Cat saves small kid from a dog attack.

  1. The other day there was a stray labrador on our property and I freaked out cause all the cats were outside. Turns out I had nothing to worry about cause my normally dopey ragdoll just whacked the shit out of it. It was a sight to behold.

  2. Yea that’s what struck me as interesting…seems like such an abnormal behavioral move for a cat. Not clawing or biting, just momentum to detach the dog from the kid. What cat has ever used that move in their life? …and it was instinctual for this cat. Pretty wild.

  3. Smart, because the dog didn't waste time to see what the threat was, and just took off. It smacked him hard enough to be a much larger threat, and square in the chest. Then the lady was coming. It was probably the only way that could have worked, and all on the drop of a dime. Impressive. The dog seemed like it might have been trained aggressively.

  4. Sure, but this time they put it to a song that is in no way related to the video or make any sense whatsoever in relation to the video. So that's awesome.

  5. I have a cat like that. He is huge and scares the foxes away. He rules our cul de sac. I have a shih tzu and the cat is bigger. Had to buy a medium dog size door flap for the cat.

  6. Cats are very territorial. At the Hemingway House Museum in Key West there are a few dozen cats living on the property. Many have six toes. They remain on the grounds without wondering off and chase away any strays who wonder onto the property.

  7. What is amazing is how scared cats can be in some situations, but how they can be completely fearless in others. I seem to recall seeing a video of a cat facing down a bear. Crazy.

  8. One of the reasons I love cats is that when I'm out walking, I've never once worried about getting attacked by a cat. This cat gives me another reason to love them more.

  9. Just has to do with the size. Any cat of significant size will hunt you down, but usually is the opposite with wolves. You never really hear about wolf attacks.

  10. Growing up my best friend’s dog [shorthaired pointer] was a notorious cat killer and he [my friend] got arrested for it once - different, but funny ass story. The dog attacking cats is not funny, but that was before leash laws. There was was this cat a few streets over that was so badass that it tore the shit out of his dog 2x and I saw it once. Every time we went by there afterward with his dog, the dog would just sprint by in fear and that cat still chased his ass a few times. Whenever I see anything regarding “badass cat.” I always think of that vicious animal. Thanks for sharing. Cool video and what the fuck is wrong with that dog.

  11. I have never seen a dog do that… Completely calm until he’s ripping into a kid’s leg? How does this happen? Was this an aggressive stray dog or just terrible owners?

  12. That dog was literally hunting the child. That’s a predatory behavior, it was stalking the kid until it saw an opportunity to attack him.

  13. That dog was a puppy and was untrained. I heard the family surrendered the dog and it was put down.

  14. Looks like a pitbull mix. You can easily Google that they account for the majority of dog attacks. I'll probably get down voted for this, but we should stop breeding this dog. They're not a "working dog" and no matter how much of a "little precious angel" they are it is in their genes to have aggression and at any time they could attack unprovoked. My grandmother worked at an oral & facial surgery office and almost every time someone came in to have some sort of reconstruction surgery from a dog bite it was from a pitbull.

  15. There's a clip of the little boy and the cat interviewed. And the boy kisses the cat. It's so freaking cute because the cat has this stoic face.

  16. Remember when my cat literally killed a snake like 1-3 feet away from me. We just moved in to our new house and I was cutting grass. Snake was probably about to bite me and cat saved me. I miss the little rascal. May he rest in peace.

  17. Cats kill snakes because they can - they're alpha predators, and snakes are not. Cats have much faster reflexes, and almost never get bitten, much less, where it's likely to be lethal.

  18. In an interview the family gave she said Animal Control told her that the dog will either be rehabiliated and trained or put down, and that the likelier option was it would be put down, because of how long and expensive the rehabilitation process is.

  19. On a serious note, people need to understand that cats are Kings/Queens to this planet, so they think, thus cat owners are just there slaves, they demand , they get, they disguise there demonic side with fur and fluff.. and cute eyes and pointed ears.

  20. My cat screams “Raul!!” When we bathe him and I think it’s loud enough for my uncle Raul to hear him from Mexico

  21. I am super pro dog and pro pit but if this dude is just running around attacking kids… yeah I’m sorry but it should probably be put down. :(

  22. I thought it was a pit bull at first too, but after reading an article, it was actually a Lab-Chow mix. It is hard to tell from the video.

  23. Such a shame it’s always dogs that look like that getting caught on video attacking kids, I’ve been told all dogs do that so it’s just wild that only pitbulls get filmed doing it so much

  24. Can we talk about the dog? It's so bizarre that it would walk up to the child nonchalant, sniff a couple times, then go apeshit.

  25. Yeah, that dog needs to be put down. And the owners should never own a pet again. I always say, we need to introduce licenses for owning pets. Same for having children but that's a different argument altogether

  26. My cat used to be like this. Well he was the kind to pick up fights with everyone. He didn't cared if you were a dog, a cat or twice his size. He will fight you.

  27. Cats can be self-sufficient when necessary, but they're still very social animals. A lot of people think cats are solitary because they get a cat and assume it's a solitary animal so they don't give it much in the way of attention or affection, and then they see that the cat is doing fine on its own so they just assume that their assumption was correct.

  28. Feral (wild) domestic cats are solitary hunters but are known to form social structures. For example, females will live in little groups like a lion pride. Within a home, cats will adapt to any social structure (if properly introduced).

  29. Some cats can be rather aloof but they are social pets. Some are less social than what people think of dogs. I have 2 dogs and a cat. The cat doesn’t play or interact with the dogs, but she gets very distressed if one of the dogs is at the vet or kenneled for whatever reason. She sees them as her cat pack, but she likes to keep her personal space.

  30. Cats are solitary hunters, but ambush hunting works better for them, without anyone else to fuck it up.

  31. Only if you don't show them affection. I have a cat I've raised from kittenhood. She makes time several times a day to come and get hugs and pets. She's very affectionate because that's what she's been shown.

  32. Dogs like that should be put down I understand some dogs have bad temperaments, but then they need extra care to not get out always be on a leash and such lucky the girl was alright

  33. God do I hate everything about that dog and its behavior. That is literally the worst possible dog. And it's pretty rare for them to be this level of fucked up.

  34. One time, I was trying to corral my roommates raccoon they had a pet raccoon and I'm trying to grab for it and my little gray cat started attacking the raccoon she thought she had to help. cats are awesome

  35. I had a cat that was such a brawler. He’s go after cats and dogs. Didn’t give a fuck. Ever have to break up a cat fight? Ouch

  36. Just as I suspected this comment thread has devolved into an anti pit bull circlejerk despite the actual breed of dog involved being ambiguous. Fucking Reddit, man.

  37. In the cats mind he's just thinking "no only I get to abuse my humans" and so he's confused as to why he's getting so much attention

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