How do you feel about your owner?

  1. Had to scroll so far to find the JETS post… we need to Get lucky like the bills. Owner dies, gets new owner, turns things around.

  2. I saw someone on Facebook complaining that woody focuses too much on minor things like uniforms and tbh I would much rather he focus 100% of his attention on this week’s uniform and let someone who actually knows football handle everything else

  3. The Ravens' owner, Steve Bisciotti, stays the hell away from the spotlight and lets the football guys in the front office do their thing. You hear hardly anything about him as it pertains to the team. I'm glad that he isn't the meddling type.

  4. People like the Rooney's outside of a few contrarian weirdos. Even then, it's not so much hate, as thinking the ownership is too traditionalist, which is pretty mild.

  5. The Rooneys run Pittsburg Pittsburgh like a monarchy: there’s three head coaches since 1969. Yinsers Yinzers are freaking consistent.

  6. Well technically both things happened on the same day so maybe the Fords bought after 12:30 central time!

  7. This is the most accurate answer you can get from a Bengals fan. All signs point to him being a good dude. He’s one of the few owners (maybe the only one?) who’s entire fortune IS the team, so you don’t have the typical billionaire stench around him.

  8. I’ve heard similar sentiment about Kahn. People don’t hate him but he’s utterly failed both the Jags and his soccer team in London.

  9. He’s a trust fund kid, a complete idiot , and a terrible owner. He doesn’t seem like a terrible person in the Snyder mold, at least

  10. I believe you are speaking about our very own Tommy Boy. Goes off to college, immediately starts working for his dad's company, father passes away, son takes over company without any skills in running that company.

  11. AAS has turned this team around from top to bottom since she took over. She has also made a conscious effort to bring the former Oilers into the fold and making them feel apart of the organisation.

  12. Love how visible the titans have been in middle TN. Obvious stadium right by the river helps, but all the other stuff they do with outreach and community engagement in recent years makes the region loving the team a lot easier (success helps too).

  13. Miss Amy is exactly what I want from an owner. It saddens me that Bud never got to see what a force his daughter is and that the team would be in good hands after all.

  14. She is amazing. She has made great hires, i loved when she moved on from Mularkey when she had a great relationship with him but knew it was time to move on, and i love how she just shows up at fans tailgate parties, even in other cities. She will always be underrated because we are a small market team so people around the country wont notice her as much, but she has been awesome. Most teams are owned by billionaire douche bags. We lucked out for sure.

  15. Miss Amy has been AMAZING for this franchise. She hired JRob and was willing to let go of Mularkey because he was good but not great. Vrabel has been an excellent hire. Also, she was instrumental in bringing the draft to Nashville. She’s also helped Oilers players find a home here, donated a ton of money to charity, especially after the Tornado right before COVID hit, and she has helped create a consistent winning culture from the top down.

  16. Michael Bidwell, if anything, is taking the team in a much better position than his father ever did. That’s not a discredit to the latter, but the team has been far more competitive in recent years.

  17. Considering where the Cardinals were when he took over as owner, he’s been fantastic. He’s provided over the most successful periods of the franchise since like the 1920s.

  18. The whole theme of our entire organization seems to be unconditional trust. Sometimes, like this season, it pays out. Where Kliff and his guys can get the job done even when filled with adversity at every turn. His players love him and are willing to run through a brick wall for him and his coaching style.

  19. I don't think it's been a coincidence that we've had consistent success (for the Cards franchise) since Michael took over. He clearly cares deeply about the team and is super involved but not to a Jerry Jones-like level. I'm happy with him.

  20. Super happy with Michael at the helm. His father was a cheapass who had us roasting at Sun Devil Stadium at 1pm day games.

  21. They seem like pretty shit people to be honest. They're coasting off the goodwill of keeping the team in Buffalo but that will run out eventually.

  22. Lol same goes for all of his ventures in English football as well. It’s just baffling how incompetent Shad Khan is.

  23. It’s shocking how night-and-day it is between how the Khans run the Jags vs. how they run AEW. I watch the Jaguars and I can’t believe it’s run by the same people who are actually threatening to topple a global wrestling empire.

  24. Sometimes I am a little harsh on our team's owner, but then I have a beer and a little bit cheese and tell myself I did the best I could and tomorrow will be better.

  25. I just wish the players would respond to my correspondences. It would be great to have a catch with them. I know I can’t throw as fast as them, but I think they would be impressed with my speed.

  26. That made me laugh hard. If it makes you feel better we felt the same when you guys had Peyton & when you had Elway before that. Take my award!

  27. I LOVE Jerry the Owner. Im a little more mixed on Jerry the GM. But cant complain. For an executive to be calling the shots on such a micro level, he has done a pretty good job from his earliest days to now. Makes me want to hit myself with a shovel for supporting him sometimes though.

  28. I think Jerry's biggest problem is hiring a good coach tbh. I think with a solid HC, you guys would have won a Superbowl already.

