NFL hot takes?

  1. Changing the season schedule to be back loaded with divisional games has made more games insignificant than relevant

  2. Panthers signing a washed up and busted Cam was nothing more than a desperation move by the FO to please fans who still think it's 2015.

  3. Prepared for downvotes due to flair, but baker isn’t nearly good enough for all the excuses he gets in this subreddit. He might get more excuses than any QB I’ve ever seen here.

  4. I enjoy Mayfields attitude and personality, but I do realize at this point it may be time to just except he’s just not that guy. Way too inconsistent.

  5. I'm in the weird position of agreeing with you while also thinking that the Browns should keep him (and no, not because I root for a division rival).

  6. Joe Burrow single handedly resurrected that franchise, doesnt film commercials, doesnt have an opinion on anything and everything, has thick skin and doesnt let the media get to him. He just puts his head down and balls.

  7. I won't argue, but his numbers are better than Ben's first 4 seasons except for wins. He has more TDs, less INTs, more yards. The biggest difference is the team around them statistically.

  8. The Colts purposely didn't do everything they could to win games in 2011. Irsay was fine with this because he wanted the #1 overall pick.

  9. Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll both need to be gone from Seattle after this season and by the end of next season Pittsburgh will be wishing they sent Tomlin packing with Ben.

  10. Disagree on Tomlin, he managed to still get to .500 starting a Reindeer and a Duck at QB. Any doubts I previously had about him have gone for now

  11. Zach Wilson is a major bust. I said it pre-draft and will keep saying it. He's terrible and I don't understand why he was picked #2 overall.

  12. Mobile QBs are overrated. I know I’m biased because I’m a Pats fan, but historically pocket passers have both more success in the NFL and enjoy longer, more healthy careers.

  13. I couldn’t stand what was left of those geriatric fucks popping champagne and shaking their ass on TV every time the last undefeated went down… have some class and act like you’ve been there before.

  14. Seahawks passing the ball on second down with just one timeout left was a perfectly fine decision and Malcolm Butler and Brandon Browner just made a spectacular play.

  15. If the chargers make the playoffs they will atleast make the afc championship game. I see them as super underrated and the afc as weak this season

  16. Odell's had one of the greatest first three years to start a career of all time. He wasn't a Josh Gordon who just got targeted constantly with a 50% catch rate.

  17. locker room presence is overrated. signing a vet to be a good locker room presence is completely stupid to me. winning will cure locker rooms.

  18. So if someone slaps a player on the field you’re bothered because he doesn’t respect the game but if they beat the shit out of their wife it’s cool cause he isn’t wearing a jersey doing it? That’s a hot take indeed

  19. The spiciest part was calling Ben a HOF qb. And don’t start with “bUt TwO sUpErBoWlS”. 22.6 is all I gotta say.

  20. The Rams strategy is smart and they are only being criticized for showing an alternative despite the fact that it’s got a lot of similarities to the current dominant strategy of team building. Les Snead and McVay aren’t abandoning the draft for instance they just take longer shots but have a-lot of them.

  21. I always found it weird that draft picks are typically more valuable than proven players. I get there’s more factors at play and youth + cheap contracts play in as well, but you could get a solid player for a pick that has a fair chance of amounting to nothing

  22. If anything my hot take is that Odell is very underrated in this sub. He’s also not a locker room cancer, he just did what he had to do to get tf out of a bad situation for everyone involved. It was clear him in CLE wasn’t going to work pretty early on, why waste the last few years he has?

  23. While Pete Carrol is a exceptional coach. There is no way the Seahawks would be as dominant as they have up until this abysmal season, without Wilson.

  24. Russell Wilson is nowhere near a hall of famer. Zero accolades other than being carried to a superbowl win by a historic defense and strong running game. I believe Geno Smith would be a two time super bowl winner if he was drafted by the Seahawks in 2013. The only argument would be "stats" but you would have to let Rivers, Romo and dozens of other qbs from the past in if you let Wilson in for that.

  25. Im fine with people saying Wilson is not a HoF, but saying Geno Smith would be a two time SB winner with the Seahawks is just dumb. Dude has been subpar to terrible everywhere he’s been. Wilson has had season where he lead his team in passing and rushing and threw the most TDs in the league if I remember correctly xD

  26. I was gonna shit on you for saying zero accolades and fired up wikipedia to enlighten you with numerous All-Pros that Wilson has...and he only has one 2nd team All-Pro in his career.

  27. I've said for the longest if Cam or Luck were drafted by Seattle with Lynch and that Defense, they would have won at least two Superbowls.

  28. Why? The absolute domination of the Chiefs in the game itself is phenomenal on its own. Add on who they had to beat to get to the game and it's high on the list of playoff runs.

  29. I would say probably (especially with Pats struggles), but there are a few I would put next to him such as Rodgers, Carr, and shit even Hurburt with all his recent struggles aside.

  30. Brady would have better stats if he came up on any other team, but he’d only just be passing Peyton Manning for GOAT status because he played forever.

  31. Teams shouldn't re-sign their star QBs at the end of their rookie deal. Eats too much cap space. Aside from Tom Brady, how many second contract guys have won Super Bowls (in the modern rookie cap era)?

  32. Saquon Barkley and CMC are both overrated. They both had one or two good seasons, and they got hyped up beyond imagination. If you can’t stay healthy to see the field, it doesn’t really matter how high your ceiling is.

  33. The limitation in practice time and emphasis on making it as easy as possible to pass the ball has caused the quality of the game to decrease significantly.

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