Buzz’s Top 50 NRL players of 2022

  1. They basically give it away for free (it's like 1 dollar for a year) on a lot of uni campuses. I did it once or twice when I was in school before I realised I shouldn't be giving them any money.

  2. To be fair to Buzz (which i hate doing)... everyone's top 50 list would be cooked. If I done a top 20 list I'm sure I'd be ripped to pieces by you guys on here.

  3. Everyone shits on journos for having shit takes but the truth is all of our takes are shit and no one actually understands what's going on.

  4. I'm sure the point of the list is to generate clicks from shit takes. If it was a fair top 50, no one would pay any attention.

  5. I can only assume OP didn’t post the text because they couldn’t bring themselves to put their name to buzz’s horrendously cooked takes

  6. I'm sure he has some redeemable characteristics, but I really wish Buzz would just stop. His time is long gone and it is high time he moved on

  7. Spoiler: Buzz is cooked AF if he thinks that Luai is the 5th best player of 2022. Luai wasn't even in the top 5 halves of 2022.

  8. After reading it in the paper, no1 can convince me Buzz is coherent. He is 100% lost the plot and proved he is on drugs with the shit he wrote.

  9. The dude just went b2b, controls the left edge of the panthers which has been pretty much unstoppable and led samoa with 3 mom’s in the world cup to a final. Not quite brooks like but pretty impressive

  10. An awful lot of recency bias in his 50. Playing in the grand final or playing well in the world cup really helps. Ignoring all the Panthers players not really sure Sualli is that high (yet)

  11. I think for a bit of fun it’s alright but I agree with what you’re saying. I think there’s a clear top 3 ( Munster, Teddy, Cleary) in no particular order and I think it’s pure pointless debate past that

  12. I think you underestimate the difference a quality number 7 can make. While I agree you need quality players around them to make them shine but there's examples every year where a change to the number 7 position turns a club around. Look at the Raiders this season for instance, were wooden spooner contenders until they had Fogarty come in at round 12 and then went on to win most of their remaining games to make the 8. Same with cows were favourites to win the spoon, bring in Chad Townsend turns them into a top 4 team. It's a bit hard for a guy like Ponga to do much at the knights too since he barely plays. So injury prone, great player but his not there for his organising. Knights fans would understand how much of an impact a good number 7 makes, Joey was out half the season one year, the knights couldn't win a game, he came back and they won 8 out of their last 10 he played. So it wouldn't surprise me in the least if you took a guy like Cleary put him at a club that was struggling and turned them straight into a top 8 team with his excellent organisation skills. That's what quality halves can do.

  13. Says Moses is the second best HB in the game, but then proceeds to put Hunt ahead of him in the rankings. Well done Buzz!

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