  29. As much stick as people give him, he’s actually a pretty good owner. I don’t think any of us could genuinely say that we love the team more than him. I’ll stand for Jerry as the owner.

  30. Jerry's biggest weakness is that he cares too much. He has a heart of gold and does so much to help and care about his players. However, that results in things like large contracts to Jaylon Smith. That loyalty also extended to Jason Garrett who should have been fired years before he did. He also went through a time where he was signing guys with awful character issues/criminals, but he seems to be doing better with that now. Totally agree with great for the sport.

  31. As much as I like Riverboat Heineken, I want the WFT to never win again and fail as a business (no home attendance, substantial decrease in sales, etc) all because of your shit owner. Players, cheerleaders, staff, etc deserve better. Fuck Snan Dyder. That franchise needs to be illuminated by Congress and then sold to a halfway decent new owner.

  32. Honestly, you guys have the worst owner without a real contest. I'd like to hear from the Washington fan that actually likes Dan Snyder or has good things to say about him. lol.

  33. Fuck that guy with the power of 1,000 suns. I lived in SD for a lot of my childhood (Navy) and what he did to San Diego/Chargers fans can never be forgiven. And for what? To go to a city that couldn’t give a fuck about you? Pathetic.

  34. He's a dickhead for the stadium fiasco in 2015/16 San Diego Vote, but specifically football, he's alright? He trusts the people he hires, he's not set on any specific hire (McCoy to Lynn being one of few black head coaches to going to a young guy in Staley), he lent his private jet to Mebane when his daughter died and to Pouncey in a similar situation.

  35. Worth pointing out Jed was 28 when he took over the team. He's definitely had a learning curve, but he seems to learn from his mistakes and he cares, which is about all you can ask.

  36. Zygi and Mark Wilf are probably the best owners we have in the Twin Cities. They aren’t afraid to make splash moves once in awhile. However, they’re more comfortable hovering around .500 every year and popping up into an NFC Championship game every 7-9 years than actually burning it all down to draft high for 1 or 2 years. I’d much rather see this team go 3-14 than sneak into the 7th seed.

  37. Got the stadium built and conduct the team in a professional, businesslike fashion. The Wolf's are just fine. As far as their shady real estate dealings, no shit. There's not a real estate billionaire on earth who's on the up and up. It comes with the territory.

  38. They are willing to spend money to make the team better. Their new training and practice facility is the best in the league. They aren’t too trigger happy on firing coaches so there’s a lot of stability. I think they are about as good as you can hope for in billionaire franchise owners. Since they have taken over we have kept the embarrassing moments on the field at least.

  39. I wish he didnt send a decree to fix the running game when a holistic rebuild was in order. His handling of Ben is not to my preference. But all in all, cant argue he hasnt been good

  40. I think he’s done a great job with the team. You really can’t look at six super bowl rings, and say he hasn’t done well in saving this team. We were basically the most no-name franchise in the league before he came around. He likes to get jerked off from time to time.

  41. Kraft I appreciate a lot and he has provided alot of help during the pandemic by flying patriots planes out for PPE. Sure he got himself into some stick situations, but the man means well for everything he has and everyone else.

  42. The hate is so strong in St. Louis against that fuck, hopefully fans in LA don't have to find out how much of a sonofabitch that fuck is.

  43. I used to fucking hate that guy. But I've been working on positive self image and il my relationship with owner has improved.

  44. Considering the massive footsteps his dad left, Clark Hunt has done a remarkable job. Community Outreach in particular has been good during his tenure, and he has been smart enough to step back and be an owner rather than try to control the football aspect as well. Can't really ask for more.

  45. I think I've discovered that most of my gripes with the chiefs over the years have been due to coaching and lack of a proper quarterback.

  46. Imma be honest, for all the other woes the falcons have had, Arthur Blank has not been one of them. I know there’s knocks on him as getting too attached to coaches and players, but like as a guy he’s an amazing person and he truly does love the organization

  47. Those pin strips suits make him look like a movie villain from the 90s but it works for the owner of the Falcons in a weird way.

  48. He has invested so much in ATL with that beautiful stadium and put up with so much shit luck on the field.

  49. I don't really like him, he rubs me the wrong way and I'm sure he's going to demand a lot of money for a new stadium.

  50. David Tepper cares about one thing only and that’s money. He doesn’t care about the team as much as the revenue he can generate from all the things owning a team comes with like stadium rights. Built that facility in SC for tax reasons and because he can rent the shit out of it. Tore up one of the best fields in the league for turf so he could run an MLS team on it. He 100% will do everything he can to make as much money off a covered stadium bid as soon as he can.

  51. Yup. People are a little sour on him I sense right now, but overall we’re blessed to have an owner that is also a true fan of the team. Since he’s come on the Eagles have consistently been a competitive team and have given us many great fun seasons of football

  52. Think ours are doing a great job. They employ good GMs and head coaches and always make sure we trade and draft well. Without them the team wouldn’t be what it is.

