Elon Musk announces ‘general amnesty’ for all suspended Twitter accounts

  1. Spoiler - it doesn't. I'm pretty much convinced that musk doesn't comprehend that 'business' isn't an inherently universal concept and that a social media company cannot be ran like a car/aerospace company.

  2. It doesn't, he's just doubling down because he's an egomaniac who agreed to buy Twitter as a stock manipulation tactic thinking he could just pull out of it only for the courts to drag his ass through the mud and begin exposing shit about him if he didn't agree to the contract he signed so now he's furiously burning it down around him.

  3. Considering a looooooot of those banned users are the kind of Neo-Nazi/rape-threatening freaks that nobody should ever, EVER want anywhere near the public sphere, this should move their departure speed to fucking plaid.

  4. He's just randomly pushing buttons in the hope that one of them will do what he wants. My guess is that a lot of the people whose accounts were banned are not interested in maintaining a Twitter presence anymore as they have found other platforms.

  5. A few weeks ago he said he'd convene a fucking council to decide on banned accounts and that obviously didn't happen - so who the fuck knows what he is going to do next.

  6. Nothing he states is consistent. It's very scattered. I'm wondering if he's having a manic episode apart from being an obvious nonce.

  7. I swear to god he’s spilling spaghetti all over the place to distract from Twitter engineers revealing he doesn’t have a fucking clue about coding and the revelation that he doesn’t have a physics degree.

  8. Does it also apply to all the accounts that were suspended recently because they made jokes about him and/or his Twitter leadership, or the left leaning accounts (reporters and/or groups) that got suspended because right wing trolls reported them until Twitter suspended them randomly?

  9. He obviously wants no advertising, lol. Twitter is pretty small compared to Facebook and other marketing options, companies are going to flee when their ads are next to all the future school shooters and their enablers.

  10. Now this... THIS will bring the advertisers back in droves. Brilliant, an absolute master stroke of genius.

  11. On my last day there, exactly one ad. I fully intend to try to stay up to date on advertisers who think allowing David Duke and Stefan Molyneux a legitimate platform is deserving of their support.

  12. "Well, we left the platform because we were concerned about it's instability upon Elon Musk taking over weeks ago, but now he's bringing back a bunch of accounts that got suspended over spamming the n-word? How could we possibly resist?"

  13. I'm so glad I'm unplugged from Twitter. Deleted my account and the app after the expected Trump reinstatement to show advertisers there's a correlation. Good riddance.

  14. I just can't remember where I read it, but someone who'd worked at SpaceX and Tesla posted a long piece about how at both those companies, there was an entire layer of executives whose entire job was "to manage Elon." To figure out if anything he was saying made sense & implement that, to talk him out of most of his nonsense, to lead him gently towards the better way of doing something, to buffer the workforce from his craziness, etc etc. They were saying there was no structure like that at Twitter so everyone was now getting to see Elon unvarnished, and it isn't pretty.

  15. because there's nothing that advertisers want more than to be associated general hate speech and overall poor behavior. really brings everyone together.

  16. “This platform has a major bot problem, I’m not going to purchase this without major insights to the user base”

  17. I see he is desperately trying to get more users on his burning platform. I am guessing the number of real users quitting Twitter has taken its tolls

  18. No. Thatbincludes terrorists groups who will then put out vedios of their executions and recruitment and try to get people to kill others. I hope Twitter/Musk gets sued over that. The feds should threaten legal action for supporting terrorism

  19. Yep, my account was suspended for posting one of the pictures of him shirtless on the yacht. It said I could reinstate my account by deleting the post. I deleted my account instead.

  20. The only speech that wasn’t free was disinformation and hate speech. When he and people like him advocate for free speech, they mean free disinformation and hate speech (against the people they don’t like), and he did what he set out to do.

  21. Have we completely waived off the possibility this whole $45bil gambit was just so he could ban that kid who was tracking his flights and refused his advances?

  22. A quick Google shows there are about 2 billion squirrels in the US. So, at 19.95/ month he could have bought every squirrel in the US a one month premium Netflix subscription and still had enough money left over to get each of them a hot dog and a soda from Costco. With the remaining 1.1 billion dollars he could have gotten like 110 million bananas.

