My friend’s 9 year old wrote this poem for school and her parents were called in to talk about it because it upset everyone

  1. I wonder if the persons who were killed in her poem were names of actual classmates. That may be a bit more disturbing.

  2. When I was 8, our cat got hit by a car. The next week, in art class, I painted a picture of a cat hit by a car. Just my way of dealing with it. They had my mother come in to talk about it. I remember the teacher telling her that art should be happy. My mother responded with 'Bullshit, tell that to Van Gough.' First time I ever heard her say bullshit.

  3. art has always been about processing emotions through creativity. the art teacher should have known better. i’m sorry about your cat :(

  4. In middle school my art teacher would never give anyone a 100 cause "art can't be perfect" most kids passed with a D or C cause she expected everyone to be world class artists or something.

  5. There’s an episode of the children’s show Bluey (which is absolutely the best children’s show out, uncontested). In the episode her father and she are taking a walk and discover a budgie that was mauled by a cat and was very hurt. They took the budgie to the vet to have it seen and potentially save it. The budgie dies at the Vet and the father explains how that works on the way home. When they get home, Bluey asks her father or mother, can’t remember which one, to draw a dead budgie.

  6. Good on your mom for saying that! I hate that we're taught to repress things such as death. We plan more for birthdays then deaths. I don't want my loved ones (humans or animals) or really anyone to die. But man, death is the great equalizer, why not normalize talking about it more. Art is such a good way to get some of thoughts thoughts out of your head and into a productive processing space.

  7. I think it was grade 2 when one of my friends got hit in the face with a baseball bat at school (wrong place, wrong time, poor decision-making).

  8. when I was in third grade, my teacher called my mother in to discuss my 'disturbing' drawings. the hands of the women I drew were always tucked behind their backs, which she took as symbolism for my being trapped.

  9. I once used two colors of glaze on a ceramic pencil cup. My art teacher was heartbroken because “these were supposed to be special.”

  10. ohhh i had something like this when my parents divorced my mom cried so much that i wanted my dad dead for hurting her so much so every family "painting" i did i would draw a coffin to represent my dad.

  11. It's very impressive. Evocative imagery, great vocabulary and I love the contrast of the gore and horror against the humor of the stupid penguin. This is art that gets a reaction. Could be the next Lars Von Trier, such a shame the system will suppress his talent.

  12. I'm sure they were discouraged from expressing like this, and now they will spend high school feeling stifled, but the parents will pat themselves on the back and think they're great parents.

  13. My mom was called in for me writing some 24-page long horror story in 1st grade. Teacher thought I was a serial killer. Mom thought I was a great writer. I just regurgitated shit I saw on TV.

  14. Not if he's in the US public school system. It's designed to stamp out creativity. It's only function is to push out worker drones or debt slaves.

  15. I feel like a bitch for laughing cuz it sounds like they come from an abusive household that doesn’t feed them well

  16. I got sent to the counselor’s office in middle school because I wrote violent poems and showed them to my English teacher, thinking that she’d like it. I ended up having the most uncomfortable conversation of my life with my parents. My mom actually broke down crying and my dad came really close to beating the shit out of me. After that, I never wrote poetry again

  17. I was thinking that, I hope the parents meeting was for the parents to find a more capable school with proper lined paper because this kid can really paint a picture with words. The ending was perfect

  18. Oof, powerful writing.. But- where are Penguins waddling onto highways with trees and powerlines nearby and.. snakes of the sneaky variety?

  19. Definitely could be a possibility in Australia. We have fairy penguins in a few places in the south east, and... well. Snakes absolutely fucking everywhere.

  20. South africa also has this type of stuff! Now we just need to find which place has the more common usage of names and we have a location! We can stop this crash before it even happens!!

  21. “They wake up to strange sounds of people yelling in pain” and “the people “ being them is a fucking solid line. I hope they will let the kid grow and cultivate the talent!

  22. I love it, there's a surreal foggy feeling that happens after a crash when adrenaline hands back your senses and you're figuring out what just happened. Perfectly captured. This kid has amazing intuition.

  23. I wrote a lot of dark stories in 7th and 8th grade. I shared them with my friends and family and they thought many were funny and some were scary but they kept asking for more and would read them all the way through. Eventually they convinced me to show them to the writing teacher. She got furious with me and threatened to show them to my mom who was also a teacher. I was confused because my mom had already read most of them and enjoyed some. My mom was the one that introduced me to horror novels. Well the teacher threw a hissy fit and demanded I go see a counselor. The counselor read my stories with me and didn't really see a problem. He just kind of sighed and told me not to let the writing teacher see them anymore. It made me hate writing for the rest of school and I put zero effort into my English class because I felt like I couldn't be myself and reference the writing I actually enjoyed.

  24. My favorite adults were morbid kids. Let 'em be weird, let 'em be in the fringes. Those people are important and no one should be jammed into a mould, especially not kids.

