Perfect hang ten

  1. Everyone good at something makes hard things look easy. Steph Curry makes shooting 3 pointers look easy. Damned if I'd get one during a game though.

  2. Yeah, I don't's pretty hard here, at the moment, and it kinda looks that way too, especially in profile !

  3. This whole scene is like hard for me to believe my eyes. How is she that smooth and good at this? That trick is so hard. Where are they, heaven? Jeez this is incredible

  4. Yeah seriously! I mean we've all heard the term a million times. Just never knew it has a specific mean. I just kind of was slang for surfing in general honestly

  5. TIL. Never knew the move, but seeing it with the phrase makes a lot of sense. Pretty cool move, seems like it shouldn’t be possible.

  6. I always conceptually understood what it meant, but I never thought it was a real move, just one of those "boot strap" type phrases where everyone said it, but no one actually did it (you know, because of the implied impossibility). But apparently this is something people actually do and it is very much possible.

  7. I think the waves that are hitting on the left side of the board are balancing for her weight, also, probably some help from the momentum + "grip" of the board+ water contact.

  8. I have no idea. I can’t even comprehend how normal surfing actually works from a physics standpoint, let alone this witchcraft…

  9. That’s why it’s the cool thing to do on a longboard. You have to get into the wave just right and it has to have enough power to cantilever you without nosediving hard. A small weight shift forward is enough to make you flip over, so it’s nuts that your entire weight gets supported at the front of the board.

  10. During the 1950s and 1960s surfers adopted "kawabonga!" as a declaration of enthusiasm, changing the pronunciation slightly to "cowabunga!". "Kupaianaha" is the Hawaiian word for surprising or wonderful and it may have influenced surfers who had grown up with Howdy Doody.

  11. Yeah Holy shit. I barely have these moments anymore at thirty five but definitely just thought 'hang ten' was cool meaningless surfer lingo never for a second considered it actually meant something literal.

  12. Yeah! It only works with a longboard, and only in certain conditions - the weight/pressure of the water on the tail of the board acts as a counter-balance.

  13. Oh "hang ten" is a technique??? I read a book that has surfer characters. One of them is nicknamed "hang twelve" because he has an extra toe on each foot. I wondered why the author doesn't explain the addition of "hang" to the name, and I didn't bother looking it up, but apparently this is why! (the book is "the gentlemen's hour" by don winslow)

  14. I went to a surf camp at around 13 and it’s honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The timing to get up takes forever to get down. The sea weed scares the fuck out of you because something is usually brushing against your leg. Your nipples are fucking shredded if you do it all day. But I swear, once you get up, it’s one of the most satisfying things you will ever do. Just my experience.

  15. My mother learned in her 40s and is still surfing regularly 20 years later. Enjoy it you won't be very good but it will be (good clean) fun!

  16. Mate I’m currently living in Sydney and I see some 50+ years old shredding waves like no other

  17. I'm 44 and had my first lesson earlier this year. If you want to do it, go for it. I would recommend trying to get to a decent level of fitness as its hard work paddling.

  18. Dude, my wife just started surfing at 39. She's living the dream so hard I'm going to have to join her. You can too.

  19. i tried at 45. took lessons. stood up successfully once. it's almost impossible to get good unless you're super athletic. the muscles you need to paddle hard and consistently while in that awkward laying down position are just not something easy to adapt to at our age. and im a bjj black belt, ex-skateboarder, runner, and body builder. im sure if you move somewhere near good waves you can take your time and get a little better each day... it's possible. but you're not going to get anything close to decent on a vacation or two.

  20. That’s awesome. Just make sure you learn about surf etiquette and the rules of how to be in the water with other surfers. It will make for a better and safer time for yourself, trust me. I’d also just recommend not surfing near other non beginners in the beginning. There are protocols that need to be followed. It’s a whole thing. Gotta trust me on this one.

  21. 100% send it dude! I spent some time down in Tofino which is this cool little warm ocean town in the south of Vancouver Island in Canada with some half decent surfing. Theres so many businesses and locals that will be more than happy to support you in your quest to stand up on a wave! This goes for any surf famous spot, lessons are always available and gear rentals are competitive and cheap. We went online and bought gear for dirt cheap from people who were leaving and then flipped it for a profit when our time was done so you can actually make money off of the gear if you play it smart. Feel free to call any business that offers surf lessons wherever you're gonna wind up and they'll give you all the recommendations and info you need to make the most of your learning experience!

  22. Dude. I’m 53 and was watching kids learn to surf in Newport this weekend and that’s all I could think too, man that looks like a LOT of fun and I wish I had learned how when I was younger…and lived near a beach.

  23. Was the board still or moving, standing on a still board is very hard and I can hang ten, hang heels, etc but the faster something travels on a liquid, the more it behaves like a solid. Take a few paddles next time before standing up and it’s far easier.

  24. I assume this is a SUP. Fwiw, if you try it again the board is more stable when it is moving. So you could start paddling on your knees then stand up after a few strong strokes. It’s hard to stand up on a board when it is not moving. This video does a good job of showing you what I am talking about:

  25. Was I the only person who couldn’t focus on what was happening because of how blue and clean the ocean was

  26. I never even considered "hang ten" could mean something. I always figured it was just surfer slang

  27. I have a question. What happens if a really fat guy does this? Like is there enough contact/force between the water and board to keep their leverage from just Archimedeying themselves upside the head?

  28. Kind of, yes. The back of the board (tail) is actually under water since the wave is breaking over it. It holds the board down. You can see it in this video.

  29. Really fat guys don't often surf. Surfed 30 years. Over weight guys surf but not like that girl. Grace and style on display here.

  30. If you like this you should check out log raps on YouTube. It's longboard style surfing like this set to old-school hip hop, and it's so sick.

  31. Surfing is so fun. The hardest part imo is learning how to stand on the board, but you can practice that in a pool and once you do that the rest is pretty easy.

  32. What. The. FUCK?? No way! I thought hanging 10 was gripping the board sides with you toes. She’s an evil sorceress!

  33. Can someone explain the physics of this cause my brain tells me this shouldn’t work but it’s a common knowledge thing that this IS possible

  34. TIL hang 10 means hanging 10 toes on the end of the board. Don’t know why I didn’t put that together sooner lmao

  35. I had the same impression. I think the swimsuit bottoms, how she has her hair, and the move itself make it all very retro looking. The smoothness of it all is amazing

  36. IDK about the 50s and I'm on mobile so I can't really see her face but I know this, she appears to be a talented feminine goddess.

  37. There’s probably a lot of science behind how that works, looks like awesome nonsense and I’ll go with black magic or perhaps white magic because it’s awesome

  38. It speeds up and slows down strangely at the beginning, and the water breaking under the board looks off. It's definitely edited but done pretty well

  39. Something seems just a little off on this video. I'm not saying it is fake, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn it is.

  40. I’m more impressed she’s surfing in a bikini. Surfboards are like sandpaper and when I learned to surf my inner thighs looked like an angry cat had got at them.

  41. This is definitely fake right? The way the wave is breaking doesn't seem right at all, plus the speed up/slow down at the very start. You're the only comment who seems to think it's edited too haha

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