George W Bush accidentally condemns 'unjustified and brutal' Iraq invasion

  1. I can imagine some Onion writer penning an article just like this, saying to himself "This is good... but a little too ridiculous for satire maybe?" ..... then see's this in the news and tears up his article in a flurry of anger.

  2. Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't. -- Mark Twain

  3. I had to scroll TOO far to see someone make this comment thats the worst part about it all that makes it less of a slip and more of a confirmation at that point.

  4. This is the scary part that the amount of innocent people that died for the invasion and he and the crowd laugh it off. Like okay cool

  5. The NPR article I read quoted it as him saying, “Iraq… anyway.” They completely skip over the actual “Iraq too… anyway.” 🤬

  6. He doesnt chuckle, he looks regretful while he says it again to me. But definitely doesn't chuckle.

  7. No Dick Cheney actually has a sense of humor about all of the genuinely black hearted evil he has spread. When Sacha Baron Cohen asked him to sign his water boarding kit he belly laughed, he one hundred percent knew it was a joke about him torturing people and he laughed at it.

  8. The sitting U.S president voted to violate international law and invade Iraq. So I don't think anyone in D.C is in shambles, they're all just having a big laugh at an old man's "gaffe".

  9. Whenever my mom goes off on some tirade about how terrible this invasion of Ukraine is, which indeed it is, she also comments about how stupid Russian people are for going along with it and how propagandized they are. I have to remind her we just got out of a 20 year long war with the same exact bullshit propaganda.

  10. I don't get how people think we never bombed civilians... we even did a fucking drone strike on an American Teenager who was over there.

  11. Surprised this guy is even able to stand at a podium safely like this without a care in the world. The fact that he is still alive just goes to show how inherently racist the world is. Millions are crying out for Putin to be killed, but not a single peep from them about Bush. They only care about Putin killing because he is killing white people in europe, they don't care about Bush killing because he killed brown people in the middle east.

  12. “There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.”

  13. fwiw, as much of a blunder as that was, the last bit was probably him realizing he should under no circumstance allow footage of him saying "shame on me" to be allowed to exist.

  14. Yeah came here to say how muched I missed him, from a comedic standpoint. God damn was he a goofball. It was like Trump without the narcissism and personality cult. He was a war criminal, and a terrible president.. But that little grin when he's ducking Iraqi shoes? Hilarious. Prime Jon Stewart was made from his " heh heh" Bush impression and I miss that so much more.

  15. He's adorable. He spends his retirement years painting dogs. He's a war criminal, but and adorable war criminal.

  16. “Oops? Teehee. We did destabilize an entire geopolitical region under false pretenses for financial reasons back then didn’t we? Hehe. We were so crazy back then 😝.”

  17. You know what I find really hilarious about this, I remember protesting this stupid war, I remember seeing polls that it had some 80% support of the US, I remember W being voted into office TWICE, I remember being told that I "hated freedom" or some shit.

  18. I remember a national campaign to literally rename French fries. I ain’t making that up- when France put their diplomatic foot down in opposing the Iraq invasion, people here started calling fried potatoes “Freedom Fries” as a sort of pedantic retaliation.

  19. It wasn't just about trying to trick people into believing that Iraq had WMDs. They thoroughly tricked most people into believing in some Iraq-9/11 connection that didn't exist.

  20. I remember getting into an argument with my father over this. I told him I did not support this war. He called me a communist.

  21. I remember being in high-school and having this war shoved down our throats: prep-rallys that empathized "I love America", "Pro-Troop", freedom fries.... - subtle anti-Muslim ideology that bleed into regular conversations all over - army recruiters were EVERYWHERE; sadly most of my class joined just because of this reason. I lived in a small town and it was basic worship of Bush/Military and anti-saddam everywhere. It's surreal to think about it but in hindsight it was ridiculous

  22. Yep. I fervently supported Bush until about the last year of his presidency. It was only then I accepted that we were all lied to and he'd wasted so many lives and so much money so he should finish what his daddy started. Colin Powell quitting was what started my realization that it was all a bunch of lies.

  23. I watched in real time my Republican relatives shift from being 100% in favor of that war and supportive of Bush to saying “he’s an idiot” halfway through Obama’s administration. Just another example of “whoopsie I was totally wrong and misinformed but will never admit or take responsibility for it” from the right. They think liberalism is a mental disorder and they are the only ones with a sane outlook on things but they are the least principled people on earth and totally amend their values based around whichever politician seems like a winner to them at the time.