  25. I always remember the part in John Waters autobiography where he talks about never feeling like a normal child. He’d beg his dad to take him to junk yards so he could gaze upon the cars, fresh from new wrecks. It was like Disneyland to him, he’d go home with new ideas and play “car accident” with ketchup…odd and peculiar but he made a success out of himself. I adore him and his films

  26. She will join our ranks, dark and twisted as we are, to remind the shiny plastic people that they too will face mortality one day. It is a sacred calling to walk along the dead things.

  27. My kid was really into Alice Cooper from around 4-6 years old. We had some interesting conversations with his preschool teachers about why he liked to draw guillotines!

  28. This is some Stephen King shit and I love it. Obviously make sure the kid isn’t suffering or dealing with actual trauma, but man if that’s what they come up with at 9, in so few words… I’ll be pre-ordering whatever they eventually publish.

  29. When our kid was a teenager she took our love from true crime and bit father than us and started browsing gore websites. Videos and images of murder, death, bodies, crime scenes, beheading, etc.

  30. In high school, my English class become more and more morbid with their short writing prompts, it be me and unspoken rule to be worse than last weeks. One of the highlights was about dismembering a person then pouring salt on the wounds.

  31. I got in trouble for something similar. The poem was pre written and I had to fill in the nouns. I was really into 90s rap and my teachers weren’t. Guns, drugs and girls will get you in school suspension and a conference with the parents.

  32. Everyone talks about encouraging children to express themselves, until they express something they don't like. Then suddenly it is "Back in the box, you".

  33. I wrote a poem like this about a black cat when i was 10 for a competition. People weren't too pleased with it either. I got second, first prize went to a girl who wrote a very basic and kinda lame poem about her little sister. I'm still pissed about it till this day 😅

  34. The poem is absolutely amazing !!! I saved the picture, i really want to keep and re-read it in the future !

  35. Please let her know that we all love her poem too! And also please let us know- she didn’t get in trouble, did she? Please tell me they’re fostering her talent and not smothering it!

  36. please, whatever you do DO NOT silence that kid, i really hope his parents encourage his creativity that poem is genuinely good

  37. Perfect visuals. This kiddo has some awesome creative writing future. Hope the school system sees that. When my youngest was in 1st grade she hurt her knee and described the wound as “damage”. I was promptly called in and told she was “weird”, seriously, teachers word. I pulled her out for homeschooling.

  38. That “Silence for a second” line makes the following terror hit so hard. INCREDIBLE writing for a 9 yr old. This girl knows what’s up.

  39. Damn sneaky snakes will get you!! This kids going places!! I hope they encourage him to keep writing he’s really got an act for it 🤣

  40. Kids always have intense imaginations. Sometimes that intensity goes to some pretty dark places, and that's a good thing. It's a young mind trying to make sense of the world. When the adults in their lives react in horror and disgust, they teach the kids to suppress their imaginations. This is why we live in a world with so many incurious, unimaginative, bitter adults. Let kids be morbid. Let them imagine whatever they want. If what they come up with seems genuinely concerning, just keep an eye on it, but don't shame them or punish them for it. In fact, do the opposite - encourage them to express what's on their minds so you can see what's going on and know how to help them.

  41. This reminds me of something my five-year-old did while he was drawing at home one day. He looked up at me and said, "Don't cry. It's only a joke!" And proceeded to tell a story about everyone we knew getting mauled by monsters. His accompanying drawings featured clawed hands coming out of the side of the page, like the Babadook. And there was blood. So much blood. He went on to tell this story to everyone else, and we had to ask him to stop. My dad blames it on me because I'm a morbid true crime writer, but I swear it came out of nowhere.

  42. Fuck these fucking people lying about what their stupid fucking kids said. No fucking way this was written by a 9 fucking year old, fuck me jesus.

  43. I will be watching this kid's career with great interest. The writing is good that it was able to covey the horror properly

  44. This kid is going places. I'm not an author or anything but I'm fairly certain this is better than anything I've ever written.

  45. When I was in 3rd grade we did "Journal Time" where the teacher would play music and we would write about what it made us think about. In October she used a "spooky" track that involved some deep voices, clinking chains and the like.

  46. You can just see in the carefully structured sentences that use alliteration. This is so abstracted that a lot of adults wouldn’t even be able to come up with this. This is just another example in the long list of “shit redditors do for karma”.

  47. Maybe my school was just messed up, but we used to sing playground songs about killing Barney with a plank of wood. Kids can be weirdly morbid

  48. You know, poems are around mostly because people need to express their feelings. Mostly the bad ones, that they dont know how to expres.

  49. This child is a genius! All the stuff they wrote about can be found in video games or tv shows or movies. So no, it doesn't mean they are "evil" or "bound to hurt someone."

  50. I mean it doesn't feel like the kids a psycho, but more like he/she's been influenced by some great writers. It's not easy to paint a picture like that

  51. Just going to point out, little Stevie King would have never made it out of grade school today. They would have sent him for therapy and slapped a label on him really quickly.

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