The devil offers you a deal: your team will win the Superbowl, but only if you don't watch or listen to any of their games (including highlights and replays). Do you take it?

  1. Devil got burned pretty bad last time he went down to Georgia lookin to make a deal, you guys would be exempt anyway.

  2. Ya know...I didn't think of it that way lol. At first I was like "who cares if I can't see it" but screw it if I'm rich off it

  3. Any vikings fan would do it, our franchise has the best winning percentage of any franchise without winning a SB, talk about mediocrity

  4. No. I’ve heard enough about the couple championship my teams have won that I didn’t witness. I don’t need another one.

  5. Plus, I highly doubt any highlight or replay will ever top the rewatchability and memories I have of Super Bowl 52. I’m down to go radio silent to add another Lombardi to the trophy case

  6. and as other said. You take one for the team. And bask in the cities party! Especially if its a city starved for a win. Detroit Chicago Miami

  7. I would enjoy this sub melting down as Belichick gets a 9th ring, and unleashes his ringwraiths upon the world of mortal men.

  8. How is the Devil going to take away the Super Bowl after we’ve already won it? If he can’t I’ll just watch the replays, what’s he gonna do about it?

  9. You physically can’t. This is magic. Your phone dies when you try to pull up highlights. Internet goes out. You get lemon juice in your eyes. YouTube pulls the video due to copyright. Etc. Etc. Etc. It’s not that you’re not allowed. You just can’t.

  10. Yeah thats my question. They win the Super Bowl, what's stopping me from getting gamepass and rewatching the season afterwards?

  11. You wake up in the past, it’s the morning of the super bowl you won and instead of winning, they get shit blasted so hard they become the lions for the next 50 years. And you gotta listen to the mfer and his fiddle

  12. I'd agree to this if my wife agreed to move to like San Diego or Hawaii. If I'm still living in Pittsburgh, no way I'm going all November-January without watching football every Sunday. If I lived in some paradise with nice weather, I think I could manage to avoid football on Sundays.

  13. How am I going to avoid highlights and replays forever? They could randomly pop up during commercials or any future NFL games, or montages, or an ESPN 30-for-30. Is the devil just going to start torturing me if I accidentally see a highlight? If so, no dice Johnny.

  14. like no replays and highlights for just that season? or for the rest of my life? also you explicitly mentioned watching and listening so does that mean i can still read and get text updates on the games

  15. Do you mean any time I try to watch highlights or replays the service cuts out OR if I watch the highlights the championship is retroactively stripped?

  16. Anytime you try to watch highlights you get masked peyton manning looking back at you, then the devil takes your soul.

  17. If you’re like me and have parents/older relatives who have never seen their team win a Super Bowl then this is a really easy yes.

  18. This year? Sure, I've been quite tired of watching the games with half of our best players injured and I would get enough fun out of reading everyone reacting to Taysom bringing us a ring.

  19. Honestly, no. If I can’t enjoy the journey of a championship, what exactly would the point be? I guess if everyone else could enjoy the run, and it was just me that couldn’t watch, I’d do that because my parents getting to see another SB win would be worth it.

  20. Any kind of hypothetical deal that involves winning a championship has never made much sense to me. The biggest reason sports are fun to watch and follow is not knowing what will happen. If I make a deal that predetermined a championship then the league would be a whole lot less interesting to follow.

  21. To be fair, it is much easier to have your point of view when you have a bunch of trophies already. For teams that have never won, this is something to consider. I have watched the Chargers since the 70's and honestly believe I will die before they win a championship.

  22. Worked for Eagles fan Archfiend. After half a very frustrating decade on Youtube he walked away for a year. And got a SB in return

  23. To me superbowls are overrated. I'd rather have a fun to watch team consistently than winning 1 superbowl.

  24. In a heartbeat. Betting all my money on the first playoff game and then just doubling up 2-3 more times.

  25. I would do it b/c my dad would be so fucked hyped that it'd be worth it. And plus yea like the other guy said make some fat futures bets

  26. my favorite team wins but I dont get to enjoy it in any way whatsoever, no Im not taking the deal because whats the point because at that point Im just rooting for millionaires to win what would be to me a meaningless prize

  27. Easily. Just pretend football was cancelled for a year and then watch all the condensed games on Youtube once the Lombardi hits our trophy case lol

  28. Hell no! My team has already shown they’re in a SuperBowl window and they’ve won one where I was able to watch the SuperBowl and attend all of their home games (including playoffs) along the way.