  24. I can tell you that my mother, brother and I supported the war while my dad quietly opposed it. I don't say that with pride but with a lot of shame.

  25. It's the clarity that comes with passing time of course, but it's also part of an effort to rehabilitate past public politicians' image.

  26. It’s hilarious how conservatives have tried to disown GW’s wars and blame Biden for how Afghanistan ended. These boomer fucks were absolutely frothing to go over there.

  27. Damn. You’re right. I’ll own up. I was one of them. A solid supporter of the cause. Then I joined and went to see “the cause” for myself and holy shit lemme tell ya…

  28. I called this at the time. Just like you couldn't find a Nixon voter in the 90s and you won't be able to find a Trump voter 20 years from now.

  29. SAME! I've been telling people since Trump got elected that once he's out and the Repubs find a new guy then all of a sudden the Trump voter will seem like an endangered species. It's gonna be just like with Bush where nobody is going to admit to voting for him, even in my county that went 70% Trump and about the same for Bush. They're fucking cowards is what they are.

  30. Bro I was 12 when a grown ass adult called me a baby killer and a terrorist lover because I voted for Kerry in our school’s mock election. I was one of like 4 kids in my grade that did so. We got bullied by adults. I remember this shit all too well. Fucking freedom fries.

  31. 100%. Republicans don't even talk about it anymore, at all. It's mindboggling that an entire cohort of voters who were ALL ABOUT the neo con agenda just kind of pretend none of it ever happened.

  32. Keep in mind that first time, Gore did get the popular vote— so more Americans DID want him, it's the electoral college that got him.

  33. Absolutely. I pointed this out in a comparison to the Ukraine invasion (the topic was Russians/ Russian soldiers being evil, which I was pointing out that it'snot that simple). People acted like I was referencing ancient history and that Iraq wasn't nearly as bad, and that everyone was against the Iraq invasion anyways. Kind of baffling.

  34. Protesting the war on Iraq was my first protest as a 20 year old. Still have my 'no war on Iraq' sticker on my first guitar.

  35. I remember going to see Bush at a campaign rally in 2004 with my mom. A handful of protesters showed up. They weren’t violent. Still, the police or secret service or whatever literally dragged one woman out by her hair. People were cheering. I was a kid at the time and even then it didn’t sit well with me at all.

  36. Yup. I never liked him, or any Republicans actually, but I still tell people my parents are George W Bush Republicans. Wasn't just them though, plenty of people voted for him because "he's the guy you could have a beer with."

  37. The declaration of war on Iraq had bipartisan support, including yay votes from some notable current politicians like Biden, Schumer, Hillary. Almost everyone is in the pockets of the military industrial complex and we seemingly can’t do a damn thing about it.

  38. Haha so cute and quirky 🤪 the war criminal is self aware! How fun, hopefully he gives Michelle some more chocolate, wouldn’t that be so funny guys!

  39. We were truly the baddies in that situation. I just saw a picture of a father getting to hold his son in one of the American prisons in Irag and they made him wear a bag over his head while he held his 2/3 year old son. Shameful

  40. George W. Bush destabilized the entire middle east and the World with his illegal and unjustified war in Iraq. Countless people died due to his administration's incompetence in Katrina. The Republican practices of the 2000s gave us the 2008 financial crash. He was a horrible president and he is a horrible man.

  41. GWB was absolutely terrible but unfortunately the bar has subsequently been lowered to “not actively trying to end American democracy”

  42. But, but, he's just a loveable goof! Look at his shitty art! Or him struggling to put on a fucking plastic poncho raincoat thing! Is that the look of a war criminal?!?!

  43. Lots of people died in iraq too! He and his administration killed probably more than 1 million people in the Middle East directly (official number is 900,000 something). I think “destabilize” is a nice word and all, but don’t say that then mention deaths in Katrina. What matters is the dead people, not the stable government.

  44. When the crowd giggles at him slipping I get sick to my stomach.. like "we know, but you're off the hook".

  45. the entirety of the elected republican party officials in congress and most of the dems should have been jailed for authorizing that war.

  46. So never knew he was doing paintings now. After watching it I have one question: did he apply to art school and was he rejected?

  47. I just hate the attempt of trying to improve Bush’s image like he’s some kooky painter. Should be prosecuted with the atrocities that he committed.

