1. Snakes can strike from any position and do not need to coil up in order to do so. They'll do that if they have the chance to protect more of their body when being attacked or defending, but if they don't have the chance to coil and are in fight/flight mode you can bet your ass they'll swing around no problem and bite the shit out of whatever they can. Go watch Steve Irwin and all of his many bites. Or just watch a King Cobra hunt, those giant noodles will stalk prey.

  2. I believe that snakes signal when they are going to strike by coiling their bodies, that's why you see snake handlers picking them up without a care in the world sometimes...

  3. Can you imagine a fucking giant appearing and just picking up you and your friends left and right and just yeeting the absolute shit out of you all with zero regard for your safety.

  4. They're probably non venomous by the way he's acting, but still a nuisance and alot of people still have that phobia. Don't want to give someone a heart attack.

  5. Fuck you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and snake in the back, fuck you too.

  6. I think it's about sex . . . or maybe they were trying to warm themselves on the road (roads hold heat) or maybe they are headed to their wintering hole or something?

  7. Snakes have a right to live to. Snake bites only hurt if it’s a large python, boa, or venomous. I’ve been bit by 20 snakes that size and it’s a light pinch an instant release usually.

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