Tom Flegler declares he wants to stay at Brisbane despite massive interest from NRL rivals

  1. Hope he stays loyal, he is great but he's taken us for a ride the last few years. Has a target on his back with the refs, so you'd have to take that into any contract talk.

  2. In 2018 B.D. (before Donnaghy) we absolutely would have bought this and offered him 1.2 milli for 20 years. Pretty sure that is how TPJ and Lodge got paid.

  3. why you always gotta criticise my boy flegle, he's gonna come out and play 41 mins now and give you another L

  4. Tom Flegler is poised to reject a massive $4 million offer from Manly with the Origin enforcer outlining his plans to stay at the Broncos in a major coup for Brisbane coach Kevin Walters.

  5. I’m happy to keep flegs just not on overs again please he is our third best forward (unless Payne does leave then pay him whatever)

  6. Article says 6 years until the end of 2027..... is this just copy pasted from last year or something?

  7. Flegler has enormous potential. When he’s on he’s one of the best middles in the game. He has insane footwork at the line and a good offload and his defence is very good at times.

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