China's COVID army right now

  1. First of all this is horribly inefficient against COVID, second this is horrible for nature, third those bugs that survive spraying will be tough bugs and they will have whole playfield. Those come to mind in few seconds. Of course this is stupid on different aspects also, like economically and socially.

  2. Do they know covid will hit them again at the moment they open up again. Just live with it... All the people they bothered with their zero covid policy will go banana when they'll realize covid is still right there after their government announced zero covid in China. And the CCP will blame the west for getting covid back in China. Those authoritarian are so predictable

  3. Next level authoritarianism. This has NOTHING to do with health. Nobody is getting COVID licking street surfaces. This is simply a display of state power.

  4. When those guys can beat your pet to death or disappear your ass for non compliance. It's not about efficiency its about sending a message.

  5. They are literally spreading the virus. They make everyone do daily COVID checks in front of the building, most buildings have one or two elevators, everyone brushes up against everyone else, it starts with one person in the building with COVID and suddenly 30 people have it. All this info has been shared by multiple people that live there, I’m just relaying info. Next level stupid indeed.

  6. Do they think the Covid virus is on the ground and street? I’m not quite sure what they believe they are accomplishing by spraying the streets?

  7. All they are doing is killing a lot of bacteria and viruses on street leaving those that are resistant to live and reproduce. Doctors are worried that using antibiotics for every infection will speed growth of drug resistant pathogens. This is definitely not helping

  8. Idk about covid effectiveness, but this has worked and been used before. The idea is to spread liquid on the ground so the chemicals in it will evaporate and kill pathogens and other airborne things.

  9. It’d be good for moral, maybe control the narrative about how bad the virus is as opposed to people thinking it’s a conspiracy. At least in china, they know their getting propaganda

  10. It’s all performative. They developed a poor vaccine and now will have to deal with more deaths than other countries or stay shut down, but they’ve pursued a 0-COVID policy so far. It’s a rough situation for them but they also have handled it pretty terribly

  11. I can’t believe this shit. I see clips like this on Reddit a lot but when I go to research it online I hardly see anything. Does anyone have any good resources on more information about what’s going on over there with these people in these white outfits beating the shit out of people like it’s the hunger games?

  12. I remember seeing those videos about 2 years ago where they were spraying the ground like that and from Europe we were saying that's useless...

  13. yeah, it's pure theater. They're doing it for the same reason the TSA has you go through full body scanners and take off your shoes. The reality is that in both cases that shit doesn't actually prevent anything but it sure makes you feel like it must doesn't it?

  14. They will inevitably have to deal with a COVID outbreak now that it’s endemic in the rest of the world, but the SinoVac isn’t terribly effective (at least compared to most of the vaccines we get over here). Combine that with an aging, dense population, and they could very easily be looking at millions of deaths if they don’t handle the outbreak. Only problem is that containing it is incredibly difficult, especially with the newer variants and a 0-COVID policy. Imo they’re just doing this stuff to be performative and show “look we’re trying to beat the pandemic” so that when the deaths start coming in they have deniability. To be fair to them, they’ve had a better COVID policy overall than most western countries (yes, even accounting for the misreporting of deaths, which based on cremations tend to be off by a factor of 10. That would put them at ~55,000 deaths which is pretty fantastic compared to the U.S. at around 1,200,000, a country with less than a quarter the population and a far better healthcare system)

  15. This is going to create a super virus. They're gonna kill all of the good and bad bacteria, anything that survives whatever they're spraying will become more resistant... its like when your body becomes immune to antibiotics. Scary.

  16. In typical Chinese fashion, let's throw all our resources at one place and completely ignore the rest of the issue. But make sure you get lots of video of a few hundred people disinfecting that same square block of the city, to show the (obviously gullible) public that we're doing something. FACE!

  17. As a U.S. citizen, I’ve always been under the impression that the CCP has near-full control over how information and media are distributed within China. Can someone clarify how these videos are just casually being recorded without interference by the authorities? It seems like the recording party is not trying to be discreet. My concern is that some of this footage may be a sort of propaganda since none of the suited-up “COVID Police” seem to be concerned that all of this is being documented. Their government won’t allow Tiananmen protest footage. I don’t see how any of their public’s resistance to COVID testing compliance is being so readily documented. Civil unrest is just not acceptable in any form under the CCP’s regime.

  18. It’s a CCP party member recording this and “leaking it” it’s all planned just like the “army of agents” it’s a prop film

  19. What the fuck is nextlevel about this?!!? People are starving while not being able to leave their homes, and you think thats next level?

  20. The Shangai group is/was the main enemy of the Xi Jinping group, and this is pure show of force. shenzhen came onto line much, much quicker.

  21. Bet they are using the restrictions to fuck around and tighten control in the country ever more. idfa if you call me paranoid on this. A country that is literally implementing a social credit/score system deserves no trust or good will.

  22. Spraying the ground. Yes, the ground is what keeps the virus alive… not the humans locked in tall apartment towers threatened with arrest and sent to the gulag if they step even one toe outside.

  23. I’m starting to wonder, what do they know that we in the US don’t? It appears they’re not considering herd immunity as an option. I worry they’re privy to some knowledge about the long term complications even after active infection resolves.

  24. China: "We are so anti-COVID we are above all suspicion that we actually made it in a lab and accidentally let it out."

  25. China is not the United States. Don’t assume the same rules apply and people have the same expectations of the government.

  26. Why don’t they just let it run it’s fucking course, bury the dead, and Move On? This is prolonging the torture and human rights abuses on a mind boggling scale. I’d rather take my chances with Covid than this lunacy any day

  27. Ahhh yes the same people welding people into their buildings and tying their doors shut. Next level oppressors.

  28. Meanwhile, in canada, the vast majority of young adults indoctrinated by the communist at college and universities are voting in the same dictators that will bring this to reality. Fuck Chinada and fuck you commies. Bunch of hypocrites.

  29. Só, it is like that movie… they kidnap you, turn you into a kind-of-zombie follower and then suit you up to work for free!!! I knew it!!!

  30. I thought china was suppose to be efficient... they are walking behind each other spraying and disinfecting the same things over and over again.

  31. China is completely losing it. They are becoming like some dystopian Sci-fi horror film that no one would believe could actually ever happen.

  32. These morons are probably spraying everything with Monsanto products, so if they don’t die of Covid they can die of cancer.

  33. Actually I would have thought the CCP would love covid because it would very brutally partly solve their demographics problem.

  34. What is the possibilities of them moving active military soldiers posing as healthworkers . Also they could be isolatating citizens from seeing CCRs mobilization efforts towards Taiwan or US?

  35. Hey all, I live in Beijing. I'm a Westerner. I can't be bothered going into the details, but for all the Reddit experts claiming the government don't not what they are doing, or that's this is some show of power, I'm just going to say you're wrong. And yes I know this will be marked down because any show of support for China runs deeply against the narrative you have been fed, and bought into.

  36. The US has hit a million deaths and yet Americans still have the arrogance to criticize other countries' covid efforts (not that this doesn't look strange)

  37. China "Yeah sorry Vlad we'd love to offer more support but we've got this super deadly outbreak of the least deadly variant going on right now.. we'll get back to you ASAP"

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