[Kleiman] Jets’ Zach Wilson has struggled with a case of the “yips” since the spring, per Ian Rapoport. Albert Breer added the issue goes all the way back to last season.

  1. I'm a Jets fan. I found this video quite insightful. I hope Zach can work it out. This video is based on his rookie season, but as of yet I feel this analysis still applies.

  2. So basically when he’s not injured, he plays and sucks. He can go back to BYU and have his little soak parties. His shitty attitude doesn’t help his case by any means either, this kid is toast.

  3. I would love for him and Josh Rosen to duel it out for a starting QB job somewhere, strictly for entertainment purposes lol.

  4. well considering that pretty much no NFL QB has ever successfully overcome the yips I'm guessing his career is going to be over soon. Those guys don't last long.

  5. The Diamond Dogs brought in Dr. Fieldstone to cure Danny of the yips. Perhaps this could work for young Zach Wilson as well. After all, football is life.

  6. “Even though football is life, football is also death. And sometimes football is football too. But mostly football is life!” - Dani Rojas

  7. this takes me back to the Markelle Fultz days. Wilson should trying laying on his back and throwing the ball from that position.

  8. What's Fultz up to these days anyway? Last I heard he'd returned to decent enough form to get borderline starter minutes for a tanking Magic team but I haven't heard his name in a year or two.

  9. He could hit basic routes at BYU. It’s never a guarantee that a guy is good, but as someone who watched him a lot in college and a lot in the pros, I’ve never seen a QB become horrendous at throws that were once his bread and butter.

  10. It’s the fact that his mechanics were never an issue before. His arm talent and accuracy were what got him drafted at 2. Then once he hit the nfl all of the sudden he can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

  11. Happened to Peggy Hill once with her softball pitching. All Zach Wilson needs is for his mom to be visible to him in the front of the crowd for every snap. Easy fix.

  12. Basically when you get in your head. Like when a golfer can't make a putt from 2 feet out. Or we remember when Chuck Knobloch could barely throw from 2nd base to 1st without it sailing over the 1st basemans head? Those are the yips.

  13. He plays scared. Never climbs the pocket, always looks to run away at the first sign of trouble. Stares down his receivers. Zero accountability & punchable face.

  14. Exact same issues as Baker. Instantly sprints out of pocket, regardless of pressure - this IMO is partially because neither could read a defense.

  15. He needs some of that Joe Burrow dawg mentality. That man has been abused in the pocket and never plays scared, which if he played 10% scared and threw the ball away once in awhile it probs wouldn’t be the worst thing

  16. coming from someone whose mental health issues have hindered them from pursuing football/sports in general throughout their life, Hurst is a legend for this.

  17. Lot of people trashing Zach who seem to have never watched him play. His biggest issue is missing the “gimme throws”. I don’t think he’ll ever be a legit quality starter in this league but whatever is going on with him is absolutely mental. I’ve watched every snap he’s played and it makes no sense why he misses the screens, dump offs, etc while also just not making any proper reads. In practice and college he made these passes. If that’s not mental then I don’t know what it is.

  18. I dunno I've watched a fair bit of him and he doesn't seem to do much right. Scrambling from clean pockets etc.

  19. I’m no professional scout but it’s clear as day he can’t handle pressure and his confidence is shot because of it. Watch his college tape, he had clean pockets for days. Compare that to a shit 2021 Jets offensive line and it’s night and day. Even the best offensive line might not save him. He never keeps his eyes down field, he watches the pressure.

  20. Maybe I don't understand the term, but if it goes back to his rookie season in the NFL, I don't think that's "the yips". It sounds like he's just not a good professional quarterback.

  21. The yips is actually classified as a neurological disorder and is called focal dystonia. It is a problem with with your brains and nerves communicating. There are other sports where people have gotten the yips. There’s a lot of infamous instances of golfers getting it when putting.

  22. The “Yips” it’s a condition when you watch the Die Hard movies to many times and leads to you spontaneously yelling out “Yippee Ki-Yay Mother Fucker” at random times

  23. “Yips” are when a player forgets how to excute a basic mechanic for no discernible reason, like a 2B being unable to throw to 1B cleanly, or being unable to shoot Free Throws all of sudden.

  24. Why is a QB with the yips such a foreign concept to you? It can happen across sports. Tennis players can get the yips where they are inexplicably unable to hit a serve anymore. It happens all the time across sports for reasons unknown.

  25. I mean his senior year of college he was over 70% completion. He now routinely misses throws at the line of scrimmage. If thats not a mental issue I don't know what is.

  26. Pretty normal for young qb's who start feeling uncomfortable with everything they do once they face nfl competition. Their shortcomings bleed over to plays they'd make in college.

  27. If the yips are psychological, why don’t they try a psychologist or some kind of hypnosis thing? It worked in Office Space!

  28. We had our own Wilson, he was named named Matt Leinert. That dudes probably fat on a golf course somewhere right now.

  29. Baseball and golf are the classic yips cases. Throwing is something where it can happen but Wilson has done nothing in the league so calling it yips is a bit generous.

  30. A case of “has never been good enough to play in the NFL and people should have known this since he was only mildly successful at BYU”

  31. Absolutely incredible work by Zach Wilson’s agent here. It’s not that he’s a bust who has failed on his own merits, it’s just that he’s had “the yips” for his entire professional career. I can’t believe they even tried to put that out there

  32. I don't know about you, but to me "the yips" is basically code for "too scared to play football in the NFL" so I don't think it's the positive leaning excuse you think it is

  33. Shocking that a guy who never had to deal with pressure in college because he didn't play against anyone good struggled once he got to the pros.

  34. "Case of the yips" is such a degrading way to describe nerve issues for a young QB. Makes him sound like a tiny little puppy who can't stop peeing everywhere.

  35. https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/z2wd4o/rapoport_from_nfl_now_the_word_among_players_in/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  36. Yips? He’s been missing the same easy throws since his first start. He hasn’t been able to hit swing passes in stride or screens at all. I’ve never seen the level of inaccuracy in an NFL qb and it is t something that started in the spring or this season.

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