  48. I mean that goes for every US president. Clinton should've been prosecuted for Yugoslavia too and Reagan should've been prosecuted for ketchup being considered a vegetable. At least with Bush you can laugh at it

  49. The U. S. constantly talking about nepotism yet the Bush family almost had 3 presidents in 3 generations in a country of 320 milion?

  50. Well we had 2 Adamses, 2 Roosevelts, and if he hadn't gotten blown away we probably would've had a second Kennedy in office and those are the ones off the top of my head there might be another one I'm forgetting. The bushes are just the most recent example

  51. It's the comedy of watching the GOP oppose affirmative action because its not truly "Merit Based", but say nothing about people like GWB or Jared Kushner who get into Ivy League schools because of Papa's money.

  52. This fucker and his entire administration should be brought to The Hague in chains for their crimes against humanity on the people of Iraq.

  53. Don't forget Eastern Europeans. I don't think anyone ever got put on trial for the 1999 bombing of Serbia or the NATO led Oluja operation that exiled and displaced 300k people or using depleted uranium ammo both in the gulf and the balkans. Remember kids, it's only genocide when the bad man with a funny accent does it even if we later prove it wasn't genocide in the first place

  54. This ‘slip of the tongue’ might be that GWB has problems sleeping with the deaths of over 1,000,000 people on his hands. Or is that halved because Tony Blair was equally responsible?

  55. People in here thinking this is telling sign of what he really thinks. And as much as I'd like that to be true, the reality is that the Iraq war was a huge part of his presidency. For much of his life the words "invasion of" were followed by "Iraq". Very understandable slip to make.

  56. One of the worst aspects of the Trump presidency has been the washing of the legacy of the Bush administration, an arguably much more damaging administration. Obama is also complicit in this washing by pretending that he and George are besties all because we had to isolate Trump. Apparently Trump not respecting journalists or "norms" is a much worse offense than lying to start a war that killed scores of people and completely destabilized the middle east and started ISIS. He also responded to Terrorism on 9/11 by taking the first big step to completely nuke the privacy of Americans with the Patriot Act. Bush was an absolutely dog shit president.

  57. I mean, Obama continued and expanded upon a lot of the policies and approaches started by Bush. Sure, there weren't as many boots on the ground, but Obama has plenty of blood on his hands with the "precision" drone strikes he liked so much.

  58. I agree with almost all of what you said but your attempt at downplaying trumps problem as only disrespecting journalists and norms is seriously fucked.

  59. It is so disheartening to acknowledge that for all the anger we have towards Russia for what they are doing, it is incomparable to the suffering we caused. We'll never admit it though because we are ever the good guys.

  60. We live in a world where the man with the highest office in the land can lie to his people, cause the biggest humanitarian crisis on earth and send thriving cities back to the stone ages, start a mass surveillance campaign on his citizens eroding trust in every single govt institution and then turn around a couple decades later and condemn his own actions; all with ZERO REPRECUSSION...

  61. He didn't even condemn them. It was throw away joke admission. No apology, just, im 75 and say weird things. Its even more insulting. How about a heartfelt apology and admission of guilt? Oh and dont forget pioneering the art of bombing indiscriminately with drones, a practice used by every administration since, including the current one. So disgusting.

  62. Really though, why isn't Bush and his entire administration brutally harassed and humiliated every where they go? They shouldn't be safe anywhere for sheer amount of death and destruction they have brought into the world. Same goes for Obama and his campaign of drone strikes on children and innocent families. It's startling to see honestly, the world only seems to start to care when it's white people dying in Europe, deafening silence when it comes to the millions of dead brown people at the hands of Bush and Obama

  63. He spoke truth. A great many of us were against this but we were silenced in the media. NYTimes down played or even did not report on the protests. Millions were on the streets of NYC calling this what it was, an international crime. Crickets from the media. It certainly was not the same as it is in Russia but there were striking similarities. The loud minority in the USA wanted a blood sacrifice and they got it at the cost of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

  64. The fucked up part is everyone in that room is laughing and giggling at it but they would instinctually say yes if you said "putin is a warcriminal we need to kill him"

  65. A photo taken for an Iraqi prisoner in an American prison in Najaf/Iraq. The father was allowed to meet his son and sit on his lap with the condition of wearing a bag on his head.

  66. “I’m 75” And that’s younger than the current president and the current age of the former.

  67. This man’s actions and decisions set America on the path it’s down today, with rampant government overreach and spying being accepted and normalized

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