This youtuber says she is healthy, fine and nothing is wrong with her, she is naturally skinny she says. This is her latest video.

  1. Every few years I look back to that channel and it just gets worse and worse. I really want her to be happy and healthy, same for the mother. Something has to be wrong with her too or it's all about the money. She gets so many comments and views of people who try to reach out to her, not noticing it's probably making the problem bigger

  2. I forget who talked about it on YouTube but they concluded that basically both Eugenia and Nikocado's behavior boiled down to a horrible combination of mental illness, social media and fetishes. There are rumors that both Eugenia and Nikocado have people that act as kind of "donors" who pay them to keep losing/gaining weight. There are apparently a lot of sneaky genitalia flaunting in Nikocado's videos that made this person feel he was playing up the sexual aspect of his weight. Same with Eugenia and flashing her underwear and moving heavy things. I'm not sure if I'm explaining any of this right, and I have no proof one way or the other as I don't watch either, but I found it to be a pretty compelling argument. Ultimately insinuating that these people have a steady influx of money as reward for fulfilling someone's fetish, and they make even more money off of the outrage they invoke on social media platforms while displaying themselves for their fetishizers.

  3. Like my grandma, i swear the 2 packs a day of cigarettes she smokes keeps her arteries hard enough to keep blood pumping through her

  4. There are some people like this actually. It's a medical condition but I forget what it's called. It has to do with a really high metabolism if I remember right.

  5. Eugenia. Poor thing. At this point, she’s suffering insane brain and organ damage from her body eating anything it can within itself to survive. I hope she recovers.

  6. Before anyone takes this at face value and gets mad at OP for pointing it out— she has never acknowledged she has a problem. She refuses to even talk about her obvious physical state. She also refuses help and her household encourages this behavior because it gets her attention which gives them money. She flashes her underwear (which is literally for children) at the camera and dresses like a child. She knows it’s a problem which is why she won’t change or take accountability. She has been on YouTube forever and only gotten worse because she absolutely refuses help and profits off the attention. She is not selfish in that she does bad things on camera for views, she just exists and continues to live in a way she knows is incredibly harmful, and ignores it. Much of her audience is very young and impressionable and seeing a body like that and thinking it’s “normal” is so not ok. At this point there is literally nothing people can do to help. As someone that’s struggled with a restrictive ED, if a person with an ED doesn’t want help then they won’t get it. You can’t force them to recover if they don’t want to, and Eugenia Cooney does not want to be better. People have literally called her county’s police station dozens of times concerned for her well-being. As horrible as it sounds it is only a matter of time before she dies.

  7. And YouTube is out demonetizing nice, inclusive YouTubers for saying an f bomb in a video, but this still gets the green light? Fuck YouTube

  8. That's the thing with Body dismorphia... They don't see themselves as everyone else does. Wether it's about being fat, muscular or skinny. But at that point, she would definitely need to change something.

  9. That's what's most sad about this, a few years ago she was recovering and she genuinely looked healthy and happy(er) again! To see her having a set back really sucks because she was on the right path

  10. her channel needs to be taken down. she markets to young girls and children!!! they are idolizing her and its horrifying

  11. I remember I used to watch her when I was a kid and idolized her. She's been saying since around 2014 that's shes fine and getting help but there is no actual improvement, it's only been worse in my opinion.

  12. The sad thing is, if she had a healthy weight, she'd be damn sexy. I've seen images of her before she became this skinny. It's a shame.

  13. She’s been to rehab for her eating disorder but it obviously didn’t stick. She’s gonna starve herself to death before she actually does anything permanent about it.

  14. She is clearly severely suffering from an eating disorder, it’s too bad she doesn’t want help because it will kill her eventually left untreated.

  15. Last time I bought firewood it was basically a pile of pale wedges held together by strips of clear plastic.

  16. I am naturally thin but not that thin I am sorry and I hate body shaming but if I was her family I would be extremely worried about her health

  17. Eugenia is very well known in the eating disorder community, especially on tumblr. Many of her videos are ‘thinspiration’ disguised as random videos to bypass the filters that weed out thinspo. She’s been struggling for years, and has been to treatment, but the last few months have revealed her to be thinner than ever before, and has mentioned on her twitch that her weight is in the 80s. Hope she gets help soon.

  18. Yes it is, she doesn't want to label her content for adults and she flashes her panties in videos that are meant for kids. As in, she puts it under the children's category because she does Elsa and Bratz cosplay but she shows her panties and can be found on youtubekids.

  19. As a guy who has had issue gaining weight due to health problems I can tell you she’s lying. No one is that skinny naturally. I’m very anorexic thin and it’s because of health issues my throat is disfigured I have fast metabolism it’s a huge pain in the ass.

  20. Forget her name but people have been getting on her case for years. I'm not trying to be funny when I say this but I'm shocked she's lived as long as she has. Also as sad as it is to watch she won't listen to what anyone has to say. Best to let her do her.

  21. I didn’t know this existed. Checked out the channeling a bit. Read some comments. Realised she isn’t reading them.

  22. Cooney has been on and off my radar for years, she used to influence me when I was a teenager. It’s important to note this person isn’t a teenager anymore though, they are 27. When you’re almost 30 and people have been saying the same things to you over and over again for the betterment of your health and you keep ignoring them and promoting horrible self destructive behavior and encouraging impressionable audiences to sexualize you; you know exactly what you’re doing. None of what she does or how she acts is by accident

  23. Thats eugenia cooney. She is a known anorexic in the eating disorder community. I used to stare at her for hours then starve for weeks. Shes claimed to “recover” a couple times but always looks like this. As someone still struggling, id urge you to put a TW on these types of things. She’s very well known

  24. Stop posting her. Now people who don’t know of her, will go follow her and watch her content, making her disease even worse. Ignore her existence. It’s for the best.

