EXCLUSIVE | Broadcast legend RAY WARREN steps away from Weekly NRL Commentary Commitments

  1. Rabs has made so many big moments in footy so much cooler with how he commentates but as of late he’s starting to show age, blokes a huge legend and deserves to be immortalised in some way shape or form.

  2. I know he's gone a bit senile, but I still love Rabs. Him in full voice during an exciting play was amazing.

  3. His best is a long long way behind him, for sure. But he’s still an iconic voice in the history of the game and undoubtedly one of the best to do it.

  4. Doesn’t look like many read the article. He can pick which games he would like to commentate this year, he is under contract and the network is hopefully he can call his 100th SOO this year.

  5. Yeah.. he sounds like he’s semi retired and will pick and choose which games he will commentate. If this means he will continue to commentate for another few years... that’s a good thing. I know he’s past his prime but his voice feels like a comfy pair of old uggs on a winters day. Legend!

  6. Remember watchin a couple of Legendary games for the Kiwis and hearing Rabs voice made it so much better.

  7. Legit hate how the comments are about his commentary right now. This bloke is a rugby league legend and he will be missed!

  8. Dunno if thats a good idea, hes been downward trending for a while, coming back for big games he would be extremely rusty dont think it would end well.

  9. This is the end of a great era for rugby league. Many of us have grown up with his voice as the soundtrack of winter. So many iconic moments. We remember the ones Rabs called better than any others, because he could bring you into the moment better than anyone else

  10. A bit like the modern day tennis, I can't believe no one has stepped up to take the title in the last 10 years. Where are all the good voices?

  11. Ever since i got Kayo, i've been watching footy on there. But if i know Rabs is commentating a game on 9, i will watch it on there. There is just something so great about his voice, brings back a lot of memories. Sunday afternoon out the back, hearing him. Brings back good memories of being a kid

  12. With Sterlo gone the only ch9 personality that doesn't make me want to shoot myself in the head is Billy, and he's stuck on the sideline. Here's to another year of watching with the sound off.

  13. It's definitely going to be different this year not hearing Rabs, he has made so many moments into legend and even immortality. Really hoped we could see him butcher a few more names this year. The voice of rugby league for almost half a century!

  14. Shit, I saw this coming but damn this is crazy. I will honestly never hear league the same way again. Every important game in the last 35 years has his voice written all over it

  15. Missed this thread last night. Sad to see Rabs coming to the end of his career although hopefully there’s a couple of chances for him to get in the booth through the season. Definitely deserves a proper send off.

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