Dolphins set to launch $1 million raid for Dylan Brown

  1. While Canterbury prepare to make an offer for Mitchell Moses, it's Parramatta's other half that Eels' fans should be concerned about, as the Dolphins look to make Dylan Brown the NRL's newest millionaire.

  2. Not aimed at you, but why are people posting the articles that we can all read but when it's a Daily Telegraph one there's nothing? Surely we should have a designated DT/SMH/Any other paywall text paster

  3. He's not worth even close to that. If I were Dylan id be on the next plane to The to take it immediately before the The sobers up and changes their mind.

  4. He’s inconsistent in the past but he’s still young and last season was his best by far. 1 million probably is a tad too much but if Phins don’t pay it I’m 100% sure another club would. With Munster out of Free agency now how many other good 5/8’s or even halves in general are there on the market?

  5. At least a million bucks for Dylan Brown would be hard to say no to. He will get nowhere near that anywhere else

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