[Post Game] Tennessee ruins Kentucky’s Season

  1. I said a few days ago that my road trip to Lexington was the worst I've been on in the SEC because of the salt of Kentucky fans. That was 2009 and we had Kiffin and his swagger, and they took us to OT but we won yet again. Didn't get to OT last night but I imagine the Vol fans who made the trip were feeling the same salt from BBN.

  2. I was there. It was my first ever Vols away game. All of the fans were really nice and we had friendly banter throughout the night. (Got asked if we brought any golf balls or mustard lol). But yes, they complained throughout the whole game screaming for holding, horse collar, DPI, you name it on every play. Did have a Kentucky fan that was belligerent drunk get tossed from the game because he was yelling at all the other Kentucky fans for not standing and cheering enough to his liking.

  3. I had a dream last night where Kentucky fans were throwing trash and potatoes at our cheerleaders and players at the end of the game. I had to double check and make sure it wasn't true.

  4. We got blown tf out by Kentucky in Neyland last year. This is progress. We are on the way back to what this program should be.

  5. horrrible refs. again. lucky we got the end calls going for us this time. its become a coin toss at the end of these games

  6. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen someone like Hooker give everything they got and sacrifice themselves for Tennessee. Hears to hoping he comes back next year!

  7. Just watched the game highlights on YouTube, and y’all that Jabari Small juke move on his touchdown run was SICK. That was some Madden type shit.

  8. Also my favorite Highs school team won their first round playoff game in a blowout 41-14 so I’m sure the TItans have it in the bag.

  9. I remember a time when beat Kentucky was just the second to last Saturday of the season. That we have this much excitement shows both how far we fell, and how far Kentucky has climbed. I’m not sure I like either.

  10. I do miss the beat down days. No stress, no risk of cardiac arrest and with the game later in the month, there was a good chance I had good Thanksgiving food to go along with it. Simpler times.

  11. I just want to be the first team to score more than 14 against them and I think we can do it.

  12. Hooker is by far the best quarterback that defense will have faced to this point. Some people have been saying for a while now that Georgia's secondary hasn't been tested yet by a great quarterback who can throw the ball well down field, which is exactly what Hooker has excelled at this year. I wouldn't be suprised if Daniels starts for UGA as well since Kirby probably knows that our offense is dangerous, and that he wouldn't trust Bennett in a potential shootout. I also wouldn't be surprised if it's a close game early in the 4th like the Alabama game, before Georgia pulls away because of our depth issues.

  13. GatorinTN checking in once again. Congratulations on the win! I watched your game instead of the beat down in Columbia with my UT alum in-laws. It was a good decision and I can't wait to see where y'all go from here! I may not rock the orange when we're playing each other, but I'm on your side when we aren't! #govols

  14. It did happen to us. Heupel got one earlier this year on the strip sack BS against Ole Miss. he was giving that side judge an earful

  15. You can't chew ass all game and then come out past the numbers and scream obscenities and not get a penalty. He's Mark Stoops, not Nick Saban.

  16. So I'm wasted as shit but I did some quick drunk math. If Kentucky's defense was on the field for 46:08 and we continued to score at a rate of 1 point ever 18.49 seconds then Kentucky would of given up 149.7 points.

  17. I don’t know if y’all are listening to the post game on the Vol Network, but Hooker is doing an interview and he sounds like a true competitor.

  18. HH gives all for Tennessee football. Milton lost my respect when he fucking walked out of bound at the end of the ol miss game after calling his own number on the last play of the game

  19. Let’s not discount Bammer’s struggle win. That dynasty is crumbling. Can’t happen soon enough.

  20. As someone who watches every Bama game (wife is a Bama grad) - this is by far the worst they've looked since his Dynasty really took hold.

  21. I would be damned interested in hearing heupels plan on getting the defense ready for Georgia. I mean if it helps they'll probably get less playing time as they can score faster than kensucky

  22. I don't think Georgia is going to be up for the game like Kentucky was. They were playing for their season and you could tell. Levis made some really excellent throws

  23. I'm actually glad now they made that 4th and 24. It was totally a missed face mask and you and i and Chad from the next town over know that if we won and they didn't convert they would have bitched about it until same time next year

  24. You are 100% right. If they hadn't made that big 4th down conversion to make up for that no call, that would be the story of the end of the game. I'm glad they got it back then lost the right way. GBO

  25. Pretty sure a lot of people in this thread have taken more than a minute to acknowledge that bad ass of a QB.

  26. You mean to tell me, going for points at half time instead of taking a knee can change the outcome of the game? - Pruitt, probably.

  27. I don’t hate Kentucky fans. I just hate Matt Jones. The rest of those meth mouth breathers aren’t even on my radar

  28. Though I nearly threw a bowl through my TV when it happened, I am SO glad that Kentucky converted that 4th and 24 cause I KNOW that it’s all BBN would talk about for a year if they didn’t. “eww tee only won causuh that no call facemask.”

  29. Pretty sure Stoops heads to the locker room to accept a coaching gig elsewhere. We broke the man.

  30. Nah he’s smart to sit on his nice cushy gig at UK with low expectations and be touted as the 2nd longest tenured coach in the SEC.

  31. Don't anyone forget - At the end of the 1st half Josh Heupel got the ball back with <30 seconds. Every coach we've had dating back to Johnny Majors would have ran the ball, downed the ball, or otherwise just safely gone to half.

  32. Weirdly enough, Heupel embodies the maxims in some new age way more so than any other coach we’ve had since late 90s Fulmer.

  33. Damn straight. Not only did he go for it but we ran 3 successful plays in 15 seconds without a timeout to let the defense get set. That's something that not many teams in the country can do.

  34. We scored more points than them, Stoops got fired up about a not so phantom face mask, and Alontae Taylor got folks some free cookies with the pick 6!

  35. There’s just something about being the late season spoiler to Kentucky teams that think they’re having a good season that warms my heart

  36. Impressive work today! I hated that penalty on Stoops at the end. If UK hadn't converted on 4th that penalty would be the story.

  37. Imagine a 2nd string defense coming in to give the starter some rest and this high octane offense in the next 3-4 years.

  38. Opening day of deer season for this Volunteer in Texas, the Big Orange beat the cats, and fLorida tears are pouring down like rain, thank you Lord for your blessings, it has been so long since I felt your favor on me...

  39. Do you guys realize we haven't had one blowout butt whipping loss yet?? (I know AL score was bad but not the whole game) It literally felt like we got pile drived consistently under Pruitt

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