China says the US is the ‘main instigator’ of the war in Ukraine

  1. Someone should ask him, how does one back the largest country in the world into a corner? Russia possesses 1/6th of the land on earth.

  2. Dark Brandon is all powerful, but for real Biden deserves credit for reading the fuck out of Russia in the weeks leading up to the invasion and supplying Ukraine, unlike another asshole who called the war and Putin genius.

  3. Yeah, this is something I didn't even get away with as a kid. We know Russia was an instigator going all the way back to 2014 when they illegally annexed the Crimea, and South Ossetia region of the country of Georgia.

  4. The instigator of an attack is the one that chose to attack. That's how it works, whether it's the U.S. in Iraq or Russia in Ukraine or - next, probably - China in Taiwan.

  5. Maybe China would enjoy it if all of American started producing our own goods again. Not like we can’t import immigrants to fill our newly reopened manufacturing centers. China doesn’t have much without us buying from them. If I recall correctly, Ukraine is an independent nation fully capable of deciding what they want to join without any help from other countries. I think the rest of the world is smart enough to figure out what Putin is up to. If he takes Ukraine, it won’t stop there no matter what the US does. China might want to rethink how much the US has contributed to the upgrade of their country. Exactly who’s buying more from China— the US or Russia?

  6. Yeah it's a shame that authoritarian, autocratic dictators and regimes can't roam freely and do what they want or be questioned or held accountable. I'm sure they would love for the US and other democratic nations to just keep out of their way and mind their own business.

  7. Like trump wouldn’t have handed Ukraine to Putin? Seriously, that’s why they were so involved in our elections. Putin knew he could eat TFG alive.

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