Thursday Off Topic Thread

  1. Anyone ever watched kabaddi? It's like NRL crossed with tips (the schoolyard game) and it's weirdly addictive. Some solid tackles.

  2. World Cup refs should have a hammer with which they break the kneecaps of every player who takes a dive

  3. I mentioned the other day that my folks got me a season ticket to the Dolphins for my birthday. I can’t bring myself to ask my mum why but I think I might call my grandma to see what she thinks. Maybe she’ll know more behind the why.

  4. And this type of thing is going to keep happening when you don't attach a geographical region to your mascot.

  5. Probably the thing I hate most in the long list of things I hate about being a fat fuck is clothing. So much more expensive. And for whatever reason, I'm more active than I've ever been and a whole lot better, I just still gain weight smh

  6. I have a theory where it’s possible to be fit fat where it’s harder to burn calories as you keep your heart rate down easier. I’ve been like that for most of my life although now I’m just full fat fat.

  7. Man, seeing the rhetoric from right wing commentators (Shapiro, Crowder, Tim Pool) on that drag show mass shooting is sickening. They deserve a special place in hell. Like I wish nothing but disgusting things on them.

  8. That’s unfair on the guys representing Australia, i hope they do well. But yeah football Australia is a joke and I believe the a league is actually to blame, top aussie footballers used to go over to the UK and develop in academies over there, which are seemingly light years better than whats offered over here. So players like Cahill for example developed and honed their skills in the best league in the world, so when it came to internationals he had the quality and experience against great players to thrive on the world stage. I mean aussies even in the 80s went over to the UK, craig Johnston played for Liverpool during a dominant era

  9. I am in the middle of winning a league of rugby game about to close it out, and my footy-less wife brings me a meat pie (not asked for) with dinosaur nuggets as I get a two try lead with Jurbo.

  10. Your wife brings you Dino nuggets?while playing a game… are you old enough to be married or is she your imaginary wife?

  11. 6:09am yesterday was a peak moment of this year for me. just don’t ask about what happened after 25 minutes in that game

  12. I'm going back and playing all the gears of war games again and man they're great. I played the shit out of 1-3 back in the day and finished 4 but wasn't that into it. Still I'm looking forward to playing them all again and will give the new ones another go.

  13. They play well still, but the thing that shocks me is that the story, world, and characters are actually way better than they should be.

  14. Hey! I just played through gears again with a mate and just finished all 6 two days ago. Absolutely brilliant games besides that shit spin off.

  15. It’s fucked up hey. I find Jordan Sharks to be obnoxious and a blatant shill but I do not in any way wish personal harm to him. Some people are just physcopaths

  16. Submitting a job app today for an executive role which feels kind of crazy. Working on my resume, it really reminded me of how far I've come in the last 15 or so years and all the change I've gone through.

  17. I don’t care if he doesn’t even have a single race next year, Danny Ric back at red bull warms my heart

  18. I didn't realise how emotional it was going to make me until I watched the video. He looks so much happier already, like a weight's been lifted off his shoulders.

  19. Has anyone seen that movie 'Fall' where the two girls are trapped on the radio tower? My balls hurt that whole movie

  20. Yeah I watched it and I really enjoyed it. I'm afraid of heights so my legs got a bit wobbly at some of those wide shots in the cinema.

  21. Even if he requested it the people that are physically able to would just refuse. It wouldn't even make sense, their Black Sea fleet and all of their forces in Ukraine would be wiped out by NATO.

  22. Putin can’t anyway. One general said no in the 80s-90s and prevented nuclear destruction, same rules still apply today.

  23. I'm doing a drive from Newcastle to Grafton. Can anyone recommend a park or somewhere fun to stop with kids part way through? I don't know much about the North Coast at all.

  24. Depends on how far off the highway you want to go. There’s plenty of parks in Port Macquarie, which is roughly halfway between the two. On the beach as well.

  25. Coffs was always the traditional, the big banana specifically. No real reason except that "it's there". Can head over to the beach for a dip as well there. There's no bypass (yet) so you're going through there anyway. Also it's pretty much bang on half way so it's the natural stop.

  26. Fkn loved the season finale of Andor, but I reckon they could’ve done more over the season to set up the big Ferix showdown with the cast of characters. Some of it felt a bit hamfisted.

  27. Personally felt just right to me and very in line with the rest of the show - was worried it was going to be this big over the top battle. I’ve said it before, but easily the best star wars content in some time.

  28. Perhaps if you looked at this as s big joke it would easy your pain. Because all those people buying things they don’t really need because it’s a bargain, it’s very much a situation of a fool and their money are soon departed.

  29. Saw Glass Onion last night. I could seriously watch Daniel Craig speak in that accent for hours. I honestly thinks this one tops Knives Out.

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