Thursday Random Footy Talk Thread

  1. Who do Dogs fans (or neutrals) think will replace Schoupp? They obviously want somebody who can provide JAC with plenty of opportunities.

  2. Don't forget the Dogs also bought Hayze Perham from Parra. Can play center, fullback and 5/8. Heep's of speed and strength. They could put him at fullback and Averillo back to center with Burns. I think Alamoti deserves a go as well and has speed.

  3. I haven’t seen anything about the Miller/knights stuff since that Daily Telegraph (?) article saying that Sharks aren’t going to release Miller from his contract. And that was at least a week or 2 ago

  4. Fun fact: since 2020, the centre & 2nd rower playing outside Jarome Luai have won Dally M centre/2nd rower of the year 5 out of 6 possible times.

  5. Kikau was immense this year. His best overall year in Penrith colours. The first 75% or so of the season he was just an unstoppable force either side of the ball. Genuinely think he was in our top 3 players of the year.

  6. Luai was the best player in the World Cup and that is not even debatable. But, Luai in the finals this year is criminally underrated. Great player and even better clubman.

  7. Kikau's defence is the biggest improvement. I just love the way he uses his size to go after blokes.. poor Campbell Graham always had a rough night when Penrith played Souths.

  8. Add in Mansour in 2020 having one of his best years in the NRL, Lafai and Ligi Sao this year in WC, and Latrell, Wighton and Burton in Origin all at their best in Origin outside Luai

  9. If you follow the QRL Wynnum Manly are building a really strong team for next year. Broncos feed club so I think some of these guys could be on our radar too.

  10. If you could sign any player for your team without worrying about the cap who would you sign? For me someone like Joey manu in the centres, or Latrell if he would play in the centres lol. Maybe even grant, api or get kikau back. That would be my top 5

  11. Cleary or Teddy for me, the two most influential players for their respective teams.. in terms of success anyway.. Tommy does what he can at Manly but they're still a level below the top teams.

  12. Seeing Latrell play between Luai and To’o in the state of origin he had a stupid grin on his face the whole time. It would be so fun to see more of that, oh well gotta wait for next years origin.

  13. Tough one. Would probably go Cam Murray though. Think the only place we're really lacking is a ball playing 13 that can buy Hughes and Munster some time to play into shape. I think Hughes and Munster get rushed a lot, which sometimes works to our advantage, but other times results in a dumb pass, dropped ball or rushed kick. I think having a 13 that could jump into first receiver would make our attack even better.

  14. Left field response but I want to see David Fifita playing outside Luai, I just wanna see what would happen lmao

  15. JAC because Latrell and him week in and out having fun at training via Instragram would be hilarious.

  16. Had a look at Buzzes top 50 list and.... I don't think it was that bad to be honest. Take out Luai out of the top 10 and move Cam Murray up a spot and his top 10 features all the same players as mine would, just in a different order. (But also my player list wouldn't be solely based on 2022 form so Turbo would still be on my list as I consider him a top 10 player).

  17. Edwards would have to be top 10 for me.. most consistent player this year and arguably the player of the finals series, including winning the Clive Churchill

  18. For me, once you get passed like 15 players, it’s extremely hard to list because of how many positions there is, and how different they are. Like how do you say who’s better between Papenhuyzen and junior Paulo for example

  19. You’re a brave sir for doing this. I couldn’t. Wouldn’t put Turbo in the top 100 either. Was injured all year and when he wasn’t he didn’t look that spectacular.

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