Latest blow over salary cap delay revealed

  1. I’m sure Matt Lodge, who has already been paid out from two contracts in the last 3 years, and still contributes to the warriors salary cap, isn’t the victim here

  2. He might not be, but I think he's not the only one in the same boat. And they're far more sympathetic victims.

  3. Isn’t Lodge still getting like $700k from the Warriors next year??? All because he had a sook about moving to NZ and the CEO decided to payout his 2023 option for who knows what reason.

  4. Wasn't he the highest paid player for a point because of his multiple club payouts? I'm sure the $1000 a week is getting missed in the like 1.3mill he's been collecting

  5. The only thing that should be asked about Matt Lodge's contract is why the NRL ever allowed any club to sign him to one. After what he did in NY he should never have been allowed back into the game and instead should have been in Rickers for a decade.

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