  53. like a Kendall Roy who kinda got it together but the Notorious KEN still comes out in a controllable fashion

  54. Biggest cheerleader, hires smart people and stays out of their way, but still gives good advice. He's out in public leading a mental health campaign. What more could you ask for?

  55. He’s had some substance problems and probably spends too much money on guitars, but he loves the team and hasn’t fucked us over like Snyder.

  56. He seems like a bit of a wild guy, but it’s seems like he loves the team, players and fans. I like him as an owner from what I can tell.

  57. During this year’s Bills’ game, he signed $100 bills and gave them to the Buffalo fans sitting in front of his suite lmao. He‘s definitely a guy I’d want to have a couple beers with. Love it when he comes on the Pat McAfee Show.

  58. He sucks. 9 of his first 10 seasons as owner have resulted in 6 or fewer wins, 8 of them in 5 or fewer, 6 of them in 4 or fewer, 5 of them in 3 or fewer.

  59. Tepper replaced Pepsi with coke…your in Carolina my guy. The only acceptable move off of Pepsi would be cheerwine. IM NOT HAPPY

  60. The history of the Mara family is iffy at best when it comes to this team. They always tried to win and I give them that. The 70’a were so bad that the commissioner had to step in and get an outside GM. Now it seems they are back in they rut. Now it is the Mara’s that run the football side and the Tishe family running the business side. There is a Mara running the scouting department. He is horrible but you can’t fire the owner’s brother.

  61. From a football standpoint she is pretty clearly invested in the team's culture and keeping them as part of the city's identity. Not sure Benson's kids would've been the same way.

  62. Better than I used to. I get the impression that Jerry’s mostly stepped away from the day to day nuts and bolts and mostly letting Stephen and Will McClay do their thing, which is good, but I’ll forever be bitter that his ego got in the way and pushed Jimmy out the door.

  63. I get one game a week and even then I’m made to feel bad about it while she chooses that moment to complain about dishes or some shit.

  64. Mark Davis makes me proud to be a Raiders fan. I think that's just about the best compliment a major sports franchise owner can get.

  65. Came here to rep for Davis, too. He was born rich and could have been such an asshole. Instead, he's the perfect kind of lovable weirdo to head up this insane franchise of ours

  66. Most relatable owner in sports. When the raiders were in the middle of deciding where they'd end up, he (and his ceo) would have hour long phone conversations with certain long time season ticket holders explaining why they couldn't stay in Oakland. The old ceo mark bidain even sent my dad a bunch of raiders gear for my baby nephew. Can't say enough good things about the Davis family, just all around solid people.

  67. Of all the owners whom I’d love to sit in their box and drink a beer with, it’s this goofy looking dude. You can’t look at him and not smile

  68. Word, people talk a lot of shit bc of his haircut, but he seems like a genuinely good dude who just loves his team.

  69. the only time i’ve even heard of our ownership in the last ~20 months was when they were designing the super bowl rings

  70. Close, but I think Snyder deserves the hate he gets. The McCaskeys are incompetent, but not evil (as far as I’m aware)

  71. McCaskeys are idiots, but they are at least good for the community and decent humans. Dan Snyder, from what I’ve heard from direct sources formally with the team, is an evil, manipulative, elitist asshole who deserves the worst this world can offer.

  72. This pretty much is the general feel for me. Haslam isn't complete garbage, he's okay. We wouldn't have had last year's season without him making the decision to step away and let the people he hired do their thing.

  73. I hate him and hope the Packers trade him in the offseason so the Bears don't have to play against him twice a year anymore

  74. Don't care for Ross at all. I think he's satisfied with mediocrity and has made some awful head coach decisions. I think he's always trying to imitate success (unsuccessfully). I wish he'd sell the team, but honestly it could be worse. He's not the worst in the league by far. And even though he's a mega rich Trump donor, he was more or less okay with our players that chose to protest, as it was their decision.

  75. Paul Allen died and left the franchise to his disinterested sister at the worst possible time. Now our geriatric coach is halfway to owning the team and we are dependent on him realizing he should retire for any positive changes to occur.

  76. Paul Allen was pretty hands off as well for the most part, I think it’s pretty likely he wouldn’t do or say shit in-season this year if he were still around, just like Jodie isn’t.

  77. I’m so thankful Bud Adams had a daughter that gave a shit about the team and bought out her siblings when they started to flush it down the tube. It took a few dark years, but was worth it.

  78. Woody Johnson is a very odd man and he did fuck up the org structure because of his partial firings of Tannebaum, Rex, and Idzik which was his fuck up to begin with.

  79. Stephen Ross. He could be great. Away from the team he is great with his community altruism and the shiny new training facility.

  80. 100% want Stephen Ross gone for good. The man talks out of both sides of his mouth. His impatience for a SB caliber team has caused the Dolphins to be one of the laughing stocks in the NFL. I wish we had someone who was competent and stayed out of things that do not concern them.

  81. Kraft is the only owner that paid for his own stadium. That alone makes him alright in my book.

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