Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's husband files for divorce

  1. What hasn't she done? Can you imagine what the straw was that broke the camel's back. Her cheating is fine. Her harassing school children isn't embarrassing at all. Her racism is easy to overlook. Did he catch her going to church or donating money to help there poor? Is that why he finally left her? It can't really be for something shitty because she's always been a piece of shit.

  2. Fuck her she should be dogwalked down the street. 'Did you cheat marjorie? Did he cheat marjorie? Are you a crisis actor marjorie?'

  3. Reporters should line up outside her home to talk through the mail slot on her front door and ask her for a statement on how she feels about her marriage falling apart.

  4. And the insane way she harassed AOC through her mailslot. Her and her goons going come out come out we know you're in there

  5. Politicians have no right to privacy while in office. Once you swear to represent the public, the public should know everything about you.

  6. Not MTG, but a female field reporter for Fox was putting her makeup on one time in the reporting van (door open) here in Phoenix and I walked over and took her picture.

  7. My interest is peaked, their marriage is only NOW irretrievably broken? But it was okay when she was harassing teenage survivors of a high school shooting? Now I really want to know why lol. What level of crazy did she do now.

  8. So I believe in GA, you have to specifically state irretrievably broken status for your marriage to get a divorce. I remember hearing my parents divorce lawyer bringing up that phrase casually when I for some reason was around those discussions.

  9. I thought her thinking was that the women should be totally subservient to the man, it's how god wants it and all?

  10. It’s so funny how when these fucking shit bags are going through shit the ask for “privacy” but boy when it’s everyone else “fuck your privacy” she can eat a big huge bag of massive dicks and shove her privacy up her ass.

  11. Plus MTG believes that people like me shouldn’t be allowed to get married, so I’m just not going to feel bad about her marriage ending

  12. She helped ensure women don’t get privacy in their medical decisions, why should she get privacy in her (husband’s) marital decisions?

  13. She harassed kids involved in mass shootings, which I think propelled her to a seat in Congress and she wants privacy for a “family” matter. Miss me with that.

  14. She deserves the exact same amount of privacy, respect, & empathy she has shown to all the victims of school shootings she has harassed. So basically, none. Maybe someone will follow her around asking her personal questions while having the conversation filmed like she did to a teenage boy.

  15. My immediate reaction to this headline was, "Suffer, bitch." I might have to talk to my therapist about that later but I can handle that reaction for now.

  16. Isn't she an authoritarian fundamentalist christian, why is she taking these kinds of liberties? Shouldn't this be immoral, unlawful, and satanic according to her worldview?

  17. Well she is besties with the pedo/sex trafficker Matt Gaetz so she is fine with sin as long as she and her friends are the ones committing them. To her, sin is an excuse to stir up hate and slander the people she doesn’t like.

  18. Can you imagine being married with this psychopath as she eats, sleeps , breathes hatred, bigotry and pure ignorance.

  19. There’s a circle of gossip that says she’s into her fit trainer. I think the husband has hung on for her long enough, she’s melting down and he’s gotta move on now before the moneys gone and her buddy is in jail. Plus, she can’t be the one to file, it would be against her Christian National beliefs.

  20. that husband is just a crisis actor. the democrats had him marry and have kids with her years ago just for this purpose. true story. not sarcastic at all. kids, you can actually fly. yes, literally. kids, go up on your roofs right now and fly.

  21. He’s definitely selling high. She’s probably at the peak of her net worth before it all comes crashing down

  22. Honestly, it wouldn’t shock me if it came out she was an abusive spouse. He stuck with her even after her affairs with a CrossFit trainer.

  23. It typically takes 4 to 6 years for a conservative to see that a decision has negatively impacted them

  24. I would not be surprised if later she screeches about the media conducting a witch-hunt against her when they start airing some of the private matters for everyone to see.

  25. “Please respect our privacy”. But also, “we are going to try and prevent people of the same gender from loving each other, and disallow women to make choices about their own bodies”.

  26. This stinks of being a tactical move to keep their assets from being totally seized. Possible indictment/major lawsuit coming.

  27. I’m pretty sure before she ran for office she chased families of school shooting victims in Washington DC, yelling at them

  28. That was my first thought. Gaetz was her 100% her top idol after Trump, and they’ve been on plenty of trips together for rallies.

  29. Yeah, I'm honestly 100% okay with not respecting her right to privacy in any way shape or form. She's a Nazi: like barely a fucking shade away from open neo-nazism, and doesn't believe in the right to privacy for anyone else.

  30. Yup. He could soon be corroborating that she was indeed the failed January 6th bomber caught on video planting pipe bombs at the DNC and RNC headquarters the night of Jan 5th in the capital.

  31. So are the allegations of domestic abuse by her true? It’s irresponsible of me to speculate but I’d love to in this situation.

  32. I’m pretty sure this is just a false flag operation so that they can start coming after other people’s marriages. People should follow and pester her to make sure it’s valid

  33. I have no evidence but I'm assuming yes on principle, simply because it is better for everyone that she be hated and treated worse by more people. She is such a terrible person that the fact she isn't being harassed and harangued every second of her life is a moral failing of our society.

  34. I would love to have some sentiments of respect for privacy, but this is the dumb bitch that claimed Jewish space lazers. I hope she stays embarassed and ridiculed for quite some time.

