Jury finds former Pocono cop not guilty of raping woman in custody

  1. "Mertz, who was 53 at the time of the incident, argued that his role as her arresting officer did not constitute as an imbalance of power, nor did her impairment preclude her from being able to consent."

  2. America really fucking hates women. It's becoming more obvious that The Handmaid's Tale is being used as an instructional guide to their dream circumstances.

  3. rape was a hard charge to make stick. Sex in exchange for favors isn't rape. Promising to drop charges however ....

  4. The argument for the decision is something like this: The rape charge (as the law is written) seems a bit questionable, it’s not outside if the realm of possibility that someone would offer sex in exchange for avoiding a DUI. And the subsequent communication makes it seem like this was transactional. It’s illegal to do this for other reasons as per the charges that stuck, but a sex crime was not committed.

  5. Looks like the next town over just got themselves a new cop. What a joke. Even if she was sober the balance of power is tilts entirely to the cop. And he was just stringing her along? What a piece of shit.

  6. I don't understand why it would matter if she was sober. She was in his custody and can't consent in any normal way.

  7. The counts he did get convicted for are probably more detrimental to future work as a cop than the ones he dodged.

  8. You are flipping kidding me. He coerced a drunk woman he had cuffed in his car to have sex against his car in a city street. She was drunk and terrified and offered to trade her freedom for sex while she was too drunk to stand on her own. He raped a woman in his custody and then a getting away with it.

  9. This guy looks like a dead toad that's been drying in the sun. And this jury feels like the woman participated willingly?

  10. As for someone who grew up in there.... im saddened to say I'm not surprised. People know people, they rub shoulders more than most places and that's why unfortunately nothing will ever become better of the area.

  11. Power imbalance is present in Teachers, Supervisors, and especially doubly present in the Justice system. A prosecutor that can add charges, a Judge that can add time, an Officer that can arrest, change circumstances, beat, and kill, is Godlike. That power becomes like a narcotic to some individuals.

  12. And THIS is why I don't want the government having more power. Power corrupts, abd governments are run by humans.

  13. I wonder if its cause the cop asked nicely not to be found guilty, or if they liked him enough to find him not guilty.

  14. Should be open and shut. Was he in a position of Power? Did he use that power to intimidate her into sex? That's rape, it may not be what you think of from TV, but it fits the definition because there is no way that consent could lawfully be achieved. Like if you are a prison guard and she's a female inmate.

  15. I'm sure in Australia it is classed as rape because he is in the position of power over someone who is in custody

  16. So, according to the article, its not rape, it was consensual, but he has a bunch of other charges...title is a little clickbaity.

  17. According to article, it was absolutely rape, but the jury nullified the rape charges because they thought she was a 'slut' for not resisting an armed police officer.

  18. How about rape or not if a cop fucks a woman against his car he gets fired and banned from ever wearing a badge again. What the fuck is wrong with these fucking lunatics in power.

  19. Of course it did. If you get a man over 55 on a jury, you're basically never getting convictions for rape unless he put a gun to her head and screamed "this is rape!" On a recording.

  20. If you “work with them” with that kind of generalized gender bias it’s past time for your career change. All men aren’t RAPISTS and all women aren’t VICTIMS.

  21. How the fuck is the not rape? Statutory as she could not provide consent. Statutory as she was in custody. Must have been a jury of cops.

  22. Asshole cops. Can't protect out kids and obviously can't be expected to do their jobs, with out breaking the laws they are there to enforce.

  23. Cop: “She was asking for it, ya Honor, I tell ya, all drunk, clothes ripped half off, in them high heels, squirmin’ around with the cuffs on! What’s a guy supposed ta do?”

  24. Not that I disagree with your sentiment, but the judge wasn't happy with the verdict and the girl apparently admitted that she initiated it. Depending on the instructions the jury received this might have been a fair judgment. In terms of accepting a bribe the cop got a felony. Without coercion, some kind of threat, and without his suggestion, the decision to call it rape in a legal sense may have been out of the question.

  25. So you hold somebody over as a fully badged representative of the law and have sex with somebody who is not your familiar that you only just meant and that's okay. What is this a hustler magazine training manual for cops.

  26. The Feds can still file federal charges related to violation of her civil rights under color of law. This was used against the Rodney King officers after they beat (pun intended) the state charges. I’m sure the US Attorney for Pennsylvania is already considering doing that.

  27. Both intoxicated and in custody? That’s not consent, that’s straight rape. Those aren’t circumstances someone cant give consent

  28. This right fucking here. Just because someone utters the words for consent doesn't mean it's actual consent.

  29. I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind being friends with a cop, much less a spouse. It’s the easiest red flag in history to spot.

  30. So not only did he blackmail an impaired women into sex, but his sorry ass didn't even follow through on his end of this vile deal, and still charged her with a DUI? What a massive piece of crap!

  31. He lied to her that having sex with him would get the charges dropped, then kept lying to string her along for sex and intended to charge her all along, and he’s not guilty of coercion?! They are saying sex with a woman with BAC 2x the legal is in a position to consent with a police officer?

  32. Even if it was 4 years old you should never dismiss the f a ct 12 people agreed, that he did not rape people in custody.....

  33. That cop needs to be shunned by everyone for the rest of his life. The law may have found them not guilty but the public opinion should roast him.

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