  25. I hope responses are compassionate because I don’t think anyone should pass judgment on how thin she is just like you wouldn’t pass judgment on her for being too big. If she is suffering from body dysmorphia then I hope she is able to get the support she needs.

  26. She went to rehab and left early, she had gained weight but stopped her recovery and started starving again, she denies ever having had an issue in the first place despite her rehab video admitting she did.

  27. Obviously its an ED, but her viewers have a fetish for it. She keeps getting popular views, she keeps thinking she's doing the right thing. A vicious cycle.

  28. This is an eating disorder. I’ve seen walking skeletons before at a facility that an ex had to visit. This girls needs help for real.

  29. I’m not a physician so I can’t comment on if she’s healthy or not, I’m not educated enough to say if she is or not.

  30. I remember coming across one of her videos several months back and letting out an audible "Oh my god!" I've seen bad cases of anorexia before, but I was honestly shocked he could still stand at that stage of malnourishment. I feel sorry for her, but she doesn't seem to want to help herself unfortunately from what I understand.

  31. Bro. I'm genetically thin (it's familiar, all my relatives are skinny) but this is not normal. She already got degenerate muscles, not just dried out fat cells.

  32. In her new Instagram photos she is modeling a pink outfit and you can literally see her rib cage. I have never seen her look this bad in a photo.

  33. Diet culture and fat-shaming aren’t just words made up by “land-whales” trying to “cry oppression”. They’re names for the conditions that create eating disorders- from binge eating to fad diets to forced restriction to forbidden entirely. If this persons thinness is from a medical condition that isn’t food restriction, that is also tragic. Be nicer to people.

  34. everyone beware she also has p*do mods and was aware that they preyed on her fans and did nothing! also, she refuses to age restrict her content even though thousands of people begged her to. frequently in her streams she stands up and parades her body to her 12 year old fans. she acts innocent, but knows what she is doing. people forget she isnt a innocent teenager.. shes almost 30 (THIRTY) years old.

  35. People have been going after this poor girl for her looks for YEARS now. Leave her alone. Whether or not she’s struggling with an eating disorder or some disease is none of your business. Just let her live for christs sake

  36. Yeah, posting real people who clearly struggle with mental illnesses on here seems... Disrespectful at the very least

  37. If she says she is perfectly healthy and fine then there should be no issue posting how her naturally skinny body is oddly terrifying. If it's natural, that's scary.

  38. op please put nsfw tag this could easily be a trigger for some of those who r suffering from an ed

  39. Awe :( I mean some people struggle with openly acknowledging their mental health and body image problems. I feel bad she has to be on this subreddit to get roasted as terrifying looking.

  40. She's a terrible person and deserves nothing, go say this on the cringetopia sub if you care so much about people being posted without their permission.

  41. She is not a good person, I do not feel bad. She is a rape apologist, as well as a safe haven for pedophile men, her discord gets shut down over and over because she welcomes pedos who groom her fans, there are clips of her ignoring these fans asking her for help. Idc about her health, she is scary to look at.

  42. That's bs. Bigger people usually ger way way way more hate. You know what? That is bullshit too. Everybody gets hate regardless of their "extreme" look.

  43. I was just thinking about Eugenia today, I was wondering if she was getting better but seems it's still the same attention and body dysmorphic cycle to this day :( if she was healthy I'd honestly watch her cause she has pretty cool content, especially the cosplay stuff but I can't even bare to look at her without feeling awful about it

  44. We sure love to say "hey omg you look so good, did you lose weight?" God dammit people the only thing terrifying is your inability to process other people's pain.

  45. I’m pretty skinny at 142 lbs and 6’1” (I just got weighed at my doctor’s office a few hours ago) and eat like crazy. However even for me this is scary.

  46. It's her mom + the feedback from the internet that's keeping her sick. Youtube/twitch needs to ban pro-ana content and any other content that's harmful. Lots of young people watch her. I wouldn't doubt that if she unfortunately didn't survive, her mom would try to cash out on it as much as possible, like a go fund me. Makes me so sad. I couldn't imagine watching my baby waste away and just let it happen.

  47. I used to work with a girl like this in Japan, she was like scary skinny. She would eat a lollipop for lunch and other coworkers kept reporting being worried about her and freaked out. She had to stop teaching kids and became like administrative cause they were scared of her. I wonder what ever happened to her she’d never talk and never would come to like gatherings or parties.

  48. Eugenia Cooney has been called out for YEARS for her denial that she is clearly not well. She has an ED, and did go to rehab for it a couple years ago. She got healthy and put on some weight (not much, just enough to look healthy) — and then she seems to have relapsed and never gotten better 😔.

  49. I could joke around, but her condition is no joke. People tried to help her, but nobody really knew how. They insisted she go therapy, and she did but she quit. They tried talking to them and eventually she just shut them out and went on her autodestructive path. She cannot be helped anymore. As someone posted before, sadly, the only thing left to do is wait for her death. If anyone is curious, that might happen when her muscles doesn't have enough strenght to make her breathe

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