Water inundation in Naples, FL

  1. Typical Floridian speak. My parents live in Florida. Moved there from jersey. And I swear it dumbed them down even more than they already were

  2. To be fair, the storm wasn’t tracked to hit southwest Florida until a day ago. These people had prepared for maybe some tropical storm weather (which is much less significant and doesn’t require evac). It changed direction very quickly and many didn’t have much time to evacuate properly or prepare for a near category 5 hurricane. If they chose to evac, there would be so many on the road that traffic would back up to the point you’re now sitting in the storm in your car. Don’t instantly hate on people for staying home when there wasn’t much time for them to prepare or have a safe evacuation. Not all of us Floridians are dumbasses, many of us do take these storms seriously and still can lose a lot to them.

  3. I actually would like to know if you're filming this and figured "aight I think I should leave", how are you leaving that house?

  4. Lots of these coastal home are built with the ground level being garages, storage rooms, maybe a kids game room, and the main living is above. The bottom levels are designed to handle this and be able to be repaired relatively easily.

  5. They likely didn’t have much time to prepare or evacuate safely. This storm want tracked to hit them directly as a near category 5 until yesterday.

  6. Very little inland exists in Naples. Lots of canals there. Most of the city is probably like that. Mostly retirees and golf courses.

  7. I hear it's mostly near the beach and the harbor, but Naples is pretty much a beach town so i'd say a significant peice of the city is covered with sea water.

  8. Our family is in North Carolina and their bottom floor blows out in case of this happening. It’s a cool design. They just need to replace the sheet rock on the walls and a little more of whatever gets damaged. Concrete floors, used for storage and a guest room.

  9. That housing strategy will work... for a while. If (when) the Antarctica ice sheet finally slides off into the ocean, sea levels are projected to rise 20-feet.

  10. Every year! Every fucking year, idiots stay and then those idiots ask for rescuing when they literally had OVER a week to fucking drive to the next state and be safe. People don't understand how I don't have compassion for these people... you can't fix stupid. Not Sorry for those who this offends and I am sorry for the people that lose their properties and or loved ones but seriously.... if you have a hurricane you leave the state, if you have a tornado you go to the basement etc etc.

  11. How are people supposed to leave when the track isn’t confirmed? Most employers won’t allow you to just leave for a week or more. Most people I know were working business as usual until yesterday. It’s easy to say leave but people have bills to pay and family’s to support

  12. When I was younger we evacuated because the storm was suppose to come right at us. Then it ended up landing where we evacuated to in Mississippi. Is the entire state of tens of millions meant to get up and leave in unison? I’m not saying evacuations don’t have their worth but acting like it’s that simple is naive

  13. That's just not true. They projected this thing for the panhandle up until Monday as a category 2. Then Tampa. Cold front pushed it even further south in such a way that it got more powerful. Sudden turn east and, wham, unexpected category 4 storm on your doorstep. If you tried to evacuate but got trapped in traffic or your path is sufficienly blocked, now you're even worse off than staying at home.

  14. This storm wasn’t tracked to hit southwest Florida until yesterday. It was tracked to hit the Tampa Bay Area, which did have mandatory evacuations in many areas for a couple days. People in southwest Florida had little more than a day to prepare/evacuate for a near category 5 storm. Not everyone has the ability to leave the state… we can leave to another city a few hours away, but everyone else is too which means heavy traffic for several hours, putting you in danger of being flooded in your car. These storms are unpredictable, they can change very quickly and people have to do what they can with the time they are given.

  15. evacuation orders were issued for places hundreds of miles away. these people had less than 12 hours to pack their shit, quit their jobs, find a place to go and try and get there before the wind and water came in and made the gridlock roads a death trap. Go be an asshole somewhere else.

  16. Less than a week ago it was projected to go north. As of a few days ago, it changed east and got way stronger than originally predicted. Life is a lot more complicated than you think, and acting like captain hindsight is definitely much easier than dealing with a catastrophic hurricane.

  17. Don’t worry man, the government will subsidize their repairs so they can keep living in an environmentally hazardous area.

  18. If someone live in a place with little terrain gradient, and your house isn't terribly vulnerable to winds, one can save a good deal of one's possessions by staying in place. You're on hand to empty the freezer of rotting meat, or pull carpets to dry them across fences, or have more time to move books upstairs or to the attic.

  19. It’s a game of the storm jogging 50 miles north or south of expectations and that resulting in some broken saw palmetto limbs or your golden doodle being air lifted to Cuba.

  20. Do you have any idea how often you'd be evacuating if you left every time a hurricane forms? A week out? You have no idea where it's going at that point and no one's boss is going to be hearing "a depression just formed off of South America and it's going to hit somewhere between miami and galveston, we gotta get out of dodge".

  21. You really never know if a storm is going to hit you until it's gets there. I've lived in Florida for most of my life and I've prepared and hunkered down for storms that passed us by.

  22. You’ve never been through a storm have you? 99.9 percent of the state is fine. Only a very small area takes the brunt of landfall. Granted I would not live on a canal at sea level on the west coast but you definitely have to have sympathy. Not everyone has the financial means to go somewhere else either.

  23. These people seem pretty well off but a lot of people don't have the resources. Hotels aren't free. Not all jobs are remote

  24. In Louisiana they tell you to put an axe in your attic or sharpie your info on your arm so they can identify the body if you stay during a major hurricane.

  25. Jeez..every time I see flood and hurricane damage, all I see is a TON of pain in the butt, mold and repairs for homeowners and a ton more wood AKA forests needed to replace all of it. How long can we keep this up? It gets flattened or torn apart by wind and rain or burned from forest fires and we rebuild, over and over and over and over. I've dealt with this stuff before..it's such a pain..water damage is a real SOB.

  26. Agreed. It blows my mind when entire homes and towns get torn down in these areas, and people suggest “rebuilding” instead of moving away.

  27. Every time I see this kind of damage, I wonder why none of the walls are ever painted, or have any kind of pictures/paintings/TVs/shelves/etc on them.

  28. Oh boy, pretty sure the roof scammers have royally effed Florida. No insurance is going to want to sell there

  29. This is so sad. I live in Tampa and this could have been us. It looked like it was coming for us all week then it turn south in the last 24 hours and hit them. Very sorry for them.

  30. If evacuation wasn't really a viable option for you, I'm sorry and I 100% get it as I'm in the same boat. I'm just lucky to be a little further inland so with any luck the flooding won't get past my sandbags, or the towels at the front door.

  31. Idk about you, but the fact that they now not only curve…but they curve down into an indoor wave pool?! I see this as an absolute bonus!

  32. Probably some Port Royal beach front property worth millions and a video taken by a poor housekeeper who was told to stay and keep an eye on the place.

  33. Now imagine this for thousands of homes across Florida, so many houses will be torn down mold grows fast in humidity.

  34. Damn that looks bad… that’s the kind of shit that will tear your house down. Hugs from Louisiana, hope it goes better than it looks and y’all stay safe.

  35. I woke up one morning to see on social media news coverage of my family home burning down in the middle of the night. You can't imagine what that feels like. I realize this person intentionally took this vid, but it's no less heartbreaking to watch someone's life fall in on them. Best wishes and much love to everyone affected.

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