Friday Random Footy Talk Thread

  1. Will we hear about bulldogs being cheats for giving Josh Jackson a post retirement role for the next 3 years like we did with GI?

  2. Left Old Trafford stadium after the game on Saturday, bumped into Jason Demetrio in the street. Drunkenly asked “Rabbitohs coach?” “Yeah mate”, he replied, reaching out and shaking my hand.

  3. Not sure if it's been mentioned anywhere else, but apparently Ben Barba will be playing for the Mossman Sharks in the Cairns comp next year.

  4. Aussie sport cards needs to get into the digital card business so tired having to buy boxes of NRL cards online instead of packets because I live outside of NSW/QLD

  5. Randall sets the standard for fitness at the club he may not be a world beater but giving away a player like that for abit of average depth would be a mistake IMO

  6. Can he play FB? Seems weird we'd get rid of our only depth hooker for a player who plays in area where we have some depth in

  7. listened to the hello sport anthony watmough interview from a few years ago. he talked about all the senior players wanting a different guy in the team for the grand final but toovey rejected the idea and the guy (turned out to be david williams) had an all time shocker in the grand final.

  8. Been Flegler and Carrigan for years. People used to talk mad shit about them, but I've always had faith that they'd come good. A shame about Lord Gamble...

  9. Billy Walters. Ben Ikin. Anyone who says a mean thing about either of those two is getting their house ‘friendly jordies’ed’.

  10. Definitely Xavier Coates. Pisses me off when Broncos fans make out like he’s a terrible player or something. He has some flaws in his game but he definitely improved towards the end of this year. By the end of next year he will be a top 5 winger.

  11. For me it's Lomax, he has so much potential and even though he's been playing average lately I just feel that his best is still yet to come (he is only 23 after all). Got selected in the PMs XI recently so he's not completely in the wilderness Rep wise

  12. Lmao that was me but Sammy isn't even my answer to this. I would not trade JWH for any forward in the game, I don't care about the circumstances. I'll probably cry when he retires.

  13. Gotta be Rapana. Never 'elite', getting old, and has a brain fart in him but that man bleeds 110% green every week even if he is a grub.

  14. I would have said Kyle but I'm noticing there's a lot more support for him now. 2021 was a tough squad to work with, and he didn't even train with the top squad for this season. Sure he needs to improve a lot with the ball, but he's been all effort in defence and has really helped the guys on that edge.. he's always in the frame on breaks, kick chases, etc.. I really hope he can have his best season next year.

  15. Would have gone to the front lines over Ash Taylor. Fuck he was that good in his first couple of years and I felt like we owed him a crack at it without his million dollar burden but unfortunately his injuries seemed too much (which I'm assuming is why we didn't offer him a min contract instead of letting him leave).

  16. Luai. Not necessarily because of what he brings on the field. It’s everything off the field. If we let Luai go, I feel like we would lose that connection between Luai/Crichton/To’o.

  17. Dylan Edwards, bloke tries his socks off week in week out and puts in 8-9/10 performances most games, averages 220 run metres which is elite and is one of those players where it seems like he gets better every time you see him. People often overrate others in comparison to him because maybe he isnt the most flashy player ever, but he does everything you need from a FB, its not a fullbacks job to act as a playmaker, his job is to organise defence, be reliable under a high ball, get your team on the front foot with good kick returns and to be there for cover defence, he does all those things as good as literally anyone.

  18. As much as Damien Cook is a meme he's one of the best defenders in the comp. His running game has dropped off but that's because teams are making concerted efforts to stop it. He may throw 1 too many crash balls but when it works it makes our forwards look fantastic.

  19. You give me an inch and I’ll take a yard telling you how Cody Walker not being a big game player is the most undeserved reputation of all time

  20. Man I don't know if there's even anybody like that at the club at the moment. So much of our team has been turned over, there's only like 3 guys who were even in the team before COVID.

  21. Jayden Brailey. Excellent workrate, fantastic service out of dummy half and is a leader. Shame injuries have plauged his time in Newy so far but when fit, we look so much better.

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