Well Guardian is level 55 (from 60) and has only 1 million HP (from 21 million) on the PTR!

  1. Would this make it soloable? Having this quest require others that are on that specific part of the quest is a complete nightmare.

  2. Yes, with those stats he is way easier to kill, his damage was also reduced a bit from 11.9k down to 7.3k so he doesn't hit so hard anymore, probably just 5/10 minutes kiting him around and the job would be done.

  3. From what I can tell also on the PTR is quest areas like this seem to have Quest Encounters allowing you to do them multiple times (maybe even without the quest) as it gives you and abandoning event when leaving the area

  4. Don’t enemies of lower levels also deal less/take more from higher level players? If so this guy would be much easier at that point

  5. He's already soloable. It's a fucking pain in the ass and it takes like 30 minutes but it's doable. I know because I had too.

  6. we 4 manned it last week. tank, healer, rdps, dps. first couple times was just 3 of us and we wiped. we got blight tinctures, came back and found another person on quest. I tanked him with my back against a wall and just popped my 3 taunts whenever they were up. i couldn't even see him or his health half the time. Pretty standard fight if you have a tank that can keep it aggro'd.

  7. With 307 dex and a 600 gs spear, I do around 3200 damage per light attack crit on mobs with 3 stacks of rend (which I can keep permanently on them.... as long as I don't get staggered mid-ability). So yes. 1M is still a LOT

  8. To give you an idea, the top players in invasions do somewhere between 1-2 million damage when making it down to like 5 minutes. There is one guy on our server that has 3 houses with major corrupted combat trophies, t5 coatings, insane gear, and max attribute food that does 3m+ per invasion, but is almost double everyone else so he’s definitely an outlier.

  9. This is an awesome change, I'm still confused on the decision to make the well guardian locked behind a quest. Everything else in the game has been a world boss. Even when leveling up/questing.

  10. they should change it so that just 1 party member on the quest is required to enter. maybe make even him a little harder. forces you to get a standard group together and figure out tanking, heals, and aggro management.

  11. The rarest item is the legendary rapier well guardian drops, it’s just a rarer drop than the artisan hat. The mixer hat has the same effect tho so it doesn’t really matter

  12. I thought you just didn’t hand in the quest after killing him and you could keep going back in ? At least someone said that on another thread are they full of crap ?

  13. Plenty of ways to get the Mixer's hat so him dropping the one doesn't change anything. Same perks on both and the other one is fairly common. Check it out at NWDB

  14. Requiring a group to do content in an MMO seems fine to me. The issue with Well Guardian is that the group must consist of people that have never done it before and that pool of people dries up and is slow to replenish

  15. One where you have to get coim from that puking monster? Was able to solo IT with hatchet and bow at lv 50. Took a while and about 10 Health potions. Just Dodge his stun and puke. Those hit hardest.

  16. Luckily, my server is pretty friendly, I ask for help on the recruitment channels and I always find a guy or two to do it as a group. :D

  17. You can hatchet solo him After you hit level 49. It still takes some time and you will need to time your health pot usage. I truly despise the mob mechanic in this game.

  18. Try it SnS solo. Slowly chip away his health until RIP. I was lvl 50 though. If you are 50+ give it a go, he's just lvl35 I think.

  19. Trying to solo Benjamin Boatswain gave me nightmares. I'm lvl 53 DPS now and still haven't bothered to go back to him I fear I still can't solo him

  20. I'll never forget the late night run that was scrounged together on my low/lowmed pop server. I'd been trying to build the group for a couple of days and one night it finally clicked in the chat. After a brief chitchat we ended up realizing we were all DPS and we almost didn't even give it a go because some dude was being a doubter. It took probably somewhere around 15 deaths between us, but we got 'er done with the help of many many health potions and some sometimes-creative kiting.

  21. Or really just expanding the area you fight him in! Its way too tight for a boss that size. Fun little right of passage though

  22. What a pain in the ass these type of missions are. As someone who plays solo most of the time, finding someone who is on the exact same part of the quest is always a massive inconvenience. Why do we have to have our own instance for these bosses?

  23. I don’t know. Finding a group. Taking this beast down. It was challenging and fun to end off the story this way. I agree guardian needed to be tuned down. But don’t make him soloable lol

  24. The problem is that people that have already done it can't join. If you're on a dying server you'll find that almost everyone has already done it and it can take days to find/wait for other people to need it.

  25. He's not set up well for a group quest. My first two attempts I died right before he did and got no credit, and on the third attempt only 3 of the 5 who joined the group actually had the quest.

  26. We need this live, doing it solo with bugging it at the cliff on the entrance while throwing away several hours of your life wasn't a fun perspective, another reason for that break I am still taking from this bugfest of a release.

