Rival climate groups deflate SUV tyres in Glasgow and Edinburgh: Deflationists and Tyre Extinguishers both say they want to make SUV ownership impossible in urban areas

  1. If you really - whole heartedly - believe carbon emissions are the biggest concern facing humanity your efforts will be far better supporting the complete elimination of coal-power and moving to Nuke with all due haste.

  2. I don't actually disagree with this but the UK only has I think 3 coal plants left and they are all being decommissioned over the next few years, are only used as back ups and barely run now anyway. I think coal was less than 1% of the UK electrical generation last year. It's already gone in this country.

  3. I'm sure these guys would want the power system switched to renewable energy - but the article points out that SUVs are the second largest contributor to greenhouse emissions, so it's a worthwhile target, and one that's easier for this group of activists to target.

  4. Nuclear has its own issues (extraction, refinement, enrichment, transport, waste) and is also not scalable, we cannot power the world with nuclear power alone, there simply is not enough fuel to power it all.

  5. Seems like no matter what action anyone proposed to fight climate change, there's always someone to argue "what about" and suggest the fight is misplaced.

  6. The problem with people like this is their militant behavior backfires, people don't like aggressive, hostile and in your face tactics, if you want to sway the wider public, this is the polar opposite of how you achieve those ends, instead you just make it easier to paint your entire position as one of extremism and criminality, which is a win for the polluters.

  7. Normally my arguement is this practical one, however the targeting could be effective in this case as if the aim is to make an SUV incapable of use Via harassing the owner.

  8. Individual people and the cars they drive are a fraction of the problem. Why not use this destructive energy where it will make a difference and not alienate working people from the cause?

  9. What would be a good way to use this destructive energy? I suspect this behavior comes from a feeling of anger and perhaps helplessness over lack of progress on climate change. I don’t condone it, but I feel empathetic to the feelings of helplessness.

  10. And what of the people bringing harm to the planet, those being burnt out by wildfires, driven out by drought, starved out by famine, killed by heat or storms?

  11. Nope, SUV ownership has to rapidly decline. In the vast majority of cases there's no excuse whatsoever for having an SUV.

  12. And I'm certain they do everything possible to ensure its an SUV not a crossover a mother of 4 is using to haul kids around in.

  13. Yeah, people like to be like “when I was a kid we all fit in my mom’s sedan! You don’t NEED an SUV if you have kids” but car seats also weren’t a thing back then either. You just try fitting three car seats across in a sedan. You can do it, in some cars with some car seats, but it isn’t easy and buckling them all in can be a real struggle. My 8-year old is still in a booster seat, and will be for a while longer if he stays small for his age. Whereas my sisters and I used to sit on the back bench of my mom’s freaking two-seater with not a single seat belt to split between the three of us. We used to fight over who sat in front when I was like 4, meanwhile nowadays it’s super frowned upon to have even like a 10-year old in front. (I do believe the actual science on this is debatable now that air bag technology has gotten smarter, but I don’t know for sure.)

  14. As usual their efforts just piss people off and make them hated, yet they explain it away in a way that only makes sense to themselves and their psycho groupies.

  15. If they want to pick on SUVs, they should pick on every other type of internal combustion vehicle too. There are plenty of cars that burn a similar amount of fuel as many SUVs.

  16. Are we talking all SUVs here? Like a family of five living paycheck to paycheck? Cause that's what is considered a dick move.

  17. Nor does a car seat facing the rear, which is the safest way. I looked into electric vehicles that could fit car seats and the only option that reasonably worked was a model x..... as if that was attainable.

  18. As a 6'3 man I say you are wrong because there are PLENTY of cars with enough headroom. Subcompact, sure, forget that but there are full sized sedans and wagons that have very extensive space inside.

  19. Seems like a shitty thing to do to prove a point but I'm also old enough to remember activists throwing red paint on ladies with their fur coats and that really seemed to take some of the allure out of fur? I dunno.

  20. I love how every time jackasses want to fantasize about violence there's a poor struggling family involved. If you have to make up a sympathetic story to justify your emotional reaction, maybe you'd do better just to say what you mean.

  21. What if the marchers in Birmingham block an ambulance? What if the students protesting the Vietnam War keep an old person with cancer awake with all their yelling? What if one of the horses stomping on the South African civil rights protestors breaks its leg? What if restaurants in the business district have to close because there are 100,000 women protesting in the street? What if that man in Tiananmen Square makes that whole military column late for the parade? How much CO2 are the self-imolators adding to the atmosphere?

  22. Kind of like a low-budget version of Kim Stanley Robinson's "Children of Kali" from The Ministry for the Future. You've got to start somewhere, I guess...

  23. Tinfoil hat time, I feel like a lot of these idiotic climate protests that do nothing to influence people with power and only inconvenience regular people, are funded by big oil and other polluters, to make the green movement seem like idiots

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