Giant swing ride tested off 700m cliff

  1. Yo, I'm stoned like a mother fucker a la early years of Jesus Christ and that's the funniest fucking thing I ever read.

  2. Really though it’s in Chongqing, southwest China at the Yunyang Longgang Scenic Spot. It stands 30 stories tall and has a 2,300 ft drop to the very bottom.

  3. How does your brain think of this? You're on another level of creative. You brought the idea for the pun to this video and many good puns followed and are heavily upvoted, but they might not have even thought to comment, let alone make a pun about this clip. But you created the idea upon which people expanded. Good job.

  4. At least they didn’t do those stupid fisheye lenses that make standing on a ladder look like your balancing yourself on a needle atop the Eiffel Tower.

  5. I’d imagine that you would die if any of these types of swings failed. I’d rather be on this one when it failed than one without such a beautiful view.

  6. Someone died in a somewhat similar way several years ago here. It was in a catapult type ride called Rocket Launcher. The harness broke as he was catapulted to a speed of 160 km/h. I can just imagine what he could have been thinking while freefalling to his death. Give me the chills.

  7. You mean slamming into the concrete at 80mph or unattaching from the line flying off the cliff and being impaled on a tree?

  8. Having plenty of time to anticipate the pain of breaking your entire body from a falling a few hundred meters? Sounds like a pretty terrible way to me.

  9. More like the best way to die. An incredibly thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime experience followed by instantaneous death.

  10. Yeah imagine a quick release or something then base jump/parachute into the valley. Would be rad as hell.

  11. An epic adaptation to this ride would be that same pendulum swing like beginning except you get launched at the end of arch and then you squirrelly suit glide you’re way to the bottom 🚀

  12. I mean, think about how many people ride those things a day, versus how many injuries there have been. Probably more likely to die in a car accident on the way there. Or have a heart attack riding it or something.

  13. well the cliff thing doesn't really matter though. If it failed at any point during the swing, you wouldn't be around to care. If anything, the 700m cliff would let you live an extra 10 seconds or so

  14. And then when something goes wrong everyone says “who’s the idiot who thought this was a good idea???”

  15. I did something like this with my mom at Royal Gorge in Colorado. My dad and brother stood at the bottom, calling us idiots.

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