State trooper stays extremely calm while being shot at during high speed chase (SFW)

  1. need more cops like this guy. hes calmer one hand driving in a high speed pursuit while getting shot at than some cops are while arguing with a pre teen girl theyre about to body slam

  2. Ask anyone in the military that has ever been on comms/radio and they'll tell you the hardest thing on that list is communicating clearly in that moment. Absolutely WILD.

  3. Thanks for posting the additional information. It says that he was pursuing someone as an armed robbery suspect. That chase, particularly once the suspect started firing at the officer, was dangerous to all the drivers around so the officer/police force need to weigh the value of continuing the pursuit versus the danger the pursuit poses to the public based on what they knew about the suspect at the time.

  4. Add to the list above: Driving at this speed with one hand on the wheel on the shoulder and among other drivers.

  5. Looks more like he's trying to focus and stay calm to me. He is making faces I used to see all the time when I sparred people in taekwondo.

  6. High speed chase with very dangerous maneuvers and he’s not wearing a seatbelt. Do cops not usually wear them so they can get in/out quickly or something ?

  7. So in most departments and agencies it’s legally allowed for cops to not wear seatbelts. A lot of it is getting in and out quickly, and the seatbelt can get snagged on your gun belt or vest.

  8. A lot of cops dont wear their seatbelt. There is a statistic that half of all vehicle fatalities involving an officer, the officer wasn't wearing a seatbelt. It's a truly stupid move, especially given shit like this.

  9. I don't like to praise/defend cops as of late, but this man gives me confidence that he won't over escalate minor infractions out of emotional rage.

  10. State Troopers tend to skew much more professional than your average street cop, it's unsurprising to see him do a good job like this

  11. this is 2022. If you shot at cops while evading the cops, you definitely getting blasted once the pursuit comes to a stop.

  12. Windows need to be able to be broken or kicked out in the event of a roll-over. Making them out of bullet resistant material would make that very difficult.

  13. I drive these roads almost daily. Wild shit thinking you could just get winged by a stray shot on your normal commute... or anytime really. Yikes. That's enough Tuesday for me.

  14. Yeah, however awesome this is he’s basically exacerbating the situation by continuing the pursuit. I’m not sure it’s worth the risk of some innocent bystander getting killed.

  15. Hope no one else was hurt. Moving vehicles and gunfire always scares the crap outta me if other cars are on the road.

  16. I think so he can hop out of his seat easier if he needs to. Like if the car he was chasing got pitted and he pulled up on them really quick, he'd want to pop out without much trouble to get his gun trained on them.

  17. No doubt, that one that hit the lower left windshield was well placed. I'm crazy and I woulda locked up the fucking brakes when that baby hit.

  18. Have to wonder whether this dude was in the military. Seems cops who have been are a lot more calm in dangerous situations and have a clear head.

  19. Pretty sure it’s something along the lines of “Tactical Vehicle Interdiction.” You could Google Pit Maneuver as well.

  20. His juking was incredible. The other guy had some good moves trying to prevent a pit, but this guy was all over him, no fucks given.

  21. Not a cop, so not for sure, but my guess is its easier to drop a radio mic than take off a headset. Also you don't forget to drop a radio and get yanked back in stressful situation. Also radios have omni directional mics that pick up stuff around them. Headsets often don't.

  22. Headsets just aren't the right choice considering they are fragile, like the slide off the head, the mics aren't as durable, and honestly, no one likes wearing a headset all day. They do have an external speaker that you can hook up to the radio so that you can hear the calls in your ear without those around you hearing.

  23. Probably because there were units behind him that rolled up on the flipped suv and he needed a few seconds to catch himself before his adrenaline finally ran out. I know I'd need some time if anything a fraction as stressful as that happened to me

  24. The other pursuits vehicles ended up in a gunfight with the perp. This trooper would have been on the wrong side of that and would have only increased the likelihood of friendly cross fire.

  25. Because there was a gun fight about to ensue and if he had stopped, he would’ve been able to have been shot by friendly forces

  26. Why don't cop cars have hands free Comms? It must be pretty dangerous to be driving one handed at the speeds they do

  27. This is radio, a shared communication between many officers and dispatchers. They can't transmit continuously, at least not with this technology.

  28. They should have the technology to talk without holding that thing in their hand. Effectively reduces their concentration and control over vehicle.

  29. Oklahoma Highway Patrol has the badass Chargers, none of the wussy V6 versions...for reasons :)

  30. Definitely not praising the perp but it’s pretty impressive that he was able to get accurate shots off like that while driving, Cops lucky as hell.

  31. Curious what kind of time you get for shooting a gun at a police officer while in high speed pursuit? This guy must have been ridiculously desperate to pull that kind off shit or they are getting away with this more than I think?

  32. I think he was wanted for armed robbery in AZ. Anyways, after the wreck he shot at more cops and got killed.

  33. the other leos in the chase catch up, stop and take position behind their vehicles, suspect driver exits vehicle with rifle and targets them, shoot out ensues with suspect killed at scene & two officers injured.

  34. pretty damn good shot placement especially out the back of a car window while speeding down the motorway, cop got lucky

  35. This officer seems like a good man. Did what needed to be done, and left it at that. Cool and calm the whole time. Hats off to this guy. 🎩

  36. Oof, he was cool as could be during the chase, but when he throws it into park, it hits him. Poor guy's probably not gonna be sleeping well for a while.

  37. I don't believe this guy has a nervous system. I have more anxiety than him going through a McD's drive-thru (and not being shot at).

  38. That could’ve ended with his death. That bullet came very close to him. He has balls and is ice water veins while under direct fire but that seemed like he was very lucky in addition to very skilled.

  39. Why does he still have to talk through a radio with a handheld? Surely in 2022 they can make it much safer and integrate it in the car kit??? He is now forced to pursuit while being shot while steering 1 handed. Sigh

  40. ..........looking at where the bullet hole is, in his the fuck did he not get shot? Super lucky, but props to him for how he handled that.

  41. Dude is more exciting then the movies, a true badass and that doesn’t even do him justice. It’s awesome to see a good officer protect and serve.

  42. This reminds me of the one pursuit the officer is firing his patrol rifle one handed through the windshield of his car. Total badasses.

  43. Criminals are not known for their accuracy. Glass is know to throw bullets way off. If you shoot through your windshield for instance you'll not be hitting anything further out than your bumper.

  44. it's just incredibly dangerous, not only for himself but for others too. If the cop had got shot at those speeds be could end up killing someone in the oncoming lane. A stray bullet could also have not an innocent bystander. The correct approach here is to back off, and set up checkpoints elsewhere to bring the vehicle to a stop somewhere.

  45. I’ll be honest I looked over at the body cam and thought I was watching someone crash by doing a backflip… think I’m done with the internet today

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