Another chance

  1. Looks like something random he grabbed onto. If you go slowly, you can see the two lines in front of him before he slips. He grabs them on the way down.

  2. Yeah, it was a random cable from a tv antenna or a satellite dish. It's actually the reason he slipped, because he didn't check it beforehand. Map out your lines, kids.

  3. My guess is he didn’t notice the cables at all, forgot about them or misscalculated jump when he tried to jump over them. Born again on that day tho.

  4. I beleive they were both tie to an harness and the other dude almost freaked out more because probably he could have also drop with him. I think normally they're another guy that hold the weight with the harness around him while the other parkour

  5. I would have died regardless because of the massive shit sausage that would have combusted out my asshole at the very moment i slipped instantly thrusting me downward with a force of magnitude multiplied by 3 times the gravitational pull of earth.

  6. But why do that? What do you prove? You can jump and are skilful at it? Why risk your life for nothing? Your mother and father fed you for years , spent energy, love and money and you go about to waste that effort with such a stupid exercise. It’s not trendy or cool to have grieving parents and loved ones when it is very much preventable: live life but don’t be needlessly stupid.

  7. I watched a documentary about this. This is in Russia, and a lot of people live in poor and isolated cities where there is literally nothing to do. Many people are depressed and craving for any kind of stimulation. Therefore they turn to alcohol, drugs or extreme street sports, like freeclimbing tall buildings and doing risky stunts like in this video. It is an increasing problem there and many young people die doing this.

  8. Why do people do car racings, skydiving, and a lot of dangerous activities as such. Life can be really boring and one have to found ways to enjoy it, in some cases is just cooking food, in others more dangerous things, and of course they are aware that this can happen and there is risk, but for sure thing for them is worth the risk in exchange for that feeling that makes you wanna live another day.

  9. I mean there are so many of these videos now that even the people that once were impressed have long since stopped caring. At best this gets a "meh" from most people, unless the person falls to their death, at which point it garners an "oh well."

  10. what a boring way to live. let others live how they wanna live perhaps? He knows the risks. And yet hes brave enough to do this. Respect for people who do this.

  11. Why circumnavigate the world? Why explore space? Why climb the highest mountains? Why make great pieces of art? Why try to survive the most inhospitable places on our planet? Why do anything that needlessly risk your personal safety at all? We had to do none of these things, none of them are necessary to our survival as a species, so why do we do them?

  12. Unlikely, if someone is deep enough in parkour to go jump on rooftops like this he is probably a few years into it. At this point he craves the feeling of conqiering fear, so while he may not go on rooftops for sometime he most likely still jumped in other places and eventually came back to rooftops after regaining his confidence.

  13. Why do people do this? For the adrenalin? Bloody go skydive or some shit.. people out here doing stupid shit like this, like they trying to get recruited for the avengers. You only live once..

  14. I never understood the concept behind doing this and I’m not even afraid of heights. It just doesn’t make sense to me, what he’s doing isn’t skillful at all but I guess since it’s 80ft in the air it is? Idk I think tightroping across buildings takes more balls than this and you’d get more of a viral reaction. But this? It’s just odd what some people consider “extreme”.

  15. When planes start going down the pilots,are yelling shit shit shit. I guess if you fall off a building the proper terminology is fucckkkk?

  16. As someone said in another comment, he grabbed onto some random wires, which were the main cause he couldn’t make the jump in the first place. Probably should have checked the path beforehand

  17. It was when I saw the wedding ring where the gravity of that near loss hit me. Be careful bro, you got a family waiting

  18. I remember seeing a video similar to this where the dude was being filmed by his girlfriend, and, as odds would have it, he fell. She just started screaming, and all I could think was, why are you screaming?

  19. Ok internet. How come when I watch these, sometimes I get a tingling, painful sensation in my feet and hands? Someone please explain.

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