Sydney NRL district/territory map

  1. just take this map switch manly for redcliffe, merge the bears, wests and eels blob into the broncos and about then move the sharks blob a bit further away and change it into the titans

  2. But what happens to the Bears and Jets district in the modern day? Do you have an alternate map for this

  3. Souths absorbed the Jets junior district and are probably the closest in terms of culture/heritage so I would say most people in that area support Souths. The Bears still manage their own area and field

  4. Bears still have their junior districts, like St George, Balmain and Wests, but the majority of Newtown’s territory went to Souths, as all teams territory did.

  5. Can somebody please explain to me why Wests is split across Bulldogs territory? I know they're both mergers but it seems a bit weird that that's how the merging of clubs worked out?

  6. The Western Suburbs Magpies also moved around before the merger. They used to play out of Lidcombe Oval, and represent the suburbs around Lidcombe, Strathfield and Burwood, i.e just north of Bulldogs territory around Bankstown. Just to the east of that is where the Balmain Tigers used to represent, the inner west suburbs of Sydney close to the river. Towards the end of their time as a stand-alone club the Magpies moved out to Campbelltown, the other side of Bulldogs territory, so Tigers territory today is split between the Bulldogs territory.

  7. The only way to understand the merger is two weak clubs not wanting to merge with their nearest neighbour because in each case that neighbour (Parramatta for Balmain and Canterbury for Wests) would have been the stronger partner.

  8. It’s wrong. A more accurate map of wests would be little pinpricks across the rest of the map. The merger absolutely wrecked both clubs.

  9. Btw for most of their history Wests Magpies territory started pretty much from just to the south west of that Parra River tributary next to the logo-Tiger's jaw - yes Ashfield used to be the 'western suburbs'

  10. If you go back far enough Canterbury-Bankstown, St George and therefore Cronulla-Sutherland were all gouged out of Western Suburbs. If that never happened Wests would probably have had more Premierships than all but South Sydney.

  11. Are roosters doing anything to try and expand to North Sydney, this seems to be where the swans draw most of their fans. So have the Roosters tried to replicate this at all?

  12. As a footy obsessed guy with a strange love for maps this is amazing. I've never been up to Sydney interesting to see how it all ties in

  13. I've referred to this many times on here, in regards to how certain clubs have a significant advantage, in that the nursery they can get young players from is much larger. Looking at this, assuming it's fairly accurate (and it looks that way) then Penrith, Tigers and Parramatta should slay. Clearly much bigger area, and while the map doesn't specify how many junior clubs/participants reside within, you can assume there's a lot, as the whole area is highly populated.

  14. Absolutely. The roosters have done pretty well considering they usually have around 3-5 local juniors in their squad. IMO Melbourne needs to do a lot better, they prefer to develop Queenslanders over players from their own backyard. The storm have a district comparable to most Sydney clubs in terms of playing strength and competition depth, but only one local junior - Dean Ieremia. There is no pathway to first grade outside of the Victorian Thunderbolts Jersey Flegg side. So if you’re over 21 and haven’t been selected for the storm’s QLD Cup sides your career is pretty much over. The storm desparately need their own reserve club in the NSW Cup or even the Ron Massey Cup so they can continue developing Victorians at a higher level. They can still keep their QLD Cup sides but the lack of Victorians coming through the NRL is worrying

  15. Manly lol. Funny, but true. I'm not certain of that tbh, but Manly's feeder club is Blacktown Workers Club. It makes zero sense geographically, but perhaps they found a niche area that isn't really Penrith or Parra territory.

  16. Blacktown is in Penrith’s district, it’s basically on the district border between Panthers and Eels

  17. South of Penrith is mostly rural and sparsely populated until you get closer to Campbelltown and Camden. North of Penrith is similar, but it isn't that far till you get to the Hawkesbury which is also Pantherland.

  18. It would be interesting to overlap this with a separate map which is just a straight circle from each home ground (Rabbitohs would be Redfern oval and Bulldog would be Belmore oval) just to see how what area you are in relates to what ground is closest to you.

  19. They really deserve a team. Perth and Adelaide should be 19 & 20 but the bears are so culturally and historically significant in Australian RL that they simply must be in the competition

  20. South's poached the Newtown area, it should have gone to West Tigers as they did in the eastern suburbs to Roosters.

  21. They didn't poach anything. They offered to pay for the clubs still there (there weren't many) and they still do. Clubs in Newtown, Marrickville and occasionally Camperdown have happily played in the Souths comp for the best part of forty years. Not so the remaining Easts teams. They were given regular games for years in the Souths comp because they didn't - and don't - have a viable comp of their own. They were finally pissed off a few years ago after ignoring repeated warnings not to sign Souths young players. The last ones poached were the Butcher brothers and Paul Momorovski. Nowadays, Easts mums and dads have to look a bit further on that map to get a game for their kids.

  22. The Dragons also have a huge contingent of worthless, has-been Brisbane players and coaches to guarantee a low place on the ladder for the foreseeable future.

  23. There's a big contingent of St George supporters from the Wollongong region since they merged with the Steelers and brought all that mob a long.

  24. Not 100% sure but I don’t think there are any operating clubs in those areas, though it would be a good place to form a club, cheaper land & rapidly growing

  25. this could have been a fever dream but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that a Sydney CBD based team applied for the top grade and almost got in, in like 1911 or something. Interesting alternate history where qld based expansionists have one more thing to whinge about

  26. It is a neutral zone - there are no clubs based in the CBD at a junior or senior level. It’s probably mostly Souths and Easts supporters but neither of those clubs can claim the CBD since it’s outside their respective traditional boundaries

  27. I thought the bulldogs had campbelltown as well as the tigers but I suppose I'm slightly wrong in that assumption. From what it seems on this sub, there aren't many tigers fans who weren't either Wests or Balmain supporters originally.

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