What college coach would make a good nfl coach if he wanted to be one today?

  1. Well if failed college coaches are the new hot commodity, then Scott Frost sounds like he should be at the top of most teams’ short list.

  2. It's weird to think of Kellen Moore and Graham Harrell as potential NFL coaches when I mostly remember them as college QBs with insane stats

  3. I don’t watch college ball, but it would have to be a coach that’s actually a great X’s and O’s coach and not one that relies on just recruiting. Unironically, I feel like Lane Kiffin would succeed in the NFL this time around. The league was much different back then and he was obviously way too green for the NFL.

  4. Problem is in the NFL world there’s this weird perception of coaches that no one can get any better at anything, so once again you failed once it’s like he never gets another chance again.

  5. That’s literally just so arbitrary, that’s like saying if Matt Lafluer was a good head coach clearly Eric Bieniemy will be a good head coach because they’re both offensive coordinators?

  6. Coach O would be entertaining to say the least. I know they struggled this year but Dan Mullen would be interesting to see. Lastly Mike leech bringing the air raid to the NFL would be interesting as well

  7. Whenever Andy Reid hangs it up, I would love to see Mike Leach come coach for us. Would it work? Who knows, but it'd be a fun experiment.

  8. Kirk Ferentz in his history with Iowa has gotten a couple offers to interview for the HC job for a few NFL teams but declined all of them to remain at Iowa. I feel like he’d be a good NFL coach. Though he doesn’t want to leave Iowa at all. Makes a ton of money to stay there so I don’t blame him.

  9. On the contrary, Day almost exclusively coaches games where his team has vastly superior talent. I actually think he’d struggle (at least initially) in the NFL where that’s not possible.

  10. Whichever one is doing the most with the least. The problem with college coaches is that the ones who win the most have a colossal talent advantage most if the time. That doesn’t happen in the NFL

  11. I honestly would like to see a lane Kiffin in the NFL again. I liked seeing I’m being OC at bama and I like what’s he’s done with ole miss.

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