1. Couldn’t someone start moving it, run out of view of the camera and then someone else start filming? I don’t mean to be a Negative Nancy but this seems easily faked

  2. Yeah exactly, the hand bars are flying up real high in the beginning and seems like the movement gradually slows down as the video continues.

  3. I noticed there is a block under the seat so it can’t reset into its position and the weight of the bars moving up and down keep lifting it up.

  4. This is Indian footage, their are many such exercising equipment in public park across major cities. These machines have very smooth mechanics. If oiled and Jerked once hardly, they can swing for few minutes like this.

  5. No. It's done using some sort of rope that's invisible to the camera, lifting the hand parts, I assume. The bottom part moves bc od the arms part.

  6. I witnessed the similiar situation once, except it was the whole playground moving. I thought the same thing like you suggested, but couldn't see anyone, and there was nowhere to hide. And it wasn't slowing down so I quickly left. One of my weirdest experiences.

  7. Seems like a stretch to me… not saying it’s ghost but my brain just can’t comprehend it being wind and leaving the other one as well as the nearby greenery unaffected

  8. For some reason it took me a second to realize the weird thing about this was that the chair was empty, not how the arm linkage makes the chair move when the arms get pulled down (which might be how it normally works I dunno). It's early here.

  9. This is not some training stuff. It's for the kids to have fun with. Swings, slides and this, in some park. Don't look very safe though..

  10. Yo what if this a legit paranormal situation with a real ghost that could be what the paranormal community needs to prove ghosts are real that could end up changing science and religion forever as we know it but instead we here crackin jokes lmao

  11. Look how it started out strong and then slow down. Someone threw it in the air and then ran off of frame and then they started recording and zoomed in.

  12. Someone worked out on that thing so hard stoped cause it was to easy it's building up muscle to make itself heavier by using itself is not going to well because he hates daylight and dose not move during that time

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