Marcel Fontaine, falsely accused of being the Parkland shooter by Alex Jones, dies in apartment fire. He sued Jones and Infowars, paving the way for lawsuits by Sandy Hook parents.

  1. That’s what everyone is saying. People keep saying that. Lots of people. You wouldn’t believe how many people.

  2. No, there was no arson. No one actually died. It's not real and Alex Jones is just a crisis actor.

  3. Oh come on, you guys don't have any evidence that ALEX JONES BURNED A MAN TO DEATH IN HIS APARTMENT IN 2022.

  4. Where was Alex Jones when this fire took place? I'm not saying he did it, I'm just asking questions. It seems no one knows just where Alex was when this fire took place. Curious.

  5. Nope, but now that you've said it, I can report that you said it without having to worry about defamation charges.

  6. If you want it the fox way just ask some questions. Like "did Alex Jones set fire to the apartment?", "was there a reason for him to be killed aside from the outstanding lawsuit, and maybe he saw it as a way to be free from a lawsuit"

  7. You need to phrase it as a question and then you have to add "I'm just asking questions. What's wrong with asking questions? Isn't that what we should do in a free society, ask difficult questions?"

  8. Where was Alex Jones during the arson? Did neighbors really report seeing him with a can of gasoline, masturbating behind a dumpster while the building was on fire?

  9. Serious question: Was this actually arson by someone trying to kill Fontain because of Alex Jones? Because I think Jones could be charged with manslaughter if that's the case.

  10. I heard the same thing, also from Joe Rogan but maybe many others. Because many are saying the same thing, I don’t know if he but many many people are saying that Alex jokes personally started that fire

  11. I used to listen to Joe Rogan religiously back when he was in the pre and post 100s episodes. That dumb motherfucker completely fell off several years back and should have been canceled a long fucking time ago.

  12. I live in Worcester. I knew Marcel as an acquaintance and customer where I worked. He was a gentle and great soul. I last saw him at Worcester Pride in September. He was at the dance party and sweating and smiling.

  13. I live in Worcester as well. We deal with these fires constantly- my friends had their three decker burn down just last year in Millbury. Our inner city neighborhoods are full of multilevel tinderboxes waiting to go up in flames. Luckily it is not as dry here as the west coast else the only buildings still standing would be the old brick ones. Sadly, this cause of death does not surprise me. RIP

  14. You were supposed to indicate in your top level comment that the likely perpetrator of this fire was Alex Jones but I’ll let it slide

  15. Is this the fire that Alex Jones, founder of info war, personally started? The fire which killed 400 people? So I’ve heard.

  16. many people are saying this. very capable people are behind this. a lot of people think maybe cnn doesn't want to share about it, Alex happens to think that he just doesn't know what he's doing, but there are many people that think maybe he didn't want to do it. fake media doesn't want to see what's really happening.

  17. Lots of jokes here about Alex Jones burning this man alive, but some leaks seem to indicate that he truly is responsible for Marcel Fontaine's death.

  18. Alive and claiming that the recent Buffalo shooting is a hoax. Someone needs to stop giving him a platform, he has a legitimate medical disorder that is obviously not being treated.

  19. I'm hearing from many people, many many great and smart people, the best people, that Alex Jones started that fire.

  20. Listened to a long pod cast on Alex Jones, what a crazy cunt fuck. Sandy hook hired actor shit is the most cringe insane bullshit i've ever seen in my life, I cannot imagine losing a child in a school shooting and then having people actually question if the shooting even happened and accuse me of being part of some conspiracy. Special place in hell for people like this...

  21. Alex Jones murdered this man with demonic fire. I have the documents that prove it but the Deep State is censoring me. Do your own research.

  22. It won't be dismissed. The estate of Marcel will inherit the lawsuit and proceeds will be paid to the next of kin or beneficiaries.

  23. Doubt it would make a difference. Jones still has the Sandy Hook suit to contend with, and that's the one that is going to cost him a lot more money. I think it was probably one of his nutcase followers who started the fire, until I hear more information.

  24. With Jones past history and the fact that the walls are closing in around him, I hope the fire department are investigating the fire for possible arson.

