what is going on behind the wall?

  1. I thought it was just the autofocus compensating for the light behind the peg board that got the original poster's attention.

  2. The "terrifying thing" isn't supposed to happen. You're on the wrong sub. This is a sub for things that aren't inherently scary.

  3. Spirit Halloween stores sometimes partition off sections of larger buildings and leave the rest empty. They did the same thing to a Sears store that recently went out of business in my city.

  4. Ive worked in way too many retail stores to be afraid of backrooms esque content lol "Its so eerie! So spooky!" I smoke weed back there on break what r u on abt! Lol

  5. I worked for Spirit in MD, I loved that job, periodically I work for the company part time just for some extra money and to fill up on my need for Halloween decor . We had the location of an old Walmart we only used about 15% of the store front. Our back room looked alot like this. The bathrooms were all the way in the back, so we had an old razor scooter we used to use to wheel ourselves back there.

  6. Umm… looks like the Halloween store rented a commercial space and closed off the area with all the desks? What am I missing here? Im not seeing anything out of the ordinary

  7. it's probably a huge building split to be two different stores, like where I lvie there's a huge building that's a macys on one side and a walmart on the other but back on topic, the other side is probably under renovation or something and hasn't opened yet

  8. It’s a pop-up Halloween store. They didn’t lease the space behind the wall but the overhead lights cover the entire building so they all have to be on.

  9. Its just space that the company doesnt use and sealed off by making a wall there with items u can buy there, nothing creepy at all, it totally isnt the place where they store the bodies of the people who found out there secrets

  10. Bullshit. It's in a mall that hasn't opened for the day or is closing. That wide area gives it away. This was someone who was at a aisle vendor and made this shitty video

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