Pilot let's 16 Y/O sit in pilots' seat and inadvertently disengaged autopilot that sent the aircraft into a freefall. Due to sensory illusions, the pilots overcorrected for everything, making the freefall worse. Black Box audio included.

  1. Despite the struggles of both pilots to save the aircraft, it was later concluded that if they had just let go of the control column, the autopilot would have automatically taken action to prevent stalling, thus avoiding the accident. There was no evidence of a technical failure in the plane. -Wiki

  2. What sucks is that they saved the fall once, but overcorrected too much, so they stalled. They then managed to re-save the fall but they were too low and crashed in a mountain. Without that initial over correction, they would have been fine. I wonder how they didn't see the stall coming, since your pitch/yaw/roll and speed is known, they must have seen they were going up and losing tons of speed, no ?

  3. I think I watched a video about this on YouTube. Did This accident made a rule that no one is allowed in cockpits except the crew?

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