  35. She harassed Parkland suriviors too, so she can take her privacy and fuck off with it. When you live your life as the center of your own three ring circus for profit you don't get to be selective of the spotlight.

  36. I will say it again... The version of a person you see in public is that person's best possible behavior. They're so much worse in private.

  37. I mean, just, in general, I bet it's got to be difficult to be a high-profile politician's spouse. I think it's pretty telling that I'd literally never heard of this guy until I read the article. MTG appears on some dumbass headline every other hour, it seems, but I've never seen her husband included. He seems to shun the limelight.

  38. I have seriously thought this so many times. When I see her yelling at someone close I always imagine that her breath is probably horrendous. She just looks like one of those people, the bad skin, over treated hair, and horse teeth. (I served tables way too long in middle Tennessee).

  39. Nah, its pretty hard to be unfair to a bitch who kicks journalists and chases school shooting survivors, telling them their tragedy is fake. Fuck her. With the diarrhea she spews out of her mouth, she's gotta have some nasty breath.

  40. I never thought of it but now that you said it, it's all I'm going to think about when I see her picture

  41. "I got drunk in vegas, woke up and saw I this chick next to me I apparently married, she was horrifying, so I started drinking again. I finally decided to end my bender and clean up my mess."

  42. One of the top executives at Enron knew the house of cards was about to collapse, but he couldn’t sell his stock because he was an insider. So, he arranged to get caught with a stripper, and his wife filed for divorce and the judge required that his options and stock position be liquidated. He got 150million in cash from the sale, and so did she. A few weeks later, the stock cratered and his stock would have been worthless. No insider trading. There were rumors that he and his wife were still close. Just saying. Maybe there’s something else.

  43. Fuck this dick, hope her divorce is nothing short of horrific stress, emotional heartbreak & financial ruin.

  44. They took a vow before God of death til they part. That's not very Christian of them to separate what God brought together.

  45. You’re saying there’s a non-zero chance he outs her as the Jan 6th pipe bomber to get custody of the kids and all assets? I can hope at least.

  46. Jeri Ryan, 7 of 9 from Star Trek, was married to a guy who made a run for Illinois senator as a Republican. Then in the divorce mess, records were unsealed and allegations came out that he tried to force her to go to sex clubs with him and have sex with other people at these clubs. Of course this sank his political ambitions and he lost to Barack Obama. I really hope something juicy comes out of this too.

  47. “This is a private and personal matter and I ask that the media respect our privacy at this time.” Is this the same cunt that followed a school shooting survivor around sticking a camera in his face and calling him a coward?

  48. According to my dear Grandmother’s tattered and beloved King Jimmy, divorce is a mortal sin much worse than abortion. It says so in there somewhere.

  49. Put your self in her husband’s shoes. You would have done the same thing. Only crazy people would support this crazy politician.

  50. Church should excommunicate her for the divorce. That should sit well with her “til death do we part” base.

  51. "I spoke to one of the men with whom Greene allegedly had an affair. He asked not to be named and told me that he, too, was bothered by Greene’s hypocrisy. He provided me with a screenshot of a text exchange in which Greene acknowledged sleeping with him. “She never talked about politics,” he said. He told me he later learned that she was also sleeping with another man who was not her husband, “while the whole time being ‘super Christian.’ ” He added, “She’s not the pro-family, pro-Christian, strong-business woman she touts herself to be.” -from this link:

  52. I genuinely wish for this to be a long, drawn out public spectacle that stays in the headlines for months as allegation after allegation gets plastered all over the news. I want this to be a grand pageantry of hedonistic excess, abuse, and lust. I want this house of cards to come crashing down then get greased with KY jelly and then set on fire with an advent candle.

  53. I love how she asks for privacy during this time… bitch you don’t give privacy to anyone else! Always chasing someone down with your camera or on your podcast bad mouthing them… and NOW you want some some PRIVACY!!!

  54. BuT tHe BiBlE dOeSn'T aLlOw DiVoRcE aNd ShE's A gOoD cHrIsTiAn WhO aLwAyS fOlLoWs ThE bIbLe. It'S wHy ShE wAnTs tHe US tO bE a ChRiStIaN nAtIoNaLiSt NaTiOn.

  55. Im so fucking tired of christians. Hypocritical bastard lie and break their own rules like they breath air and drink water. But love making our lives miserable by imposing their rules on others.

  56. She wants everyone to respect her privacy during this time while she chased around young survivors of school massacres with a camera crew. Insufferable cunt.

  57. I get it man. It’s hard to keep a marriage going when your wife has another man’s dick (trump) in her mouth 24/7

  58. If you're wondering what the reason for the divorce finally coming through is, it's because MTG was sleeping with men in her gym, including a "tantric sex guru" that cosplays as Zangief and is an "avowed Communist" who plans to create a polyamorous sex commune near Seattle. She was LITERALLY fucking her personal trainer, as she goes on and on about how Democrat leaders are sex perverts and the GOP is the party of God.

  59. Sorry no empathy for her at this address. She's been a hateful woman for a lot of years. Sad to say and in most cases I'd say they deserve privacy. But in her case I hope it's public. SMH

  60. This is not very Christian of her. Also, fuck her and her privacy. She harassed others when she was okay with it but now she wants privacy in her own matters? Ya, no.

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