  25. Not saying it's anything other than coincidence, but um, they are, and have been since Saturday. So....yeah. it was a three story six-address unit. This is day five of them investigating.

  26. I always thought Alex Jones was one of those laughable cringey shock rock style podcast host that entertain people like WWE for radio.

  27. If you actually listen to Alex Jones you'll realize that there's nothing fun about what he does. He's a theocratic white nationalist. He is viciously cruel and a selfish, smug, egotistical, paranoid, narcissistic, compulsive liar who spreads his brain disease to millions of people while milking them for their money by claiming he's a perpetual victim.

  28. If you can view him through the lense of a shockjock radio host he is one of the most entertaining people on the planet. His Joe Rogan interview is one of the funniest things I've ever heard because of how absolutely bat shit crazy it is.

  29. I don’t know if it was Alex who did it. I don’t know! But there’s a lot of questions about it. It looks suspicious for sure, you’ve got to admit that. Weird timing. A lot of ppl think he did. That’s all.

  30. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old but if someone tells me they believe one thing Alex Jones says I turn around, walk away and never talk to that person again. Life’s too short to deal with morons

  31. Was this fire started by Alex Jones? Does he eat dog feces for breakfast? Does Melania Trump fuck turnips? Does Donald sniff Ivanka's thongs? Would Tucker masturbate to fetal porn?

  32. Can somebody PLEASE tell me who started this fire?! I’ve been getting calls all morning, important calls, from important people telling me (and these people are good friends, all reliable) that Alex Jones started this fire without a doubt! We HAVE the probable cause! Why is he not in handcuffs?!

  33. If the Parkland incident was manufactured and those students were crisis actors, then how did Fontaine also commit the shooting?

  34. Guys, come on. This was clearly the globalists staging a false flag fire to make everyone think it was Alex. It’s been confirmed, we’ve got all the government documents and white papers.

  35. Can someone give me a rundown on why Alex Jones believes he committed the shooting? That's such a random accusation if there is no evidence. Why do people think he did it?

  36. People think he did it because Alex Jones accused him of doing it. Alex Jones accused him of doing it because that's what his audience wants to hear. His audience wants to hear that stuff because things like school shootings make their zero tolerance on gun control stance look more unreasonable than they want it to look.

  37. I was told by a very reliable source and shown clear video that Alex Jones was the person who set this apartment fire and is now indeed an arsonist. Make sure Alex Jones goes down for this

  38. For an asshole conspiracy theorist he’s by far one of the most problematic people out there. Get fucked by the lawsuits asshole

  39. Seriously, there is significant evidence that Alex Jones was behind this. It won’t take long for them to round him up. Finally he will get the punishment he deserves.

  40. So what happens with the lawsuit? Will Fontaine’s family take it up? I hate to see Alex’s choices go unpunished, especially after he set that man’s life (and allegedly his apartment) ablaze.

  41. Why was he even considered a possible shooter here? Was he in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or did Alex Jones literally just make that shit up. I can’t figure out which one it is. Either way, this guy sounds like a really good dude, and being autistic myself, I can tell you we all are really empathetic. I want to know how this fire started and they better hope to god that no foul play is considered, and that it was an accident. Regardless, my condolences go out to his family. Reading about him I feel like I know him in a weird way, because I’m very similar to him in a lot of ways. He just seemed like he was a really good dude, and it’s a shame this happened to him.

  42. Oh wow what a coincidence. About an hour before this fire broke out I was out flying my drone above the apartment complex spraying some fresh chem trails to keep those frogs turning gay and I shit you not I saw Alex Jones walk into that building in 4K HDR on the drone cam! I was contemplating dropping the onboard gay frog payload onto him but I didn’t want him to drop what seemed like a collection of gas canisters.

  43. Alex Jones’ people killed Marcel. It’s what happens when you speak out against the Derp State InfoWars Shadow Government Jade Helms Frog

  44. The fire was a false flag. Alex Jones went up there and punched him to death because he was very strong in high school. In fact there were three Marcel Fontaines.

  45. I personally seen Alex Jones commit this crime while I was sleeping and can confirm he is guiltily of this arson.

  46. I’m reading many comments that Alex Jokes personally started the fire. Some of been removed so I’m not sure how true that is.

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