BBC news play God Save the Queen in response to MP's demand they play the National Anthem every night.

  1. This is not true British wit, you don’t play the incorrect and offensive cover of the national anthem, and you especially don’t play it around Remembrance Day.

  2. My friend from school did work experience with him at Parliament. He said that Andrew played a prank on him and put a picture of a penis on a phone and told him to answer it. Said there was a lot of penis pranks. He was like 14 or 15. I do recall him saying something about porn magazines, but I can't be sure on that one.

  3. 40 odd years after banning the song in the first place, now that John Lydon has become a massive wanker, Nice one I guess

  4. just to add a bit of extra bit of context to this… That MP, Andrew Rosindale is currently under investigation for Rape.

  5. I only wish the BBC had the balls to have played "Ding Dong! The witch is dead" during the chart show when it got to number 2 in the charts the week Thatcher was buried. We bought it in our thousands to celebrate the end of the cow.

  6. They do play it on Radio 4 at the end of the programming at 1 am, once the shipping forecast has finished. It’s quite weird to hear it.

  7. The MP is an arrogant politician, probably very posh who demanded that the BBC play the national anthem (God Save the Queen) at the end of each day. BBC newsnight called his bluff and played the anti monarchist punk anthem of the same name by the legendary Sex Pistols. Song is from 1977 and was released to coincede with the Queens silver jubilee( 50 years on the throne)

  8. Wow what rebels who are definitely not doing this for monetary reasons and to be agreeable with a more general audience

  9. This is brilliant, and I'd much rather listen to this than the drivel that is the British national anthem.

  10. It's publicly funded, that isn't the same as "state run". It's editorially independent, and programmes like Newsnight are themselves editorially independent from the people in charge of the channel, which is why almost every government in my lifetime has absolutely hated the BBC, and the current one is doing everything it can to run it in to the ground.

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