  29. Nah. I’ve been living with their disappointments for over 25 years and don’t expect them to win the SB again in my lifetime. I’ll be alright.

  30. Can I watch highlights after the super bowl? What’s the devil gonna do, have the league retroactively pull their wins?

  31. The year the Vikings lost to the saints in the NFC champ game I was in China for every single game and couldn't really watch much aside from highlights. Came back to see bountygate. Still not entirely convinced it's not me specifically that's cursed.

  32. Yeah, the Lions are gonna have to come off a little bit more than that, dawg. I'm sure the devil wouldn't even agree to those terms for them in particular.

  33. For sure. I imagine the enjoyment of a super bowl win would be less than seeing the Packers have to suffer knowing that the Vikings won.

  34. Considering it is entirely possible to cheer for a team your entire life and never see them win a Super Bowl, I’d gladly do this. I’d love to see the Colts take another one so this time I could enjoy the parties in Indy

  35. For sure. I love the Bills but I only catch 4-6 games a season, and it (I assume) only takes effect for one season. Get Allen a ring.

  36. I am a good catholic boy so I would never take a deal with the devil. But also no definitely not what’s even the point if you can’t enjoy it? For that matter what’s the point of you know for sure it’s gonna happen?

  37. Could you watch them after the season? Like after the Super Bowl is won could you go back and watch the games or would it get revoked because devil magic?

  38. Can I watch the replays after the Super Bowl is over? If so, yes. I'll just act like it's a show that I won't catch until I can binge it on streaming services. If not, no.

  39. I mostly watch the NBA and don’t have an actual team to support in the NFL. But I love reading this subreddit. It would be fascinating for the Golden State Warriors to win a Superbowl even if I have to not watch them for a year.

  40. Yes, 1000% absolutely. Atlanta needs one so bad. Seems like everyone here brings their team with them when they move or picks another team to root for even though they are a native.

  41. Hahaha I'm more a college football fan than NFL, but I've been joking that this is the curse I'm afflicted with since I started watching. We've (Arizona State) lost virtually every game I've ever attended, and games we're winning we start losing the moment I turn it on. My superstition as to how to get my team to win is not pay attention.

  42. For the rest of my life or just the season? Life? Hell no. Season? I would do it. I’d do it just to see the absolute outrage that would ensue.

  43. How does this work? Will I be incapable of seeing the game or replays, or will watching a clip instantly cancel the deal? Like, if I walk into a business and they have the Packers on their TV, do I instantly lose, or do I not even recognize that it's there?

  44. IDK about the devil, but I have been bit superstitious about watching Braves this year as when I watch them this last season the seemingly struggle, or lost.

  45. Easy yes, I’m a neurosurgery resident I already don’t watch football, all my current football knowledge until I finish training will come from reading these threads while I shit.

  46. Absolutely not, the whole point of sports is for entertainement. If you take that away just to win all you truly want out of sports is a chance to tell people 'your' team won to prop yourself up for bragging rights.

  47. Why wouldn't you? Watching/researching the game/highlights will give you hundred hours of entertainment. The shitalking is what will carry you for the rest of your life.

  48. Like for that season or ever again? If it’s just for the rest of that season, hell yea and I’m putting a massive amount of money on them. I’ll block every football channel I am on for that year, and then just wait it out.

  49. Nah, I’m pretty sure Bill already made a deal for the first 6, another might result in Gillette Stadium being swallowed up into a pit to hell

  50. No, the real super bowl is the friends you make along the way. I don’t remember the skins Super Bowls really but the recent Caps and Nats championships were great because of the crazy shit that went our way to win.

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