  23. Like honestly dude, just retire to some bullshit island and bang 6 chicks a day. Why do the ultrarich piss their lives away on bullshit like this when they've already beaten the game?

  24. He offered a hypothetical amount of $ to the UN if they had a plan for ending world hunger. They came back with a 10 billion dollar plan. He could have spent 10 billion and been remembered as a great humanitarian, instead of this twitter nonsense

  25. This is a billionaire using their obscene wealth to play god emperor on a bunch of people ratioing their stupid comments for years and years.

  26. Please note that you are not doing anything noble by staying on Twitter. Let it go. Leave the platform. You will achieve nothing by staying and fighting. Let it turn into 4chan and watch the site die. Play your part in making Elon Musk look like the fool that he is.

  27. So ISIS, Jared Fogel, Milo Yiannopppulous (I don't have the time or inclination to learn how to spell that), George Zimmerman, Richard Spencer, Tila Tequila, Martin Shkreli, Roger Stone, Mike Lindell, and Alex Jones are back and could show up next to any advertiser content?

  28. Elon already said Alex Jones isn’t coming back because, I’m paraphrasing “I lost my first child and i can’t support people who profit off those families pain”.

  29. He’s been saying for a while that he wants to move the platform away from reliance on ad money. Given a bunch of the stuff he’s been saying and who is defending him I have to think he’s now relying on far-right funding from both domestic and foreign sources to keep the place running. His plan this entire time might have been to strip it down to the barest minimums and have it just spew bullshit propaganda to its userbase.

  30. Might be wiser to do some kind of disablement/deactivation to hold the ID and brand name and prevent someone malicious from taking it over.

  31. Not quite true. Still only applies to racist and fascist accounts. Left wing accounts are still suspended.

  32. Well, he did admit that he doesn't understand when he was asked what the wording on his degrees meant and why none said that he earned one in physics. lol

  33. Nope. The phrase has a prior history to this passage. The passage in fact refers to the prior usage. The history of the phrase in English political history has always been as a justification of democracy.

  34. I keep seeing that repeated, but it sounds like it's not so much the full saying as it is an ancient rebuttal to the proverb.

  35. Everytime I hear people claiming Musk did something stupid I think they must be exaggerating only to learn it's true a few minutes later.

  36. Just a reminder that when it was investigated, Elon's claims were found to be false about who was censoring who and who benefitted from that supposed censorship. But this blanket "all the special butterflies go free" action is basically just a get out of jail free card for a whole bunch of extremists and people who couldn't follow the barest of minimum rule sets for social discourse.

  37. Elon is hoping to find support in the conservative sphere. They kept Trump afloat with straight donations whenever they were asked for it. Ironically Republicans in power view him as a donation source and not a source to spend their resources. At best he can hope to be a whipped dog who they plan to keep on a tight leash running a company they would rather see fail. He is deep into the redpill rhetoric at this point. He is an original "meme magic" type of person.

  38. "Elon Musk Eliminates Safety, Accountability, Completes Twitter's Transition to $8Chan."

  39. So everyone banned for stalking, death threats, etc. will be back? This will get people killed and that is not hyperbole.

  40. Twitter released an internal report last fall that found the exact opposite of what Musk is claiming. The report found that the algorithm amplified conservative viewpoints more than liberal viewpoints.

  41. I had to turn off all those recommended tweet things, because no matter which account it was, it was constantly right wingers, shit like Ted Cruz and Andrew Tate.

  42. The last paragraph of the article says it all: he’s not interested in facts, he’s interested in being see as a paragon of free (conservative) speech so that when BIDEN’S SEC comes after him, he’s going to spin it as a hit job and get all the grandstanding Republicans (redundant, I know) to back him up.

  43. Facebook did too. I had friends who worked there and they were constantly having to reactivate right wing accounts due to high level escalations but they rarely got told to do the same for left wing. That was their anecdote though

  44. He specified two exceptions. People banned for breaking a law, and people banned for egregious spam (probably meaning bots).

  45. The fist man ever to pay $44B for a company only worth $10B and then work overtime to make it utterly worthless in a matter of weeks.

  46. He would have lost les if he just burned the $44B. He's going to lose so much more after paying out the golden parachutes, severance and lawsuits.

  47. My feed is absolutely full of right wing bullshit. Last time I checked 8 of the first ten tweets were right wing nut jobs. I was not following a single one.

