Barnes & Noble Being Sued in Virginia Beach Over GENDER QUEER, COURT OF MIST AND FURY

  1. I'm curious why he's targeting that Court of Mist and Fury book out of all the other schlock that's out there. The A Song of Ice and Fire books have descriptive sex scenes also. They're not as badly written as they appear to be in that Mist book, but they're still there and yet they're completely absent from this lawsuit.

  2. The argument is precedent, the school banned the book as obscene, therefore Barnes and noble is providing availability of obscene material to minors

  3. Obvious publicity stunt. There's no legal basis to compel a private bookseller to stop selling or restrict a book based on someone taking offense to it.

  4. This SHOULD be the definition of a frivolous lawsuit (against B&N). Hopefully they ask for (and are granted) fees from this guy.

  5. This is insanity. One can make a case for keeping a book from preteens as age'inappropriate in a school setting, but to challenge a private sector company to do the same makes look like an ass.

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