Game Thread: Seattle Seahawks (3-7) at Washington Football Team (4-6)

  1. How greedy. CBS played commercials all the way until the punt. What happened to watching the refs announce the call?

  2. Also Tress is the holder, plus he kicks left footed so I'm gonna assume there isn't a player who can handle a snap to put it down for a left footed kick. Asking for another return.

  3. Saying "redskins" on accident isn't that big of a deal, but it is an offensive and archaic name to use for a sports team.

  4. Some of us have treasured the name & never-ever heard it, nor used it as a pejorative in our lifetimes (and I am old). So I don't buy into your premise. The name was a proud representation of a Warrior culture. I will always have fond memories of the 80s & early 90s Redskins and all they accomplished.

  5. Hard drugs are probably healthier for your body/brain than Seahawks football has been this year.

  6. I pride myself and think of myself as a man of faith… as there’s a throw into deep left sideline by Taylor Heinicke it will be a touchdown, and so that’ll make it a 14-0 game. I dont know if im gonna put this headset on again

  7. But I have been saying since all the drama started, if it comes down to Pete vs Russ, Seattle has to fire Pete and let Russ have some say in the next Head Coach. BUT, if Russ does demand a trade next offseason all these teams should be on the phone calling up Seattle: Saints, Giants, Steelers, Raiders, Eagles, Broncos and Dolphins.

  8. Sadly both Russ leaving and Pete getting fired(probably mutually parting) is a big possibility as well. I think Russ is more upset about GMs decisions then the coach

  9. Are people really upset that the refs called that? Like...there are rules for lining up for kickoff, and they're pretty straightforward. The refs aren't just going to ignore the rules.

  10. Yeah. 100% on the Seahawks player to know where he is. They probably have been practicing that for weeks now and needs to have his positioning drilled into his head.

  11. Ngl Heinicke seems like the exact kind of guy you want in the locker room hope he keeps doing well and JD’s injury isn’t serious

  12. Would Seahawks fans rather WFT score a TD rather than Seattle giving hope and it slipping away? I would assume so

  13. Nah that was fun for a few minutes. Seattle wasn't going to come away with this game with the amount of garbage that happened.

  14. At least it’s better than Booger and Witten. Today our D was the bright spot and ESPN was weeks behind how they’ve been playing both in graphics and announcing

  15. To The people complaining about the flag - it’s a stupid rule but it’s also a pretty clear one to enforce. bit different than a minimal contact PI call that ends up being 50/50.

  16. Congrats to WFT, I still think they blundered on that FG situation late in 4th even without the regular kicker there, but they overall deserved that win imo.

  17. Yeah if our punter can’t hit an extra point that seems like a problem. Should’ve just kicked it and ended the game

  18. Kinda sad for Hawks fans, getting those flickering hopes right at the end there, but the Seahawks' decade-long run as a good football team is now officially done.

  19. What happened to the Seahawks? I haven't watched too many of their games, but I didn't expect them to lose to the Football Team

  20. they had to pay russ so they couldn't keep the LoB together. Poor drafting after has lead to a porous defense and a shit tier o-line. Russ running for his life and he's got 1 guy to throw to.

  21. People blaming the refs for that. How bout just lineup correctly? Illegal formations are a part of the game and you need to know where to lineup. Basic shit

  22. Correct call, but the fact they call that and then mess up a pretty clear non RTP call is beyond me. Like how do you get that niche of a call right and get the obvious one wrong? I don't understand that at all

  23. I don't think it's a niche call at all. They probably look for it every single kickoff, but 99.9% of the time the team is lined up correctly because there are literally linea on the field where you can stand.

  24. Refs just being incompetent. Goes in line with how they've been all season. I feel like they just need to find some new ones or something

  25. Getting real sick of seeing Seattle get lucky fucking bounces. Also I’m like 90% sure that they overlooked WFT because they’re practicing their asses off to derail our season next week.

  26. I was gonna insult you for putting the GOAT starting and then ending with Scam Newton but I saw your flair and you've been insulted enough....

  27. Can someone please clip the Metcalf catch? I swear I only saw 1 foot in bounds and they didn’t even review it. Then ESPN didn’t show any replay. So sus!!

  28. Living in Seattle, thought I got my football heartbreak over with when the Lions played on Thursday…then the Seahawks go and pull a Lions -.-

  29. Did they say Re***ns? I mean, it's not the team name anymore but it's not racist slur when it was the prior team name??

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