Nintendo says its new console will launch within the next 79 years

  1. Yes, but it's Nintendo, so there are only 4, available from 5:38 to 8:32 every alternating Tuesday if your shirt is pale goldenrod and your name starts with a letter that corresponds to an even number.

  2. Note they didn't actually say "79 years" or even "28,544 days". They said it would come out in "20XX". Which is actually funnier than the stupid headline.

  3. They will however only manufacture 37 of them initially. There will then be another 2 year wait while they decide if they should make more.

  4. I wonder if people will care about the N64 by 2064? Will games have changed so much that what we consider games today will be so foreign in 40+ years? Will we still be plugging them in to TVs?

  5. My guess is March 2023. There's still a chip shortage and Nintendo will want it at least SOMEWHAT on Par with current gen. By that time Nvidia should be able to supply an SOC capable of that.

  6. Assuming of course that Nintendo will continue with Nvidia for the SOC. The chance is high, but the future is custom silicon rather than off the shelf parts. That said, Nintendo is the outlier in being different no matter what, so we'll see.

  7. That’s assuming that Nintendo will need to be “on par” graphics wise. Nintendo again and again makes amazing games without focusing on super realistic graphics.

  8. It's Nintendo, they have no reason to be on par with their competitors when people will buy their handhelds regardless. If you were one of those who bought into their narrative of the Switch "also" being a home console, then it was a 7th gen-level console releasing at the time that the upgraded 8th gen consoles were coming out. Not impressive whatsoever. Now if you realize that it's just a portable with TV-Out (hardly anything new at that point), then it becomes slightly more interesting as Nintendo's are usually 2 generations behind all the home consoles while their competitors were only 1 generation behind. Now that they have no more competitors besides mobile (which at this point they coexist with rather than compete against, similar to how consoles mostly coexist with PC), Nintendo has taken Sony's spot in being only 1 generation behind. That said, the Steam Deck is coming with better than base PS4 performance and is basically filling the hole that a Switch 2 should be filling. Since Tegra Orin should be ready for production for partners next year, Nintendo could definitely use that to reach that same PS4-ish target, maybe late next year. And since it'll have been 5 years since the Switch launched, it'll be the right time to release their next gen.

  9. Nintendo has been around since 1889 so if they said they were going to release something another century from now, I'd be inclined to believe them.

  10. Nintendo fans will just keep buying slightly modified Switches for the next few decades, its not like they would complain or care.

  11. Other than graphics looking more realistic and A.I. acting more realistically, what else could any next gen consoles really give us? A built-in projector?

  12. Bigger maps? Idk, but Nintendo has a long history of coming out of left field with totally new shit. The Wii is a great example of that. The Virtual Boy is a bad example of that, but even then, no other console company was putting out VR at the time.

  13. Aren’t a bunch of third party games cloud relient at this point? Like not supporting frostbite was bad enough but requiring high speed internet to play hitman seems like reason enough to upgrade the already archaic SoC the Switch launched with. Also being able to support frostbite wouldn’t go amiss.

  14. getting a handheld up to PS5 performance is the end goal. Beyond that, Nintendo will have to reintroduce VR to innovate further, and it would have to be a massive shift in game design, along with consumer-affordable sub-$300 VR.

  15. All they did was use 20XX as a placeholder for their next console. Saying within 79 years is just a shitty title.

  16. Seems premature of them to assume there will still be a mass market for consumer electronics. Or the capacity for one to exist.

  17. I just want Nintendo to let me know when they are going to lower the prices on their old ass games!

  18. I will not buy. All new games seem to stay at the maximum price. Nintendo has become to greedy for me. I'm out

  19. They realized people will just buy the same shit over and over. Why try any harder? I gave up on them with Pokemon sword and shield, after 20+ years of being a customer the cracks were starting to show. They are a low effort cash grab company now

  20. I read somewhere Nintendo has enough money in reserve to not even have to earn any revenue for the next so many decades. Hmmm... Does that mean they're screwing over their shareholders? At any rate, they're going to do whatever makes them the most amount of money, kind of like Rockstar having released GTA V eight years ago now and taking their time with VI. They're still milking V, so whatever.

  21. It's just sad that in 79 years we'll only be shovelled a few NES games at first all over again every few months, but for a much more expensive subscription due to inflation.

  22. It's literally in the tagline of the article in giant bold print if you click the link, but to your question: no, that isn't what happened. The next console launch is scheduled for "20XX", which is therefore in the next 79 years

  23. Kind of, but the reason for the "79 years" is because Nintendo said it would be released in "20XX." 100 years from now (or more than 79 years) would put them outside the range of 2021-2099.

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  25. There is really nothing wrong with the Switch as a console. As long as you get a pro controller. I don’t think they’re ever going to fix Joy Con drift.

  26. Ngl my gf has been playing on my switch a lot I might get her the oled cause she’s got bad eyes and the extra inch of screen would help so guess I’ll be supporting Nintendo’s base line with that purchase

  27. I've heard this before, I bet they're also going to say the new console will possibly be more powerful than the switch. Which for whatever reason was something that qualified as a rumor for the 3DS in the news.

  28. Unless they get bought out by Sony or Microsoft, all their IP crosses over, and they never release another console. They’ve been on the brink for years. The Wii U almost killed the company and they only still exist now because of the switch.

  29. Good. The wii u didn't need to be brought out. The switch yeah but should have made it compatible with old wii games.

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