Wedged in a cave with nowhere to run

  1. Watched a few of this guy’s videos. He does this a lot. Gets in gaps so narrow he has to exhale to move through, while it rips off his shirt cuz it’s just that tight.

  2. He brings his kid too. He’s like 15/16 now but I’m pretty sure he started at 12ish. His dad was like “oh he can fit into holes better”

  3. What if you exhale, move and then get stuck? It’s not like the stone has any give to it, so you wouldn’t be able to breathe in anymore… hell nah.

  4. Thanks for combining my arachnophobia with my claustrophobia. I’ll think of you when I’m not sleeping tonight.

  5. I have arachnophobia too. I went to the Oregon caves once and did this guided, well lit tour. I found out at the end of the cave that there's a section of the ceiling of the cave near the exit that is covered in daddy long legs that basically fed on cave slime. The guide told us not to make any noise because it could cause some of them to fall. I was the second person to exit the cave and one of them dropped near me, I screamed and ran as they cascaded down behind me. Everyone else had to wait about 20 minutes for them to clear off of the floor before they could exit. I felt like shit, my dad and his friend thought it was hilarious.

  6. I let Daddy Long leg spiders live all over the outside of my house, they eat tons of bugs, especially mosquitoes. They’re harmless, well according to the experts, my SIL however swears one bite will kill and adult within minutes.

  7. You and me both. Watched about 3 seconds and noped right out. I’ll just read the comments and upvote everyone for watching it for me. :)

  8. Can’t even take a deep breath without inhaling at least twenty spiders a few of which are pregnant and quickly release their hatchlings in your mouth out of fear

  9. Those are only daddy long legs. Don't see what's so scary about them. They can even bite and that venom thing you hear is a lie.

  10. This scares me because of the claustrophobia but I'd be more scared of rock shifts, although probably very unlikely, being squished like a bug 100ft below the earths surface terrifies me.

  11. You're more likely to get stuck just in a tight space than for there to be a cave-in I think. Most caves would have existed for hundreds of thousands to millions of years already.

  12. I watched about 3 seconds of this before I had to stop. I’m terrified of places like this. The overwhelming fear of getting stuck would cause a heart attack. Fear is so bad, even videos and movies make me break out in a cold sweat.

  13. This type of caving already freaks me out, after reading about the Nutty Putty incident there is no way in hell I'd ever go into any type of claustrophobic cave situation

  14. they seem to be daddy long leg spiders, and those cant even bite bc their mouths are so small, so no i dont think so

  15. "While crawling in a tight crawl, he met the ultimate crawlers..." Introduction to his documentary in a bold voice

  16. Unless you’re Australian, you shouldn’t really fear spiders. I pick them up all the time when the get trapped in my house so I can let them out.

  17. My heart skipped a beat and I broke out in a cold sweat just scrolling through. I'm very claustrophobic. This is the stuff of my nightmares.

  18. I’ve seen this video probably ten times, but never noticed all the spiders above his shoulder until now ….. eek

  19. Lol, think about how fucking alien and insane this experience was for the spiders🤣 you spend your whole life in this deep dark cave until one day this beast with glowing lights comes wriggling through, smashing half your extended family while he spits all over you.

  20. I feel them. I'm all scrunched up with both the heebies and the jeebies. Been bit about 6 times and still no super powers.

  21. Check out mr.ballen on you tube he has videos where tells stories of people like this but they don't make out alive.

  22. I would never do something this stupid. I’m a wide and heavy person which would make this impossible but even if I wasn’t, nope.

  23. I love caveman hikes! his videos are crazy i could never lol. They can be challenging to watch at times because of how claustrophobic the caves look but he does talk about some very cool and interesting things about the caves he explores.

  24. This is just like when i was locked under a stairwell in a closet and forced to clean out all the spiders under there but was laughed at by my dads gf and her 7 kids because i was sitting in a corner shaking and crying. Being in that tight of a space with something your terrified of not being able to move or get out is honestly traumatizing lol


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