Close-up of cutting different materials in slow-motion

  1. Right? Apparently you cut things by just pushing stuff out of the way hard enough until there isn't anything connecting the two sides anymore.

  2. Mostly correct. Many materials follow a failure process like this - where it's ductile (aka "squishy") up until the cross-section of the sample is very small, followed by a sudden break.

  3. Not the video you want to see when you’re tied to a chair and some mob guy is holding pliers and looking at your fingers.

  4. Pardon me for asking Fat Tony. Before you start cutting my fingers off. Could you get a super close up shot and cut very slowly. Then post it on the internet for science and to send a message? Also edit out my blood curdling screams and replace the sound with crunching lettuce.

  5. I fucking hate these phony slow-mo sounds. I know you don't have sound for these, so don't try to fool me into thinking a pencil getting snapped sounds like plastic wrapping and a bolt getting cut sounds like big wooden axles rotating.

  6. That's what I think every time I see some pretty drone footage that has sound of what you see (like people talking, animals roaming around, etc.), when in reality all you would hear is the deafening bzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ of the drone.

  7. I like it. it's like sounds in space. we all know an outside observer wouldn't hear the Rocinante's PDCs going drrrrrrrrrr and then the toktoktoktoktok of impact damage on the other end. but it's more fun with it. same logic applies to slo-mo videos for me personally.

  8. i read somewhere that it’s supposed to be blunt so that it doesn’t shatter it? Take this with a metric butt-ton of salt.

  9. No slow motion camera video has original sound... (I think it was the slowmo guys mentioned it. Not sure if they can't record it, or it never comes out)

  10. Source is a TikTok page called The Object I believe if anyones interested. WHOLE page is macro shots of stuff like this.

  11. Do I really have to download an app where 14year Olds dance in front of the camera, just to watch the videos?

  12. AFAIK you can't really record sounds in slow motion. So pretty much any video you see with slow motion footage has had sound added afterwards.

  13. Pro tip: if you ever have to cut a bolt with cutters or a grinder put 1-2 nuts onto it first. After the cut run the nuts off and it will repair the threads.

  14. I fucking hate these phony slow-mo sounds. I know you don't have sound for these, so don't try to fool me into thinking a pencil getting snapped sounds like plastic wrapping and a bolt getting cut sounds like big wooden axles rotating.

  15. It’s awesome to see near the end before complete failure the object go from elastic deformation to plastic deformation.

  16. Elastic deformation is the the regime of deformation in which the material, after ceasing the force against it, will return to its position. It is a reversible process.

  17. For the metals, it is plastic deformation almost the whole time, but as the material deforma it becomes brittle and you get a brittle ductile transition, so there's a fracture. But yeah. It's neat.

  18. Where was there elastic deformation? All the materials shown here had a plastic deformation followed by destruction. I think you should look up what elastic deformation means, a material that hard doesn't just go from one to another (Edit: considering it's being squeezed not bent and we use only our eyes to perceive what's happening at this scale of presentation).

  19. is the sound actually the recorded sound or some form of foley overlayed. I doubt there a mic that sensitive that doesn't get ambient noise.

  20. It's all foley, but not because of ambient noise. You simply can't stretch out audio like video. At this framerate it would sound distorted, at higher framerates it would be completely unrecognizable.

  21. Not a fan of these unnecessarily slow videos. I like it zoomed in, but it doesn’t need to be slow motion. And the sounds 🙄

  22. It’s interesting to see that close up, the tool looks quite dull, but in relation to the amount of mass in the material being cut and the tools ability to use force at a centralized point, it’s able to cut quite easily.

  23. Anyone else get to the steel bolt and think ‘ooh I wonder what he’ll use to cut that after those little pliers?’

  24. Being in construction and a wrench monkey for most of my life the fact that this is so popular is crazy should I make one of me stripping wire? Would that be exciting for you guys ?

  25. I never really gave it much thought before, but now that I see it up close, its less "cutting" as it is the deformation of the material into a increasingly narrow necking region until the tensile stresses induced by the hyper aggressive cutting edges (read: wedges) surpasses the ultimate tensile strength of the ever decreasing area of the necking region.

  26. If you want to see fake sounds done right for slomo, Gavin Free from The Slow Mo Guys does an excellent breakdown of how he adds sounds to the video. Quality quality content. But this video seems a bit over done and not as charismatic, IMO.

  27. Reminds me of the quote from Dr. Manhattan, “I have witnessed events so tiny and so fast they can hardly be said to have occurred at all.”

  28. This is so cool. One of my favorite undergrad engineering courses was “mechanics of materials” and we looked at the crystal structures of different materials and how they deformed under different stresses and how different processes like cold rolling and pressing could affect their structure and characteristics. Really loved that shit and this reminded me of it! Thank you!

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