  27. I would prefer leaving him strong, but fix this area (it has horrible geodata) and let people, which completed quest previously, to enter.

  28. It is definitely good that they made the main story quest boss a little easier. This was necessary. However, I hope Amazon does not take this to mean that ALL bosses should be easier. The game could definitely benefit from more bosses that do require large groups to defeat. I would happily have something of the scale of the original Well Guardian if it were not tied to a particular quest line, was in a larger area, and was repeatable. Really difficult bosses that are a challenge for groups is a great way to provide long-term content, as it provides another layer of challenge to the game. By removing the quest element, those who don't want to do it, don't have to, but those who really want that challenge, can.

  29. They should just make this, that you HAVE to have some Angry Earth pots to make him take any damage... just to teach that these potions are actually WORTH the effort to make and use. Not enough people using these in invasions and throughout the game.

  30. They should have kept it how it was but allow anyone to enter and help. This game is really good at making everything laughably easy or not-hard-just-annoying.

  31. I personally would have preferred they allowed players without the quest to enter while nerfing their potential drops as a result of not having the quest but this was also a suitable change IMO. It was one or the other. Make it joinable by anyone or make it less punishing for smaller groups/solos to complete

  32. ya'll realize PTR doesn't mean that's what's gonna happen on the next patch right? The entire point of PTR is to test things. Nothing in the PTR is set in stone to release into the actual game.

  33. He's hard, but not as hard as everyone is on about. I tanked him duo as a full con tank without a healer for 10 minutes with a bow user to kill him. His difficulty isn't really the problem, it's that everyone that isn't on the quest is locked out. Allow anyone to help so you can get the required classes and this becomes a non-issue. Same with Yonas, though to a lesser extent.

  34. Is it not weird that this even hits the PTR? In any other game I feel like this just gets hotfixed day 1 by a competent company. People have been stuck on this for a month.. I guess with their track record its gotta be tested lol

  35. thank god, this was horrible to do on a low pop server. Was not tuned for the quest level at all and then to gate it on top...awful design

  36. They really just needed to remove him from behind the wall. I should be able to help my company do this regardless if I have already completed it.

  37. I've been stuck on this one for days... Hard to find a group to do it, I found another player but I'm sure we'd need a couple more including a healer so... I guess I'll just wait for the change to go live.

  38. Based on these stories it seems like I got lucky I did it last night went in with a group of 4 and there were probably 2 other groups about 10-12 people total and we killed it in about 5 minutes without using the glitch

  39. He really wasn’t that hard a group of 4 of us managed to take him down pretty quick just grab a good healer.

  40. I gave my soul to killing that abomination with one other person. Glad to see it won’t be scarring anybody else after that update

  41. I mean how much health and damage he had wasn’t that huge of an issue the biggest issue was players who completed this mission can’t go back in, did they change that?

  42. I have lots of quests that can’t be competed because of stuff like this, and it’s gonna get worse as the player base plummets.

  43. Getting the group is the main issue tho. Only people with the quest active can even do it so you're gonna end up with certain people who are forced to solo it.

  44. I swear that people who are having a hard time don't use blight tinctures. I bought 5 powerful blight tincture pots, gave it to my party mates and easily killed it.

  45. Makes sense to nerf him since he's basically the final boss of the quest lane of the basic story; Now that we're going forward with a new zone, a new complementary story lane, other players will be able to catch up easily and will be able to enjoy just as much the new content too.

  46. This is one way to address the quest, but why not just make it so any party member (regardless of quest status) can enter the zone with a friend, or party member, that’s on the quest in order to help?

  47. Imagine the disappointment of all the people who actually managed to kill this POS before these changes drop on live.

  48. Finished this quest weeks ago, I'm not disappointed at all. This quest is absurd in its current state, glad that people won't have to deal with the bs I did, especially since it will only continue to get harder to find a group.

  49. Not really. If anything, it increases it because new people won't even get the chance to fight the tougher version.

  50. Well, that sucks. I remember doing this boss three weeks ago with a 5man. I guess as time goes on, less people are actually on that quest, and the door keeps anyone else out.

  51. It was the most memorable mission and I really hope this change doesn't go through. It was memorable for two reasons:

  52. Can those of us that suffered through the old version get a lil kick back or appreciation for killing the OG monstrosity then? I fought and killed the original twice after the first time didn't count. That fight was a nightmare to find groups for.

  53. are the actual servers goign to get wiped/deleetd an the PTR version become the main one? it would be great to sort the duppers issue, lot of cunts became millonaires and got no punishment whatsoever, that cloned gold is still in the game

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