[Rich Cimini] Hearing this morning there’s a lot of raw feelings among #Jets defensive players. Clearly, Zach Wilson’s Post-game accountability (or lack thereof) didn’t sit well.

  1. I’d rather have my QB crying out of passion on the stand like Derek Carr than a dude saying “no” that he doesn’t feel responsible for playing like absolute garbage.

  2. No matter if you think DC is good or bad nobody can deny that man gives 110% emotionally and physically for his team.

  3. Wouldn't be surprised to see a guy like DC get traded to the jets. But doubt he'd move his no-trade clause to move from one toxic-organization to another, though.

  4. I'd choose the same any day of the week. Wilson really highlighted his ego and immaturity for everyone to see.

  5. Derek 100% loves the raiders, even if they don't love him back sometimes. Leadership like his helps w/ the losses; it has to be absolutely demoralizing as a fan to see the QB acting like Zach.

  6. Dude literally every fan base except our own appears to understand that Derek Carr is a good QB and unquestionably a top 5 leader. This stupid ass fan base of ours is never happy

  7. Of course they fucking are. Holding a team to 1 FG is the 2nd best thing you can do as defense and they still lost with this Jackass Wilson acting like it wasn't his fault

  8. When both offenses suck 3-3 makes more sense (minus return TD). But we know we are running the ball more than throwing. Jets were supposed to be the same but Zach felt like he needs to prove a point and he did.

  9. They should have had 9 points before had, but still they held them to three field goals. Zach OVERTHREW a wide open checkdown multiple times. This was his prove it game. He's not it

  10. I mean, they’re a talented young team in the middle of a playoff chase, facing a locker room rebellion over a guy who’s been maybe the worst QB in the league. Maybe a benching helps the maturity issue, and if not, he probably wasn’t gonna be the guy anyway.

  11. Literally somehow my first thought the bar is so low joe Flacco looks good atleast he understands that you are trying to move the ball forward

  12. Sources say Zach went through the locker room eating a bowl of Boo-Berry cereal in late November, kicking chairs out from under people.

  13. Next week is definitely it. If he even remotely sucks next week, the fans are going to pretty much force Saleh’s hand and cause a change. Zach is a fucking bitch, and it would be coaching suicide to play him when this team has a shot at the playoffs.

  14. Y’know I can really see that. As much as watching Lock got old quick, at least the dude owned up to it when he played like shit. That’s literally the minimum man

  15. Oddly enough Braxton Berrios also has that appearance, but he’s beloved due to his consistency and hard play. He’s like when the villain comes back and teams up with the hero in a direct to video sequel.

  16. Waiting for the news release where Zach Wilson gets knocked out and that defensive player is released and picked up by the bills.

  17. Zach will play next week, then bears will win (according to the coin), Zach will be benched and then Mike white will lead the jets to an AFCCG loss (all according to the coin)

  18. You know Josh Allen in an interview this week said it best. He said he has to be more careful with the football (after throwing red zone picks) because when the football is in his hands a lot of people’s livelihoods are also in his hands. And that’s very true.

  19. Even if he did understand, would he care? Zach Wilson does not seem to be the type of guy that gives a damn about accountability. I’m still not sold on Jones for example, but he knows when he fucks up and has no issue saying so.

  20. All this while Flacco, ELITE former Super Bowl MVP who has had more success in Foxboro than any QB of the past 20 years, sits on the bench.

  21. That’s because he was also terrible. The ravens and bengals games were completely uncompetitive and we were a miracle comeback away from starting the season 0-3

  22. I understand why they keep playing him, but at some point Saleh have to eventually turn to either Flacco/White. Jets is a good team, but the most important position is keeping them from being a great team, you risk losing the locker room.

  23. Only problem I feel is that when you bench Wilson in this particular scenario, you're admitting that he's done with your team as a starter. That may be the right call, but it has further reaching consequences than just the next week of football.

  24. I’ve been on the “ride with Zach Wilson” bandwagon because you gotta stick with your guy to really get how he’s gonna be.

  25. At some point people are going to realize that Belichick has set our demise in motion every time we start building something. The seeing ghosts game, the butt fumble, now this. He scrambles our young QBs brains and sets them back years in their development. It's actually amazing

  26. When he was going into the draft I just kept thinking that he does not look like an nfl qb. I know it’s harsh to judge based on appearance but I really couldn’t imagine that kid being any good by nfl standards.

  27. He is such a stereotype that if you saw it in a movie, you'd roll your eyes like, "nobody is up their own ass enough to be this disconnected from reality."

  28. You clearly have never lived in Salt Lake pal. He’s from a suburb called Draper, where the average house is 900k+. Look up Corner Canyon High School, where he went. It’s nicer than some colleges lol

  29. When they drafted him, my wife said he looks like a douche and she just happened to be walking through the room when he took the stage.

  30. Trevor Siemian did this my freshman year we lived down the same hall. Multiple times he threw up drunk in the water fountain. Classic.

  31. Every QB understands the boilerplate "I have to be better" speech they all give after a terrible game. The fact he just straight up refuses to acknowledge it is....um....yeah.

  32. Ben Roethlisberger was a selfish asshole known for throwing teammates under the bus. And EVEN HE understood that when you lose a game and your the starting qb, you fall on your sword. Particularly when you weren't immaculate.

  33. At this point.. why/ how are they still playing Wilson? He isn’t the reason they win games. He just flat out sucks

  34. I'm very glad he's providing cover for my team's disaster of a game. Came here expecting to get roasted and the front page is all Jets stories

  35. Wilsons arm talent is great but a lot of his production came from hero ball and not really from any of the fundamentals. Bryce Young has the mental side of the game down. His height is really the only thing keeping him from being a perfect prospect. Caleb Williams needs to know when to let the play die, but hes much better than Wilson when it comes to seeing the field and delivering the ball.