  48. Facebook too. They all favor conservative views because 1) the owners are billionaires, so of course they will and 2) they’re scared shitless of getting yelled at by the likes of Tucker Carlson and all the other right-wing fascist dweebs.

  49. Im sure regimes like those in Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Hungary, etc are fucking stoked that their citizens are losing a platform to communicate freely with the outside world. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they’re throwing money Elons way

  50. It's an ego thing. His locked himself in the echo chamber with just the simps to tongue his prostate.

  51. Nah - I think his goal is to just turn Twitter all the way to the right, no matter the cost. I bet he have some political ambitions too.

  52. Jesus fucking christ, id ask for details out of morbid curiosity while im on the toilet but if you were stalked that rigorously then im worried your stalker would find you if you answered with any detail. I'm sorry that all i can really offer is condolences.

  53. So on top of all the chaos Twitter has gone through in the last little while, Musk is going to unleash an army of trolls and inflammatory users that will cause the service to immediately become a battleground. I know that he will point to how much usage/engagement has increased, but I feel like advertisers aren't going to want any part of that.

  54. He polls his own followers then goes "Well the people have spoken" as if that's a fair assessment of the whole platform.

  55. Normally, a potential advantage of getting into the market later is that someone else has done all the research and trail and error first, so you can skip the expensive learning process and go straight into a more optimal model.

  56. Oh boy all the bot and spam accounts that were banned are coming back! What a fucking idiot! My DMs are about to be full again with “are you looking for part time work”!

  57. He keep posting how twitter is at it's highest activity and user ever, he posted that like 3 times days apart, but his action say otherwise, when you go into his tweets, it used to be half mocking his bad decision and the other defending him, you go in now you will only see people praising him on everything he does, people left, he won't tell us much many but I assume a lot, I left just last week, I used to be a heavy twitter browser.

  58. So one time there was an Ask Reddit thread to the effect of what would you do if you ran Reddit for a day. I said "unban everyone and unblock everything."

  59. Hey, five or ten years ago when I was new on Twitter I got 5-10 new followers each day, they were gorgeous women who actually wanted to marry me! But before I could reply they were banned. Hope they come back! Thank you Elon!

  60. You know that asshole that shut's down the containment grid in the Ghostbusters movie, yeah Elon Musk is that asshole now

  61. He doesnt care about ad money he is tanking Twitter on purpose to limit access to breaking news and under the guise of promoting free speech.

  62. He already proved that Twitter needs to ban these people and moderate the site when he posted that Paul Pelosi conspiracy theory that literally every Republican on the planet believes as fact now even after he deleted it. Half the country instantly believing everything these nutjobs post is dangerous and it has nothing to do with “free speech.” The same people that complain about fact checking are the ones who believe everything they see and it has terrible consequences. They brought the need for fact checking on themselves for being so stupid.

  63. The report button no longer works. Someone can post the most vile statement possible and it comes back with “does not violate Twitter community standards”. The downvote button is also gone.

  64. I don't think conservatives with their persecution complex realize that liberals like myself have also been banned from twitter for being mean to conservatives.

  65. Controversy sells. This is Musk monetizing speech. It is not free speech. It is allowing the worst of the internet to thrive in order to increase users and thereby increase ad revenue. It's about the $$$. Nothing noble, just crass oligarch crap.

  66. He went from turning Tesla and SpaceX into companies on the cutting edge to running a social media company into the ground because he has the impulse control of an incontinent gerbil.

  67. 90% of Twitter revenue is from advertising. I’m no fan of twitter, but I gaur-Ron-tee most of them were suspended for legit reasons. Let the yokels back on, watch the advertisers disappear. It’s a bold move cotton, let’s see how it plays out.

  68. He keeps saying "The people have spoken". He already knows Twitter has a huge bot problem. These polls are flawed and he knows it. He is very disingenuous.

  69. Best decision I made was deleting Twitter the moment Elon took charge. You could see this bullshit coming from a mile away. Get fucked Elon.

  70. I’d be interested to know how many accounts were banned for being too right wing, as opposed to pedophiles, people who make death threats, posters of copyright information and spambots. I suspect the latter are in the vast majority. And most people banned for being too right-wing would be actual Nazis, not conservatives.

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