‘Let’s stop the bulls***’: Bennett calls for overhaul of Origin eligibility rules after WC success

  1. Take it another generation forward. What about the kids of the current Samoan team? They are born and bred Australians, probably only visited Samoa a handful of times, if ever. Does their representation of Samoa/NSW/QLD hurt or harm the Samoan game? How long until they aren't interested in representing Samoa anymore?

  2. So, for example, should Kieran Foran be eligible for NSW? He was born in NZ, but moved to Sydney when he was young because his dad became CEO of Woolies.

  3. Honestly, I think I agree now because I think people always forget the actual eligibility for origin is pretty strict, and anyone who meets it should be allowed to be picked

  4. Mulitalo played for the U18 Maroons. It should've been picked up then, but wasn't. I feel bad for him. The nerd who snatched the Queensland dream away from him is a deadset wanker.

  5. I know the players complain about the schedule, and they're probably right, but I would love to see like a return of the all-stars concept or a fans game with the two top voted players are the captains and the teams are either picked by the captains or by fan vote. Even if it was every 2-3 years, some of the potential line-ups make my mouth water

  6. I agree with Bennett, the Origin rules are tight enough as it is without adding the international clause as well.

  7. Bennet’s point is that international footy will be better if players who grew up in Australia can play SoO and still play for their country of heritage. It will strengthen those international teams other than Australia and that can only be a good thing for competitive international footy.

  8. So scenario playing time which actually works against the international game for minnow nations. Younger elite players (think, current Australian captain James Tedesco) play 1-2 years of FG and get asked to play for their nationality (Italy - which he did). Great opportunity for rep experience and to build the international game without giving up on the opportunity to play for the “All Blacks” of rugby league. He would then be disallowed from playing for Australia and you have a young guy who doesn’t regularly play international matches and there’s a fair chance 21 year old Tedesco sitting behind Billy Slater, Jarryd Hayne, Brett Stewart (?) Darius Boyd and probably 3 others thinks I’m never playing for Australia (or even origin) so what’s to lose. Didn’t play for NSW until 2016 (4th year in NRL). What happens when you have the best player in the competition (an Australian born and raised) unable to play for Australia? Xavier Coates would be another current example who I’d think will pick Australia if he was selected but under these new rules couldn’t represent PNG.

  9. So haven’t read the article but by stop the bullshit does he mean he will not speak to press conference… in public… especially about contracts his and his players? (I do want to sign this off with the Flipper “speaking” audio)

  10. Normally agree with the GOAT but not this time. SoO is a selection trial for the Kangaroos if you aren’t prepared to play for Australia because your commitment to your heritage is so strong you want to represent that heritage then you don’t play SoO. Sure Mitchell and the Fox didn’t play SoO but that’s down to the fucked NSW coaching set up.

  11. Origin is much more than a bunch of Kangaroos trial matches. It's about which state's rugby league system produces the best footballers. That's what it's always been about. There are rules around which state gets to claim them based on age and residency.

  12. what do you say about Semi Radradra who never played Origin but got selected for Australia anyway when he was born and grew up in Fiji?

  13. What about James tedesco who represented Italy in two world cups before playing Aus? He had caps there before he represented nsw

  14. Dumbest logic ever. You can be BOTH proud of your culture/heritage as well as where you were born and grew up at the SAME time to an EQUAL amount. Reality isn’t black and white, everyone has multiple aspects to their identity.

  15. I kind of agree and disagree at the same time, I want to see more people in origin but I’m worried that a lot of new players won’t be selected because of new eligibility and great players who now are eligible taking their place.

  16. The last couple of years they’ve had excuses for the lower than normal origin tv ratings. Although if you add in 9nows figures the ratings were still good, but anyway, if this year is down and streaming doesn’t prop it up, watch them change the rules.

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