Keeping the Streak Alive?

  1. I wish, but there’s basically no chance. I know my fellow Cardinal fans don’t want to hear it but this team has disaster written all over it

  2. I agree with you, I want them to be good but this off-season has been nothing but bad vibes and we don’t have the leadership at Head Coach or QB to get through it.

  3. I mean they have the talent on offense imo with Hopkins when he’s back. But unless JJ watt plays at least 14 games and is close 100% for the playoffs, that d line (and corners) don’t excite me. But I could see then getting in the playoffs and getting hit. 5% chance or so. I really like Kyler

  4. Feels crazy to assume something that had never happened till 2 years ago would happen 3 years in a row. If anything i feel like it being in AZ almost disqualifies us automatically

  5. If it does, it all but confirms my belief that the NFL is scripted. The odds of 3 teams hosting the Super Bowl in 3 years is so damn slim it’d be nearly impossible

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