology and yet their army is driving mostly outdated T-72 tanks, with a small mix of T-80s and T-90s. Even updated these tanks aren't faring well on the battlefield.

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