Catalans Dragons complete deal for Sydney Roosters centre Adam Keighran

  1. I don’t watch enough Roosters games to know if he’s consistent, but every time he’s played against Parra he’s looked really solid. Surely could’ve landed a decent gig in the NRL

  2. Crazy to think that, in an era where halves stocks are pretty thin, a former Australian schoolboys halfback can’t make it in the NRL

  3. Are the Roosters sure they should be letting people go with how many injuries they've had in recent years?

  4. Australian school boys half back. Got shafted for whatever reason at the warriors and was an absolute weapon anytime he was asked to plug a hole at the roosters. Watch him go win a golden boot.

  5. Ah good, this will easily free up the cap sombrero space we need to make a play to sign Dom Young.

  6. Thank god for that. I’m sick of people who clearly don’t watch him stink up reserve grade calling for him to play first grade

  7. You’re on drugs. He was clearly and consistently one of the best players on the park in his stint in the NSW Cup. I have no idea what you were watching or if you’re just deliberately sipping that haterade

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