  36. If I recall his hype exploded after his pro-day. You know, the throwing sessions in a dome with no pads with no defenders. He launched a few bombs and people lost their minds.

  37. You can tell Zach Wilson is a spoiled rich kid who has been the best at everything his whole life and his parents never made him accept accountability.

  38. I swear someone bribed the NFL to get him drafted so high. Like aside from the occasional nice deep ball and the ability to scramble (and then make the wrong decision), hes shown absolutely nothing you would want from a BACKUP nevermind a starting franchise guy.

  39. I’m not totally sold on Mac as the long term future of the franchise but to say he sucks is some total BS. He completed 85% of his passes against one of the best defenses in the NFL. I think the number one problem is offensive coaching.

  40. man I was pulling for the jets this year in the afc because that defense is legit but zach wilson is quite literally the worst starter in recent memory

  41. I’ve never been much of a Mike White fan but if he gets named the starter I’m all in. Zach ain’t it.

  42. This could get bad, very quickly. I have played on teams whose offense hasn't been able to pull its weight, and even when the QB and other skill players admit their faults it can be tough to keep a team together. When you have a QB not even acknowledge that they are part of the problem, and take accountability, that is a recipe for disaster.

  43. Serious question...are these coaches inept? If I'm the head coach and Wilson is walking around the locker room like that, I'm bringing him into my office and telling him the loss absolutely falls on his shoulders primarily. I'm giving him a few days to see how he responds. If not positive, Mike White is starting.

  44. It’s going to be interesting reading the takes of the same people praising Zach Wilson after he looks like Joe Namath against the Bears.

  45. A real head coach would have benched this bum in the 3rd quarter and get in his face, instead he has zero plans to bench him. Plus this kid is arrogant, cocky and took zero accountability like the immature jerk he is. Saddest part is, this team has a great defense.

  46. All the guy had to do was say “I should have played better and we would have won this game, I take responsibility” to the media and this shit gets avoided. As bad as his play was his post game presser was worse and I have a tough time seeing him as a starting qb in the league for longer than this season

  47. My whole football watching life I've been praying for a 5-3 game and when it was 3-3 and jets were in their own 20 I could barely contain my excitement. Very lame way for the game to end imo

  48. Good Lord, Zach Wilson just walked through the clubhouse walking perfectly normally. He said he had “no time” to talk. Too busy bashing the Jets defense, evidently.

  49. Legit question. Has he ever taken any accountability all season? Time and time again I keep seeing that he doesn't. Gotta be held accountable if you wanna lead anything, whether a football team or your college group project.

  50. I’ve found that quarterbacks with the last Wilson are usually the problem, but none of the Wilson’s can admit that they are the problem

  51. The fact that Saleh has stuck with him this long shows how much the organization was willing to let him grow but his inability to take accountability should bench this kid. He’s not good, and he’s had more than enough time to change peoples minds. Move on

  52. If Flacco started, or even played the second half, the Jet’s win. With how good their defense is there is no need to suffer behind Wilson’s learning curve. Bring in the vet and enjoy playoff football. Wilson is a cancer.

  53. I’m just hopeful that he doesn’t get benched before playing the lions. Cmon Zach hang in there just a few more weeks!!

  54. If Wilson is not able to take accountability or reflect on what he could have done better then he will not learn or grow. It will also destroy the locker room. Wilson needs to be benched for the sake of the team.

  55. This dude is such a bum. Saleh and that defense deserve better. I feel like they're leading their division if joe flacco is starting. Or Gardner Misnhew. Or Jimmy G. Or anybody really

  56. I mean he was coddled and treated like the second coming of God at BYU then got meme'd into popularity for bagging a milf. It's no surprise he's so full of himself and refuses to see himself as the issue.

  57. "Hey guys, you gotta be better next week. Maybe don't allow any field goals and I'll go out there and throw 4 int's and then blame you guys for my inability to even be mediocre"

  58. The coin is genuinely prophetic. Having the Jets also lose to Chicago at home means Saleh’s hand will be forced and a new QB, whoever that ends up being, will start, kicking off the Jets’ huge winning streak that gets them to the AFC Championship, where they eventually fall. Their entire season storyline has been written by the coin.

  59. When they drafted Zach Wilson I said I was never more sure of a bust than I was with this kid and that his teammates and the New York media would eat him alive. He's basically a taller Manziel. The Jets whiffed again lol.

  60. Zach better play lights out next week or he is toast. Gonna look especially bad when Fields outshines him in every way possible

  61. Alright, I'm over the guy. That's enough. So much potential but you can't live up to it without a fucking brain or soul.

  62. As a Browns fan, despite all of Baker’s faults, Wilson should study up on how he handled the press. He absolutely would have said the loss was on him in that situation. There’s really no consequences for taking accountability for your poor performance to the press, but obviously Zach taking the opposite strategy isn’t sitting well.

  63. I still can't get over the fact how he straight up said "no" about feeling if he let the defense down. It was a softball question Zach. Just say yes and tack on "I needed to play better" or something along those lines.

  64. This is what happens when dumbass scouts get wet over a QB throwing one TD scrambling out of the pocket at BYU. Dude was never a first round talent let alone worthy of being the no. 2 pick

  65. It's pretty strange in today's NFL to see a team with a winning record where the undisputed weakness of the team is the QB, and nobody in the org has even suggested making a change.

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