This Wood Flooring

  1. I would feel very bad about replacing it all or covering it with carpet, but I would have to. It's just way too much visual noise and contrast.

  2. Yeah I appreciate the craftsmanship but this is too much, probably would have looked good on just the stairs and something to balance it out on the floor that’s not so visually assaulting.

  3. In theory, using the entire tree cross section, bark and all, is a great idea and brings a lot of detail that is hard to impossible to mimic.

  4. They should have laid in some other hard wood between the slabs like what they did on the stairs. This just looks messy. That would have accentuated the wood without making it a visual mess.

  5. Least satisfying is how it changes to a completely different but still wooden floor over by the door.

  6. Is this photoshopped? The ‘live edge’ bark showing in the floor and stairs wouldn’t be appropriate for use in floors/stairs as that part would be too soft and wear quickly. Not to mention the amount of movement it would allow.

  7. Someone either spent a lot of time and effort putting veneer on those stairs, or it's photoshopped. Either way, I don't care for it.

  8. This is one of those ideas that look good in your head but then when it comes to seeing it in real life its like..oh fuck that's fucking awful.

  9. ...I love it. Genuinely. But I wouldn't have taupe walls with this, this needs some sort of fairy house, witch's forest trinket maximalism going on.

  10. I had a neighbor who was obsessed with live edging. He put down floors similar to this but wanting to save some money he had his nephew or whatever install them. Thing is, if they arent treated right and aren’t cut exactly so, the live edge is prone to a lot more wear than the inside hard wood. His floors looked great for about a year but then the “bark” started breaking down and every time he ran a broom over it, he’d sweep out more and more and there were pits everywhere and it looked ragged.

  11. ok... but why did they leave the bark? they scribed around bark? weird kinda shitty flex. took 50x longer to scribe and will be weak cause they didn't wanna ruin "the natural look".. maybe they just doused the whole thing with a 1/4'' of epoxy..

  12. I love black walnut. And I love live edge black walnut. And I love figured black walnut. But that is horrendous. It would have looked great without the sapwood, but as it is.... simply horrendous.

  13. I don't know what that is, but it isn't wood flooring. Paint or some kind of weird "wall paper but on the floor" kind of thing.

  14. I feel like the floor would look better if they had somehow gotten rid of the lighter part of the wood and just kept the dark strips

  15. This is the most horrifying floor i have ever seen. There is absolutely nothing satisfying about this if you have working eyes (and mine hardly work)

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