Woman released bees on deputies serving eviction notice: police

  1. That sounds like the line a narrator would use on one of those ‘Outrageous Criminals Caught on Tape’ shows.

  2. Oh, yeah, what are you gonna do? Release the dogs? Or the bees? Or the dogs with bees in their mouth and when they bark, they shoot bees at you?

  3. Cops are used to killing family pets so that will never work out. Lets see them try to shoot hundreds of bees though.

  4. I cannot believe how far I had to scroll in the comments before I found a Nic Cage reference. Reddit almost let me down. Upvote for you good redditor.

  5. Man that’s kinda messed up because she totally put those bees at harm by doing that! Why would you purposely harm innocent bees for no good reason. Specially honey bees. They don’t even like to sting.

  6. tbh, if an eviction is thwarted by natural forces, I think that should be fine. Bees, grasping vines, highly organized squirrels, whatever. If nature says no, the answer is No.

  7. I wouldn't call a woman driving to somebody elses house and dumping out beehives specifically to sting or kill the officers natural.

  8. I’ve always loved when video games gave me the option of using bees as weapons, but I’d never thought of doing it in real life before! :o At least it’s not like the time back in July when a semi crashed and unleashed 10 million bees onto the interstate…

  9. I've never understood the thought process of someone who decides "Oh, I'm going to release the hounds/bees/pepperspray on the police and then they will just ... go away and not bother me any more".

  10. I read the article and, while amusing, it doesn't cover much about what they were protesting. It seems like part of what they're complaining about is the requirement to post an appeal bond to continue an appeal the court has deemed frivolous. While I get that desperate people will grasp at straws, why would we consider this requirement unreasonable?

  11. I'm confused, is this article only two paragraphs long? Also, the picture makes it look like that Sheriff did this to himself when he ripped the lid off the hive body.

  12. What’s this? A handsome eviction process woefully under populated by bees? A large influx of bees oughta out a stop to that.

  13. That could have gone south fast if any of the cops were allergic and got stung multiple times. Imagine having a manslaughter charge over a stunt like that.

  14. Should have gone with hornets if she wanted hell, honey bees are not very good for stings, but for hornets its a everyday thing...

  15. Poor little babies got stung by the big mean bees, the humanity! /s Honestly though I'm just surprised they didnt murder the woman.

  16. Think you are significantly underplaying how fatal an anaphylactic reaction to bee stings can be. Considering the number of bees in question, this absolutely could’ve turned into murder quickly.

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